Ninjas and skateboards collide in the new Cherry Blossom cosplay

Sk8 the Infinity lives on with the return of the series’ most tech-savvy and stylish skateboarder in a suitably stylish new cosplay.

Cherry Blossom rides again in a new sk8 infinity cosplay

Cosplayer LunarNoir has brought Kaoru Sakurayashiki, aka tech-savvy skater Cherry Blossom, to life with a new set of cosplay photos. The costume features the character in the costume they had on during the “S” underground skateboarding competition, which combines traditional Japanese formal wear with modern skateboard gear and style. The costume is completed with Cherry Blossom’s ninja mask, which she wears to hide her identity, and her signature long pink hair.

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More of LunarNoir’s cosplay can be seen on his Instagram page. The versatile cosplayer has portrayed characters from a wide variety of series, ranging from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir for black butler. He is best known for his multiple my hero academia cosplays, including costumes for All Might’s mentor Nana Shimura, the twisted Himiko Toga, and evil Cremation quirk bearer Dabi.

Cherry Blossom was just one of many colorful skaters featured in 2021 sk8 infinity. The series was produced by full metal alchemist study Bones and was directed by Hiroko Utsumi, who was previously best known for her work on series like banana fish and my hero academia. The show featured skateboard designs from Code Lyoko Studio No Border creator and founder Thomas Romain, while French comic book artist Loic Locatelli designed some of the decals featured throughout the series. The series was one of the most popular shows to air in the winter 2021 anime season, receiving praise from critics for its stylish presentation and lovable characters.

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The original anime told the story of two friends, skateboarding-obsessed Reki and Canadian transfer student Langa, who are drawn into the underground skateboarding competition known as “S”, which allows skaters to attack each other while They run through a dangerous obstacle course. . The competition pushes both friends’ love of skateboarding to the limit, as Reki accepts the limits of his own skating ability, while Langa’s natural talent attracts the attention of Adam, the most skilled and dangerous racer in town. league.

The anime series ended its 12-episode run in April, but the series is continuing with two manga adaptations, both of which are still serializing in Japan. Last July, a new anime project for the series was announced, but no details have been revealed since then. It is currently unknown if this new project will be a new season of the show, a sequel movie, or some kind of spin-off. The original anime series is available to stream from Funimation.

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