My Hero Academia Dabi Cosplay Gender-Flips Blueflame Villain

My Hero Academia’s Dabi gets his iconic look recreated in an amazing gender-swapped cosplay from talented cosplayer @SleepySyren.

Warning! spoilers for my hero academia below

At my hero academia universe, few characters are more dangerous than Dabi, and in a new gender-reversed cosplay, the villain has a new look. The MHA villain, also known as Blueflame, has one of the most memorable looks in the manga. In his cosplay, @SleepySyren brings the character to life with an outfit featuring the former League of Villains antagonist.

Dabi is a villain with an interesting link to one of the greatest heroes of my hero academia. Blueflame, whose cremation powers allow her to ignite blue flames capable of incinerating anyone who gets in her way. Blueflame joined the League of Villains based on his admiration for Hero Killer: Stain and led the Vanguard Action Squad within the villainous organization. In later chapters of my hero academia, it is revealed that he is the son of the first ranked superhero Endeavor and the brother of Shoto Todoroki. Dabi sought revenge on his father for his abusive relationship with him and helped tarnish Endeavor’s reputation with the general public. Blumeflame also wants to finish off his brother, Shoto.


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About his Twitter account, @SleepySyren shared his opinion about Dabi from my hero academia as part of their #28DaysofBlackCosplay series. The gender-swapped cosplay shows the pain Dabi suffered as a result of his Quirk, after burning himself as a child. The cosplay shows the damaged skin of the hero, which can be seen from the neck to the lower lip and under the eyes. The cosplay also features the staples from Blueflame’s appearance, which are seen all over his face and connect his damaged skin to the intact parts. The whole aspect is both hideous and beautiful.

Given its relatively large cast of characters, my hero academia has gotten some awesome cosplays. Some of our favorites include Deku in his own Spider-Man costume, an amazing cosplay of one of MHA’s hottest new heroes, Lady Nagant, as well as a gender-swapped Bakugo outfit. There seem to be endless options for cosplayers to choose from.

Considering Dabi’s dark past, his troubled childhood, and the pain of his father’s obsession with trying to become the number one hero, it’s no surprise that he’s turned into a villain. Blueflame has layers that make him a great antagonist. The gender-swapped cosplay finally captures the character’s haunting appearance while bringing something new to one of from my hero academia most iconic looks.

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Source: @SleepySyren

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