10 Shojo Anime For People Who Don’t Like Shojo

Shojo is a genre of anime that predominantly targets a young female audience. Most shojo anime focus on light-hearted and romantic narratives about inspiring and powerful girls in often magical and enchanting settings. And while the genre has thousands of fans of all ages and genders, many anime fans dismiss shojo as a boring and childish category.

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The stereotypical perception of shojo limits the genre to repetitive magical girl shows and over-the-top romantic dramas with no real substance or narrative hook. However, the spectrum of shojo series goes far beyond simplistic fantasy, spawning a wide variety of genres from complex drama to exciting action. So even those who consider themselves adversaries of the genre can find a shojo anime that will steal their hearts.

10 Descendants Of Darkness Has An Unusual Setting For A Shojo Fantasy

Anime Descendants Of Darkness Shinigami

The shojo fantasy genre doesn’t necessarily revolve around magical girls and light-hearted adventures. In the case of descendants of darknessthe main characters are workers from the afterlife, shinigami, who are in charge of organizing people in their respective realms after their death.

The show’s happy-go-lucky protagonist Tsuzuki Asato and his headstrong and resourceful partner Kurosaki Hisoka are forced to work together on different cases surrounding a dangerous serial killer. Throughout their quest, they learn more about each other, their past in the mortal realm, and the conspiracies that poison the shinigami world.

9 Natsume’s book of friends is a comforting slice of life about Japanese folklore

Natsume’s book of friends is an unusual slice of shojo life that immerses the audience in an enchanting and tranquil world of Japanese folklore. The protagonist of the series, an introverted and good-hearted Natsume, possesses a unique power to see and interact with yokai, Japanese mythological spirits.

This strange ability prevented Natsume from making friends with other people. However, while some yokai may seem terrifying, most spirits are approachable and even exceptionally charming. By helping different yokai and coming to terms with their dark circumstances, Natsume learns to be more open to both the real world and the spirit world.

8 Snow White with Red Hair presents a romantic story grounded in a classic fantasy setting.

A heartfelt romance done right can appeal to any type of anime fan. In the case of snow white with red hair, the strong romance story blends stellar artwork and an alluring fantasy setting.

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The heroine of the series, a free-spirited young woman, Shirayuki, possesses a rare trait, vibrant and alluring red hair, which makes her the target of the local prince’s affections. Unwilling to give up her freedom and join the arrogant prince’s harem, Shirayuki escapes from her kingdom and flees into the forest. There, she is rescued by a charming prince from a neighboring country, Zen, beginning her endearing love story.

7 Children Of The Whales Highlights Anime’s Love Of Unorthodox Storytelling

children of the whales

Anime, regardless of genre, is famous and universally loved for its unorthodox story ideas. children of the whales is a shining example of a fantasy anime that values ​​creativity in both its artwork and story. The narrative takes place on an island called the Mud Whale, which flows through an endless sea of ​​sand.

There are two types of people in Mud Whale society: Marked, who are short-lived but can use telekinesis, and normal, unmarked humans. The story begins when the island makes contact with the outside world, forcing the hero, a boy marked Chakuro, to go on an exploratory quest.

6 7 Seeds is a survival show that barely resembles a Shojo anime

Main cast of 7 Seeds

7 seeds is an unusual but captivating shojo anime that lacks any of the genre’s characteristic elements. When world leaders learn that civilization is about to perish, they decide to put a carefully selected group of individuals into cryogenic sleep.

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Divided into five even groups, those people are scattered throughout Japan, hoping that the world will be safe again. And while most possess survival skills to restore society, the show’s protagonist, Natsu, a shy high school girl, awakens to a new reality with no idea what’s going on, forced to adjust to the post-apocalyptic universe between complete strangers.

5 Orange sets itself apart from other shojo romances with its mature themes.

Naho and her friends enjoy life in Orange

Mental health issues are a difficult topic to delicately explore in an anime format. However, the sci-fi romance series Orange nails its representation of pain, depression and unrequited love. As the show’s heroine, Naho Takamiya, was preparing for the first day of her second year of high school, she received a strange letter from her future self.

In this letter, Naho from 10 years in the future warns her past self of many regrets she will have. In an attempt to prevent the loss of one of his friends, a transfer student Kakeru, Naho begins a heartfelt correspondence with the past, trying to make a positive change in the present.

4 Yona Of The Dawn is a cult classic shojo for lovers of historical fantasy

The main cast of the anime Yona of the Dawn

The historical shojo genre was a myriad of examples of incredible storytelling that appealed to both fans and haters of the genre. yona of dawn stands out as one of the most iconic historical fantasy shows, loved by a multi-faceted fan community.

The story centers on a childish yet charming princess of the Kingdom of Kouka, whose naivete is crushed by a horrific act of betrayal. With Kouka being taken from Yona and her family, the girl flees the kingdom alongside her trusted bodyguard Son Hak, vowing to avenge her fallen home country.

3 Nana turns an accidental encounter into a heartfelt story of heartfelt friendship.

The two lullabies meet in lullaby

“Two girls the same age going to Tokyo at the same time stuck on the same train. Quite a coincidence, right?” The story of lullaby, a shojo drama starring two roommates, both with the same name but very different views on life, begins with a series of unbelievable coincidences.

Their fateful meeting on a train to Tokyo leads two women to form a sincere bond that supports them through the thick and thin of life. lullaby excels at creating an authentic and heartfelt story of life’s miseries and simple joys.

two Banana Fish competently plays with the combination of different genres

A suspenseful story about a New York City gang leader and his complicated relationship with a naive Japanese photographer hardly associated with a conventional shojo based on the premise. However, banana fish it was originally published as a shojo manga, and to this day is popular with both targeted democracy and anime fans who have no pre-existing interest in the genre.

Ash and Eiji’s adventures through the underground scenes of New York masterfully blend heartfelt romance, suspenseful mystery, and heart-wrenching drama, making banana fish a perfect show for any audience.

1 Revolutionary Girl Utena is an unmissable Shojo deconstruction

There are a few shows in any anime genre that manage to have a substantial influence on the medium as a whole, upending the pre-existing perception of the category’s narrative tropes. For shojo anime, that show was Revolutionary Girl Utenaa 1997 psychological drama that recontextualizes the common themes of the magical fantasy genre.

The highly metaphorical and symbolic narrative of Uthena turns typical magical girl anime tropes on their head, including its portrayal of gender, sexuality, idealism, and story influences. Any anime fan invested in the medium’s meta-narrative would walk out on it. Uthena with a deeper understanding of the shojo genre and its monumental role in the industry.

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