10 Pokemon Used By Multiple Trainers In League Competitions In The Anime

the Pokemon The anime has seen seven generations of League competitions in different regions. Pokemon League competitions bring together the best managers to battle and decide who is the best, with pokemon trips focusing more on the Coronation World Series.

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Since Ash has been to all of these tournaments, he has encountered some specific species of powerful Pokémon on multiple occasions. In some cases, he has even had and battled a particular species of Pokémon at some point, portraying them as both a challenging protagonist and an obstacle that must be overcome.

10 Both Barry and Gilbert’s Hitmonlee bring the fight, but end up defeated in the end.

The kicking Pokemon Hitmonlee is frequently used as a standard Pokemon for Fighting-type enthusiasts. It’s not really used by the stronger trainers compared to Machoke, Lucario, and the Meditite line. However, there have been two instances where one has been used in Pokémon League competitions.

The first is under the ownership of Gilbert, who faces Ash in the preliminary round of the Ever Great Conference, losing to Ash’s Pikachu after an intense exchange of blows. In the second, Barry, a better known and used character, uses a Hitmonlee during the diamond and pearl Serie. Barry uses a Hitmonlee in defeating him to Paul.

9 Quilava has had mixed performances with Ash, Macy, and Clark.

Anime Pokemon Ash Quilava Attack

Ash’s Cyndaquil remains unevolved throughout Johto’s adventures, but evolves into Quilava to reappear in the Sinnoh League’s Lily of the Valley Conference. When Ash’s Quilava arrives on the Pokémon League scene, the Pokémon has already appeared under the ownership of two other trainers, Macy and Clark, in the Johto and Hoenn Leagues.

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While Macy’s is able to take out Ash’s Phanpy before falling to Squirtle, Clark’s goes down during a double battle with Ash without registering a knockout. In the Sinnoh League, Ash’s own Quilava achieves a draw with Nando’s impressive Armaldo. Overall, Volcano Pokémon’s record in League competition isn’t particularly impressive.

8 Steelix is ​​always a huge obstacle to overcome in gym and league battles

Pokemon Steelix

Steelix is ​​seen as the embodiment of the Steel script in both his name and his formidable design. His performances with various Gym Leaders and Trainers in Pokémon League competitions have helped bolster his reputation.

His first appearance in the League is owned by Harrison in the Johto League, and he takes out Ash’s Noctowl before finally falling to his impressive Snorlax. The Steel-Ground dual-type appears at the Ever Grande Conference in Hoenn with Ash’s friend Morrison. He arrives at the battle when his trainer has regained his fighting spirit, and helps by knocking out Ash’s Pikachu and Torkoal before falling to Grovyle.

7 Donphan has not had the best of demonstrations in league competitions

Pokemon Ash Donphan

Despite Ash’s Phanpy posting two knockouts and a loss during the Silver Conference in Johto, his evolved form hasn’t had as much joy in his two Pokemon League appearances.

Ash uses the evolved Donphan in his match with Conway at the Lily of the Valley Conference in Sinnoh. However, it is nothing more than fodder for Conway’s Dusknoir, followed by Tyson’s Donphan which Ash’s Swellow easily defeats during their Hoenn League battle. Donphan possesses a surprisingly fast and destructive offense, but his opponents often seem to have an answer for it.

6 Pikachu has been a constant presence with Ash, but also appears with Ritchie.

Pikachu is the Pokémon that Ash has used the most in LoL competitions. Although, it is often forgotten that another trainer has also used the species before. I mean, Ritchie used Pikachu during the Indigo Plateau Conference in Kanto.

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Sparky is never really shown to be on a similar level to Ash’s Pikachu. The fact of the matter is, however, that he stood his ground and scored a victory over Ash’s Charizard, albeit on a technicality through disobedience and the Fire-type’s unwillingness to fight him. Sparky loses to Assunta’s Ivysaur in the next round of the tournament, eliminating Ritchie from the competition.

5 Neither Pete nor Gary’s Arcanine have much success in League Battles


Arcanine is often considered one of the least used Pokémon in anime, especially when considering its popularity, cool design, and canine characteristics. However, the Fire-type known as the Legendary Pokémon has made two appearances in Pokémon League tournaments. His previous form, Growlithe, also appeared under Morrison’s ownership in the Hoenn League.

Arcanine’s first League appearance at the Indigo Plateau Conference in Kanto is with Pete, seeing him defeat Ash’s impressive Kingler before falling to Pikachu. His main showcase comes with Ash’s rival Gary on multiple occasions. At the Silver Conference in Johto, he loses to Ash’s Snorlax without getting any eliminations.

4 Metagross is always a formidable force to bring out the best in his opponents.

Since its introduction in Gen III, Metagross has been seen as one of the most powerful Steel-types in the entire franchise, especially when considering its secondary Psychic typing. It has been built as a mysterious powerhouse belonging to the powerful and respected Steven Stone and has also been used twice in Pokémon League competitions.

Morrison uses the second stage of his evolution line, Metang, against Ash in the League of Hoenn. In the same tournament, Tyson shows Metagross in all his glory by knocking out Ash’s Swellow and Grovllye before finally falling to Pikachu. Alain also uses a Metagross in his final fight with Ash in the Kalos League, but loses to Pikachu without earning a victory for himself.

3 Scizor has appeared in three separate Pokémon League tournaments.

Scizor - Pokemon

Along with Steelix, Scizor is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Steel typing, being introduced in Gen II as an evolved form of a Gen I original. It later became a heavily used Pokémon in the anime and even appeared in three different Pokémon League tournaments.

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Gary showcases his power in his Silver Conference fight with Ash, as he defeats Snorlax and Muk before losing to Charizard. At the Ever Grande Conference in Hoenn, Katie’s Scizor loses to Swellow without earning a win. At the Manalo Conference in Alola, Scizor is used by Team Skull leader Guzma and is shown to be a ruthless fighter until he finally falls to Ash’s Torracat.

two Sceptile has had three strong showings in league campaigns with Ash, Tyson and Sawyer

Sceptile doesn’t appear as often as Charizard in Pokemon as far as the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon are concerned, but it has still made many appearances under the ownership of three main characters. All of these characters have battled in various Pokémon League tournaments.

Sceptile is put on display in the League of Hoenn with Tyson, as he draws Ash’s Glalie in their fight, while Ash also uses his previous Grovyle form. Grovyle evolves into Sceptile in time for the Battle Frontier arc. He appears at the Lily of the Valley Conference in Sinnoh, achieving a shocking victory by defeating Tobias’s Darkrai before falling to his Latios. His third and most recent campaign in the League comes in the X and Y series with Sawyer, as he uses Mega Evolution and looks impressive despite losing to Ash and his Greninja.

1 Charizard is a popular Pokémon to use in the biggest battles on the biggest stages.

Charizard attacking with fire breath

Charizard may be best known as Ash’s problem Pokémon throughout his Kanto campaign, but as a species, it has become the most used Pokémon in LoL competitions. In addition to Ash, Kiawe’s Charizard, Alain, and Trevor have all done well in the anime, either through clear wins or showing power through Mega Evolution.

Another trainer named Clark also uses a Charizard in his double battle loss to Ash in the League of Hoenn. Despite defeating Grovyle in the process, he loses to Ash’s Glalie and Grovyle.

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