How Dragon Ball Quietly Avenged Yamcha’s Insult From The Golden Frieza Movie

A later episode of Dragon Ball Super quietly made up for the Golden Frieza movie’s insulting explanation of Yamcha’s absence from the fight.

dragon ball super quietly arranged Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’s Yamcha insult. In both versions of the Golden Frieza story, Yamcha was not among the Z-Warriors available to fight Frieza and his army. Apparently, he didn’t consider himself powerful enough to be of any use.

For the battle with Frieza, both Yamcha and Chiaotzu were sidelined entirely. Instead, it was left to Master Roshi, Gohan, Tien, Piccolo, and Krillin to hold off Frieza’s army while they waited for Goku and Vegeta to return from training with Whis. Yamcha was not mentioned at all during the anime version of the fight, but the movie version did mention why the two characters were missing. Tien mentioned to the Z-Warriors that he thought fighting Frieza was “Too dangerous” for them, and that it was better for them to stay behind. Considering that Chiaotzu previously skipped the fight with the androids and the Cell Games for similar reasons, this made sense for his character, but not for Yamcha.


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Before Resurrection F, it was always implied that he was in the same class as Tien and Krillin, but Tien’s comment indicated otherwise. Tien saying that fighting Frieza was “‘Too dangerous” to Yamcha (but not himself to Krillin) was a huge insult to Yamcha’s character and power level in the franchise. dragon ball super episode 70, titled “Champa’s Challenge! This time, a baseball game!” referenced this line Resurrection F when various Z-Warriors gathered for a baseball game with Universe 6’s strongest fighters. In direct contrast to the Golden Frieza movie, Yamcha was there but Tien was not. When asked about it, Yamcha said that he intentionally didn’t invite Tien because he thought it would be ‘‘Too dangerous” for him to get involved.

Yamcha repeating Tien’s line can be interpreted as a not-so-subtle dig at the Z-Warrior who downplayed his fighting skills during the fight with Golden Frieza. In a way, it is a sign that, although Resurrection F hinted that he was weaker than his fellow Z-Warriors, Yamcha himself may not agree with this assessment. In fact, he may have been offended by Tien’s comment. when investing Resurrection F and having Yamucha deliberately marginalize Tien, dragon ball super managed to avenge the insulting omission of him from the film.

While this was certainly a standout moment for a disrespected Z-Warrior, it doesn’t mean that dragon ball super has fixed his problematic approach to Yamcha. Episode 70 got the character right, but overall the anime failed the hero. Much to his disappointment, his friends ignored Yamucha a second time when Goku didn’t try to recruit him for his Tournament of Power team. However, Yamucha might still one day get a chance at him. Depending on what the future holds, Yamcha may prove that he can still hold his own alongside fighters like Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi.

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