The Kozuki clan is somehow connected to Joy Boy.

Hiyori’s part in One piece Chapter 1044 should not be forgotten, considering that it has some importance with the Joy Boy lore.

No wonder Luffy stole the spotlight with One piece Chapter 1044 Eiichiro Oda shocked everyone with the big reveal that Luffy ate the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. The Straw Hat also fully awakened his powers with Gear Fifth.

Naturally, everyone’s attention is on Luffy’s battle with Kaido. However, they must not forget about the overlooked scene between Kozuki Hiyori and Kuromuzi Orochi. He has relevance to Luffy’s plight, since he inherited Joy Boy’s will.

One piece Chapter 1044: The Kozuki Clan Can Bring the “Dawn of a New Day”

One piece Chapter 1044 is an unforgettable experience, but the smallest moments can go unnoticed. Rest assured, Hiyori played a very important role in this particular chapter.

Hiyori brings up Oden’s dream of opening Wano Country.

As Orochi lay under a pile of rubble, he tried to talk Hiyori out of killing him. The shogun mentioned how much he admired Oden, a statement Hiyori immediately dismissed.

He mentioned how Oden wanted to liberate Wano Country and open its borders, but Orochi prevented it. Hiyori even mentions that he kept smiling, which is a recurring theme in One piece Chapter 1044

Ultimately, Orochi allows himself to be burned by Kazenbo’s lingering spirit. Hiyori then states that dawn will come to Wano Country and that his family will always keep his promises. This will be very relevant for later, given the history between the Kozuki clan and Joy Boy.

There is a reason why this scene happened in this chapter.

One piece Chapter 1044 contains what is arguably the most shocking event in the entire series. To put it into perspective, Hiyori’s scene felt like a drop in the bucket compared to the entire ocean of Luffy. Some readers even think that his moment should have happened sooner.

However, there is good reason to believe that Hiyori served her purpose in One piece Chapter 1044 800 years ago, the Kozuki family invented poneglyphs that contain the real history of the world. Joy Boy must have some connection to them, given that Road Poneglyphs are required to get to Laugh Tale.

Remember, Zunesha openly stated that Luffy inherited Joy Boy’s will. This makes Hiyori’s scene very important for this chapter. His father, Oden, hoped that Joy Boy would return, which is why he wanted to open the borders of Wano Country. She will have to pick up where he left off.

The Kozuki family will be instrumental to Luffy’s success.

What an epic conclusion to kozuki oden’s flashback 😭 By the time luffy and his allies succeed in liberating/opening the border of wano country to the world, it will be glorious ❤️ #onepiece974

Oda deliberately made sure that Hiyori’s scene with Orochi happened in One piece Chapter 1044. He doesn’t want readers to forget what Joy Boy stood for. This historical figure wanted the world to know about the Century of the Void. It’s only possible because the Kozuki clan recorded that history through the poneglyphs.

Readers expect a knowledge dump in the very near future. There has to be a reason why the Kozuki clan worked together with Joy Boy. Zunesha is the only living creature that can explain those reasons.

Now that Luffy is Joy Boy, Hiyori and Momonosuke will have to fulfill the promise their parents made to them. Oden and Toki hoped that Joy Boy would arrive very soon, with the expectation that he would need help. Now that Orochi and Kaido will eventually fall, Wano Country may finally have a future.

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