10 Shonen Anime That Would Make A Great Slice Of Life Series

The Life Snippets category is a popular genre with various stories ranging from school settings to work settings with a character or group of characters growing or adapting throughout a certain part of their life as they face challenges. or daily life obstacles.

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However, it is rare to see a shonen anime that is also a slice of life anime, but they do exist. Some examples are Hyouka, Silver spoon, and Ancient Mage’s Bride. A lot of shonen anime don’t fall into the slice of life category, but instead come close to the edge, but fall short for various reasons. However, there are shonen anime that can still be easily adapted to fit no matter how far down the tree they may fall.

10 Blue Exorcist is the new kid on the block

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist pictured

Just when Rin didn’t think his life could get any more troublesome, he learns that he is a child of Satan, and with no real knowledge of how the exorcist world works, he begins attending the exorcist cram school, True Cross Academy. That is already a recipe for a piece of life that begins when the new child learns to adapt to his new environment.

The focus of the story could be on the hard work Rin puts into her studies while trying to earn her brother’s approval. Also, being who he is, making friends would be a challenge, but the deepening of the bonds can be shown when he helps others solve their problems while learning that Rin is not a bad guy.

9 Dragon Ball Z shows Gohan’s problems trying to be a normal student

Surprisingly, Dragon Ball has already hinted at how it could become a slice of life. One story route could be through Goku living the domestic life of a radish farmer and learning not to use his powers for everything.

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However, a better route would be to show Gohan’s full transition through high school and becoming a scholar while also trying not to use his powers. The story could show the classes he takes, the preparation for upcoming tough tests, the school clubs or activities he participates in, and the friendships that are made along the way.

8 Rurouni Kenshin could find redemption through teaching

Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin

If the infamous swordsman Kenshin didn’t have to worry about his past coming back to constantly kill him, and if someone claiming to be him didn’t damage the reputation of Kaoru’s kendo school, a life story would be plausible.

The focus could be the daily life of the kendo school and perhaps have Kenshin serve as an additional instructor with students coming to their instructors for advice on life issues and training issues. Kenshin could use his teaching as a form of redemption and perhaps prevent others from taking the path he did.

7 Fairy Tail could show how Lucy uses her spirits for domestic activities

Lucy Heartfilia winks

The world of Fairy tale it is so big that there are many wizards around whom a history of fragments of life could form. However, it is most likely a better idea to focus on the guild that shares the same name as the series. The Fairy Tail guild has a good selection of characters to choose from. Like Lucy, who is an aspiring writer and a celestial mage.

Lucy’s story could focus on her daily life, the writing of her book, and perhaps show the use of her spirits for everyday household activities. The series could also focus on the day-to-day running of the guild and the different members who contribute to helping the guild more than just venturing out and taking jobs.

6 The vampire dies in a short time except Ronaldo

Draluc hugs John in the woods in The Vampire Dies in No Time.

It might seem like a long way to go to turn the sometimes raunchy shonen comedy into a slice of life, but it’s still doable, especially if history were to rewind to a time before Ronaldo entered the picture.

Draluc is over 200 years old, which leaves a lot to work with. The story could start by showing how Draluc got his castle in Transylvania and meeting the lovable John. The focus could shift to the daily life of Draluc and John living together to figure out how to do certain household chores without Draluc turning to dust.

5 The devil is a part-time worker! Shows the struggle of a balance between work and life

Maou working at MgRonalds

If Sadao had completely decided not to return to Ente Isla in The devil is a part-time worker! and lived the rest of his time on Earth among humans without worrying about enemies, this series could very well become a slice of life. The story could show more focus on his journey up the corporate ladder at McRonald’s and the work that goes into running a franchise.

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It could also show more problems that come from living alone, the problems of bills and housework. There would also be more time to see existing relationships, especially with love interests, become deeper and closer.

4 Assassination Classroom Shows Strong Bonds Between Teachers And Students

Koro Sensei and his students in Assassination Classroom

The class of 3-E in assassination classroom gets more than they bargained for with their new teacher Koro-sensai, who turns out to be an alien with tentacles and crazy powers. If the main goal of the class was not to become well-trained assassins to kill their master, it could easily become a part of life.

The series is driven by the character growth of each student in Class 3-E. Teacher-student bonds are strong as Koro-sensai encourages his students at all times. He teaches them real life lessons on how to overcome personal life problems as well as problems created by the tyrannical school system.

3 That time I got reincarnated as a slime! Shows the struggles of running a kingdom

rimuru giving a speech

At that time I reincarnated as a slime!, the isekaied Satouro, now known as Rimuru Tempest, is a slime who, through various events, comes to rule a kingdom of his creation which he calls Tempest. There are different ways that he could fit into a part of life, such as focusing on the daily inner workings and the duties that Rimuru must perform to keep the kingdom in order.

Another possible route could be to focus on the daily lives of some of the people who live in Tempest and the struggles they overcome with Rimuru’s help.

two Log Horizon is all about that city life

Marielle and Henrietta in Akiba in Log Horizon

After the latest Elder Tale game update, millions of players found that they couldn’t log out and had to learn to adapt to their new environment. The city of Akiba, once full of empty and dilapidated buildings, became a city full of life thanks to the efforts of Shiroe and his friends. A slice of life would be feasible if the focus was shifted to just Akiba and the people who live within.

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Perhaps focus on the people of the land, their journey to Akiba, and learning to work with these new adventurers. A daily test might be having to work against discrimination from adventurers. Festivals that are already running work well as challenges for vendors, but also as character bonding spots.

1 My Hero Academia is already close to being a slice of life

Aizawa Mirio Eri Ochako Tsu Deku at the School Festival in My Hero Academia

The Midoriya with no quirks in my hero academia he grows up admiring heroes and their quirks. By a twist of fate, he becomes the protégé of the number one hero, All Might, and inherits his powers. Not long after, Midoriya is accepted into UA High. Midoriya and his classmates from class 1-A develop deep bonds that see his ups and downs.

If there were hardly any fights to worry about, the series could be adapted to focus more on the school life and racing scene where his quirks could be used for things other than hero work. In addition, there have already been school competitions, school trips and a school festival that already play in the genre of everyday life.

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