10 Manga Endings That Were Worth Waiting For

There is nothing better than a perfect ending to a favorite manga series. The ending of a story ties up all the loose ends and brings closure to both the characters and the readers. Not all manga end on a high note, leaving something to be desired in the final chapter.

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But when a manga reaches its end, it is nothing but satisfaction for the fans. Whether it’s a long-running series that ran for years or a short and sweet story with only a few volumes, the best manga endings have a lasting impact on fans and carry on their legacy years after the conclusion.

10 Inuyasha ends up with the main cast finally living in peace.

Inuyasha and Kagome have a happy ending

With 558 chapters and a long run from 1996 to 2008, inuyasha has been a huge part of many anime fans’ lives. The fight to defeat Naraku and retrieve the sacred Shikon jewel seemed endless, but at last, Inuyasha and the others got their happy ending in the best possible way.

After everything the main cast went through, they were finally able to leave in peace. Best of all, two of the series’ most popular relationships have also been made official. After so many years of suspense and build-up between them, this was a very welcome show. All in all, it’s a well deserved and fitting ending to one of the most iconic shonen series out there.

9 My love story has a sweet and fitting ending

My love story manga ending

My history of Love!! saw instant success after its release in 2011, which only grew after the anime adaptation came out. Unfortunately for anime fans, it never saw a second season. However, the manga has plenty of romance and feel-good moments to fill the void left by the incomplete anime series.

The manga’s conclusion is just as wholesome as the beginning, with Takeo, Rinko, and Suna graduating from high school and living together as they begin a new chapter in their lives. Seeing this beloved trio form such close bonds at the end is nothing short of satisfying.

8 Death Note ends with Light getting exactly what he deserves.

Light's death in the manga.

Whether fans prefer anime or manga, Death Note is an emotional roller coaster of a series. Some love the villainous protagonist Light Yagami, while others love to hate him. Either way, there’s no denying that Light has done some downright horrible things throughout the series.

Sometimes the constant death and suffering was just too much for fans, especially after the death of fan-favorite L. However, it was worth it to finally see Light get his due in the end. Light’s death is especially powerful in the manga, and it’s a stark reminder that even he was only human.

7 Princess Jellyfish Manga Resolves Love Triangle In Surprising Way

Tsukimi Kuranosuke and Shuu's love triangle in the Princess Jellyfish manga

jellyfish princess is yet another series to get a single-season anime adaptation, leaving fans hanging by a thread afterward. Fortunately, the series continued into the manga, expanding on the developing love triangle between protagonist Tsukimi and brothers Kuranosuka and Shuu.

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Since its release in 2008, fans have eagerly waited to see who Tsukimi would choose. To everyone’s surprise, the series ends with Tsukimi alone and focusing on her passions instead of her romance. For fans who have seen her grow as a character and face her insecurities from the beginning, this is an amazing and fitting ending for a girl who has finally found her inner strength.

6 Manga ending for Soul Eater is preferred by most fans

Final arc of the Soul Eater manga

almost any Soul Eater fans will agree that the manga is far superior to the anime, and the main reason for this is its ending. The end of the Soul Eater manga wraps everything up seamlessly, giving each character the spotlight they deserve. After the convoluted ending that fans got from the anime, it was very refreshing to see that the manga stayed on track and didn’t delve into unnecessary plotlines.

Unlike its adaptation, the manga sticks to the main conflict between the DWMA and the witches. It adds a lot more nuance and shows the good and the bad on each side. Its ending is satisfying, if bittersweet, and leaves a much bigger impact than the anime could have.

5 Attack On Titan Manga Comes To A Fitting End

Attack on Titan manga ending

attack on titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time. Since the debut of the manga, many have been captivated by its cruel yet fascinating world. While there are many fans who were disappointed by the ending of the manga, it is a fitting conclusion and it comes full circle.

It’s not a completely happy ending for the heroes, but that’s to be expected from a series like attack on titan. However, it brought some much-needed closure for fans and characters alike. With the end of the anime just around the corner, everyone is eagerly waiting to relive this iconic ending again.

4 Ouran High School Host Club Manga Gives Fans The Ending They Crave

Haruhi and Tamaki together in OHSHC manga

Everyone loves the hit series. Ouran High School Host Club, whether they are fans of shojo, shonen, or anything else. This anime transcends genres and has earned a place among the most beloved classics. Despite its great popularity, Ouran High School Host ClubThe anime only has one season.

Fortunately for devastated fans, the manga delves into Haruhi’s character and her relationship with each of the boys, especially the charming Tamaki Suoh. Many are disappointed that Haruhi never broke up with Tamaki at the end of the anime’s run, but they will be happy to know that the manga gives them the proper ending they deserve.

3 Naruto ends with the happiest conclusion possible

As one of the Big Three during his time, naruto seemed to go on forever. After 700 chapters, its conclusion was a major event in anime history. naruto It came out in the best way possible, with some of the most iconic fights and heartwarming moments in the entire series.

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What made it all worthwhile was seeing Naruto finally achieve his dreams of bringing Sasuke home, finally becoming Hokage, and even settling down and having his own family. After so many fights, Naruto and everyone he loves can finally live in peace.

two Fullmetal Alchemist manga has one of the best endings of all time

Fullmetal Alchemist manga ending

After the 2003 adaptation of full metal alchemist left fans confused and frustrated, everyone was thrilled to see the true ending as the manga came to an end. Unlike the bleak ending of 2003, the manga saw Ed and Al finally free from the demons of their past. After the final fight with Father, the Elric brothers recover their lost bodies.

Meanwhile, Ed and Winry finally take their relationship to the next level. The series ends with a picture of the two of them, married with children, surrounded by Al and everyone who loves them. It’s a much-needed happy ending, one that the characters truly deserve.

1 Fruits Basket has a happy and satisfying ending for everyone

Final scene in the Fruits Basket manga

Fruit basquet is one of the most iconic series of the 2000s, and it’s still a big part of anime today. His manga has one of the best and most satisfying endings of all time, with almost all the characters happily ever after. The final chapters see the zodiac curse finally lifted, family members begin to heal, and Tohru and Kyo are united at last.

Tie all the loose ends of the story together, leaving no story or character out. Even the secondary characters have their moments when everything calms down. After all that Tohru and the Sohmas go through, the fact that they can all move on and live a happy and healthy life is more than anyone could ask for.

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