The best and worst of winter 2022, from March 19 to 25

Let’s take a look at what ANN readers consider to be the best (and worst) of the season, based on polls you can find in our Daily Stream Reviews and Your Score page with the latest simulcasts.

Please note that these ratings are based on how people rated individual episodes of the current season, not on the overall quality or popularity of the series. Only titles that are legally broadcast in North America and are popular enough are ranked that the bottom of the list could represent “watchable” rather than “bad.” See the notes for more details.

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Episode ratings for the week of March 19-25

Along with the actual ranking of this week’s episodes, this graph chronicles the change in position from week to week. While some series are stable, others swing wildly up the rankings based on the strength of each episode. When a series doesn’t have an episode for a given week, the previous week’s episode is used as a placeholder. The first episode of each series is considered part of the first week, even if it actually aired during the second week.
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Cumulative Series Ranking as of March 25

Each week’s ranking takes into account the scores given to episodes from previous weeks.
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Disclaimer: Ratings are an average of opinions only, posted for entertainment and informational purposes. ANN makes no claims regarding statistical significance or invulnerability to spam.

Ratings are calculated using the Schulze method, with the variation that unrated titles are considered as abstentions rather than lower than qualified titles. This about means that if, of all the people who rated both A and B, 60% preferred A, it will rank higher than B.

The ratings indicate relative quality (A is preferred to B), not absolute quality (B is good/bad). While titles are ranked from ‘best’ to ‘worst’, sometimes the difference between #1 and #10 can be very small. So if your favorite is near the bottom of the list, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad show, it just means ANN readers, on averageThey preferred the ones above.

If a series doesn’t have an episode for a given week, we use the previous week’s episode rating data to calculate the weekly rating. This is not officially counted as a ranking position (it has no impact on the cumulative ranking), but it makes it easier to compare weeks if each has the same number of ranked series.

It should be noted that long-running series (and sequels) have an advantage in that only people who like the series keep watching it, and are likely to give each episode a high rating. But if such a series goes through a low-quality filler arc, the season will get low ratings that are not indicative of the true overall quality of the series.