Mikasa Ackerman’s 10 Worst Things

Apart from Eren, Levi and Annie, there is no character within the world of attack on titan who would dare risk his life testing Mikasa Ackerman’s mettle. His ferocity on the battlefield is fully shown in episode 86 of the anime when he finds himself in the midst of an unjust Survey Corps led by Floch Forster.

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Fortunately, the world outside attack on titan it is very different from the inner world. Here, Mikasa’s strengths and weaknesses are nothing more than fictional attributes to be broken down, analyzed, and compared. In the world of readers, viewers, and critics, Mikasa is the hero of attack on titan and the biggest contributor to Eren Yeager’s descent into madness.

10 Mikasa’s obsession with Eren boosted her already inflated ego

Mikasa’s relationship with Eren has its endearing moments, but most of the time it’s nothing more than an obsessive fixation that’s hard to explain. Eren’s behavior throughout attack on titan he is so pathetic that he hardly deserves the attention of a powerful woman like Mikasa.

Still, each of his decisions stems from a unique mission to keep Eren safe. Mikasa doesn’t even take the time to explain why she loves Eren, which leaves the young man reeling as he works to figure out how a woman who sets the bar so high can demand nothing for her devotion.

9 Despite her brilliance, Mikasa keeps her mouth shut in important situations.

Eren pointing to the horizon with Mikasa and Armin behind him.

Despite carrying the weight of ten men on the battlefield, Mikasa never tries to carry her own weight in the conference room. Whenever an important decision needs to be made, Mikasa turns to Armin, Erwin, and anyone else willing to share his voice.

Mikasa’s quick thinking on the battlefield makes it easy to see how smart she is. Still, when her best friend is terrorizing entire populations of innocent people, she only has a few words to say about it. If Mikasa had spoken to support Armin, it is very likely that Eren would have listened.

8 Mikasa fails to establish her own sense of justice until it is too late.

Mikasa slaughters the Jaegers in Attack on Titan.

Throughout most of attack on titan, Mikasa fights under the banner of the men and women around her. When she is first introduced, she struggles to keep Eren and Armin safe. Later, she wears the Scout emblem on her back and follows Erwin and Levi’s orders.

It’s not until Eren betrays the world and Floch turns the Scouts away from justice that Mikasa finally stands up for what she believes in. The fact that it took genocide to motivate Mikasa to live up to his own ideals is inexcusable.

7 Mikasa is easily motivated towards violence

Close-up of Mikasa with a scar on her face - Attack on Titan

Like a shonen anime, attack on titan he always intended to push his characters into violent action. After all, most shonen series are packed with remarkable action sequences and epic battles.

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Most anime avoid falling into the depths of horror by using truth and justice to motivate their characters to action. attack on titan although it is different. In this series, characters like Mikasa are motivated towards violence by an unhealthy devotion to their friends and a lack of self-control.

6 Mikasa ratted out Eren in the first episode of Attack On Titan

carla begging mikasa to protect eren aot

In the first episode of attack on titan, Hajime Isayama used an interaction between Eren and Mikasa to foreshadow the final events of the series. After spending the day collecting sticks, the two returned home for a family dinner.

While sitting at the table with Grisha, Carla, and Eren Yeager, Mikasa betrayed her closest friend by telling Carla about her son’s plan to join the Scouts. Mikasa knew that Eren’s mother would disapprove of her actions, but she decided to rat him out anyway.

5 Mikasa almost lost the will to live after Eren was eaten

Mikasa’s devotion to Eren is problematic for several reasons. First, she inflated someone’s already inflated ego who didn’t need a bigger head than he already had. Second, she became the basis for Mikasa’s entire personality.

By defining her own self-esteem by her ability to keep Eren safe, Mikasa doomed herself to an existential crisis that would arise the moment Eren put himself in harm’s way. While there was no reason to assume that she would lose her best friend at such a young age, the way she fell apart during the Battle of Trost after Eren was eaten was hard to watch.

4 Mikasa gave up on her people

Mikasa meets her relatives.

Floch doesn’t make it easy to side with him and the Yeagerists in the second half of The Final Season, but Mikasa’s actions also make it hard to follow her. Throughout the course of attack on titanMikasa allows her own selfish devotion to Eren to cloud her judgment and loyalties.

Despite wearing the Scout logo and fighting under Levi and Erwin, Mikasa always put her own mission first. This weakness even put Levi’s life at risk when he disobeyed a direct order and attacked Annie during the Female Titan arc.

3 Mikasa’s stoic personality makes her seem distant and cold.

Mikasa’s calm demeanor is admirable and expected of someone who has dealt with an unprecedented amount of trauma, but it makes it difficult to accept her as a hero. In the world of anime, heroes are expected to be upbeat and hopeful, like Goku and Naruto.

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After witnessing her parents’ deaths at the hands of slavers and her adoptive mother’s death at the hands of the Laughing Titan, it’s no surprise that Mikasa has lost her voice. Still, it’s hard to animate a hero who is so aloof and cold that he can’t even animate himself.

two She committed atrocities in Libero alongside Eren

Mikasa in Marley

Mikasa can redeem herself by taking Eren’s head at the end of attack on titan, but the fact that she agreed to his plan to devastate the city of Liberio is hard to forgive. Her actions can be seen as nothing more than an act of war and can hardly be excused for her blind loyalty to Eren.

There is no doubt among fans that Eren is the one who instigated the Invasion of Liberio. Still, for someone who has dedicated his entire life to keeping Eren safe, it’s amazing that Mikasa couldn’t have predicted Eren’s actions and stopped him before she was implicated in her war crimes.

1 Mikasa doesn’t respect Levi

mikasa watching levi beat eren aot

Everybody loves Captain Levi. The low king with the power of the Ackermans running through his veins is a fan-favorite character for more reasons than one. The only one who doesn’t seem to love Levi is Mikasa.

Ever since the day Levi theatrically defeated Eren in the middle of a courtroom, Mikasa has held a grudge against Levi. This grudge has been shown in episodes of silence and episodes of violence, ruining her sympathy every time she mocks Levi Ackerman’s power.

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