10 short and sad anime that will make you cry

When an anime series has been running for a long time, it has a chance to develop a heartfelt connection with its audience, affecting viewers on a deep emotional level. However, a show doesn’t have to be long to be impressive. Some of the most heartfelt anime series that make every viewer cry are only a dozen episodes long. The shorter running time makes the emotions contained in the narrative more poignant and focused.

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And the masterful anime writers have been using short formats to tell some of the most moving stories the medium has to offer. For those who may not have time to tackle a sprawling new series but still want to experience a harrowing narrative, many short-form anime can be viewed in one sitting. However, the poignant emotional journeys presented in these shows are nothing short of great.

10 Looking Up At The Half-Moon explores the ill-fated romance between two teenagers trapped in a hospital.

Looking up at the crescent

Being confined to a hospital is a tragic and frustrating experience, especially as the boredom and loneliness of isolated hospital life worsens the patient’s physical and mental state. But a tender teenage love story can flourish even in the bleak hospital environment, as shown in Looking up at the crescenta sad but touching romance anime.

Unfortunately, one of the heroes of this story doesn’t have much time left to enjoy the new courtesies of love. While the narrative of the series is very short, it leaves the audience moved by the characters’ doomed affair.

9 Ping Pong The Animation is unlike any other sports anime

Yutaka Catches The Ball In Ping Pong Animation

The sports anime genre is often associated with intense and inspiring emotions. Some of the best examples of this category of anime can even bring the audience to tears from the sheer intensity of the action unfolding on screen. However, Ping Pong Animation it differs in the kind of emotions it portrays to viewers.

Everything about this short sports series stands apart from other shows in the category, from the experimental art style to the themes. Table tennis explore It is a difficult and sincere story of failed ambitions and forgotten aspirations. And the complexity of its writing makes the narrative stand out as one of the most emotionally charged series in the genre.

8 The Death Parade short story contains many significant and emotional themes.

Guests of the Death Parade bowling

Madhouse psychological drama death parade begins as an exciting and intensely engaging mystery series. the plot of death parade revolves around people who died at the same time playing various games, from darts to pool, to determine where their souls will end up. The games are overseen by a mysterious bartender, Decim, and his unnamed assistant, Black Haired Woman.

While the first few episodes of the series are quite dramatic, the potential of the show to tell a really hard-hitting story shines through in the final act, which delves into the duality of human nature, memories, and the importance of life.

7 Beryl and Sapphire is a collection of unique and memorable short films, varying in both tone and setting.

Beryl and Sapphire's Confession

Beryl and SapphireThe alarmingly large episode count shouldn’t put off viewers with limited time, as the show’s episodes rarely exceed 8 minutes. However, the short sketches included in the limited time frame are surprisingly multifaceted, diverse, and impactful.

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Despite most episodes of Beryl and Sapphire With a short and punchy comic plot, the series is full of incredibly emotional and tragic stories. And with each short sketch having its own story arc and setting, placing the signature leads in a completely different world each time, any fan can find a narrative that resonates emotionally with them.

6 Plastic Memories is an extremely effective tear buster

The unconventional premise of plastic memories, a heartfelt sci-fi romance, immediately sets viewers up for a tragic emotional roller coaster ride. The show follows Tsukasa Mizugaki, an employee of the Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation, a company that creates advanced androids known as Giftias.

Although UPS robots are almost indistinguishable from humans, their lifespan is significantly shorter. Tsubasa partners with Isla, a Giftia whose nine years and four months of service are almost up. Unfortunately for both of them, their burgeoning relationship has an expiration date mercilessly approaching, but Tsubasa wants Isla’s last moments to be meaningful regardless.

5 Anohana deals with difficult topics in a sincere way

Menma Smiling In Anohana Anime

Childhood is supposed to be a carefree period in a person’s life, full of joyous adventures and serene memories. However, the cast of anohana her childhood joys were erased by the death of one of her friends, a kind-hearted girl named Menma.

Years after the accident that killed Menma, the girl returns to her friends as a ghost in a last attempt to rest in peace. The group of friends who used to be incredibly close but broke up after the tragedy have to come together and face their raw traumas. Every person, including Menma, has to find the courage to leave the past behind, no matter how difficult it is.

4 All the characters in Angel Beats died regretting something about their lives

Angel Beats Angel and Otonashi during a sunset

Even the most tragic life narratives can’t exist without some serious, authentic humor and playfulness. Heartbeats of an angel explores the full spectrum of teen emotions sprinkling light-hearted comedy throughout its complex and dramatic plot.

The story of Heartbeats of an angel revolves around a group of teenagers who end up in a limbo that resembles a normal high school. There, children who have gone through traumatic events and misfortunes during their life can experience the carefree joys of adolescence and make peace with their deaths before moving on to the next life.

3 Violet Evergarden teaches her protagonist, humanity

Violet Evergarden Hair

Kyoto Animation’s signature style is perfectly suited for emotional and heartfelt dramas. AND Violet Evergarden is one of the studio’s most visually and emotionally impactful works. The series centers on a child soldier who doesn’t understand life outside of the battlefield.

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After losing both her arms and witnessing the death of her beloved commander, Violet has to retire and integrate into civil society. Experiencing the multifaceted nuances of human emotions, she comes to understand the deeper meaning behind concepts like pain, kindness, sadness, and most importantly, love.

two Every once in a while, here and there is an unusually harrowing Isekai dystopia.

From time to time, here and there

Few anime series that take place in fantasy worlds explore the horrors of their magical settings. the dystopian drama From time to time, here and there is a unique isekai that doesn’t fit into the power fantasy trope of its genre.

The story centers on a dense but warm-hearted boy, Shuu, who befriends a mysterious girl from another world, Lala-Ru. Due to her unique ability to manipulate water, a rare resource in her universe, Lala-Ru is the target of many powerful enemies. To save his new friend, Shuu has to leave his peaceful life behind and endure the horrors of torture, war, and poverty in a cruel and unknown world.

1 5 centimeters per second is a heartbreaking story about long distance relationships

Famed director Makoto Shinkai has spent years perfecting his ability to portray tragic yet heartfelt love stories through anime. His first cult classic breakthrough in the romance genre was 5 centimeters per seconda brief but powerful love story about two people separated by circumstances.

The heartbreaking drama centers on the struggles of a teenage couple in a long-distance relationship. Despite promising each other to stay in touch after one of them moves away, the lovesick children grow apart over time, remaining in each other’s minds only as pleasant memories.

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