10 short animes to binge watch if you feel like crying tonight

Whether it’s action, comedy, horror, or something in between, there’s an anime to suit everyone. Although people are often looking for something more cheerful, sometimes happiness just isn’t the right vibe. Sometimes viewers just want to sit back, grab a box of tissues, and cry.

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Some short animes are sure to make fans cry, be it tears of joy or the most heartbreaking endings. Keep in mind that many of these anime deal with difficult and sensitive topics. Be sure to look up any relevant caveats before watching, and fans should probably save these anime for moments of emotional well-being.

10 Devilman Crybaby talks about themes of evil

Devilman Crybaby Akira Death

crying devil man explores themes from love and self-discovery to concepts of evil. When shy high school student Akira suddenly transforms into a half-demon, he takes on the new role of saving humanity, even when all of humanity is against him.

This powerful story has plenty of twists and turns combined with visually stunning animation, making it one of the best original anime on Netflix. It also explores relationships through a unique and inspiring lens. This twisted and harrowing reimagining of biblical tales will leave viewers wondering what it really means to be good or bad.

9 For action and tears, watch Japan Sinks 2020

Ayumu wins the race at Japan Sinks 2020

Another Netflix Original, japan sinking 2020 It’s a roller coaster of emotions. Fans watch as a young girl and her family struggle to survive a series of earthquakes and their after effects. This show illustrates the true horror of natural disasters and the trials people go through when faced with life and death situations.

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Fans can’t help but root for and become attached to these lovable characters, which makes it all the more heartbreaking when tragedy strikes. This series will definitely bring viewers to tears, but it will also leave them hopeful about humanity and the power of kindness.

8 Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a powerful message about sacrifice

Homura and Madoka defeated

At first sight, Madoka Magica appears to be nothing more than a sweet shojo anime. But only after a few episodes do viewers learn that behind the cute animation and talking animals is a much darker theme.

This show delves into themes of love, death, manipulation and sacrifice. Full of magical girls Madoka Magica explores what it means to put others first and the mental impact it can have on people. In addition to the deeper messages, Madoka Magica it’s inspiring in its portrayal of strong girls and their ability to save the world.

7 March Comes In Like A Lion is a story of growing pains

March comes like a lion Rei crossing the bridge

This show deals with the themes of death and the effect it has on a young orphan. Although the show becomes more positive as audiences see the main character come out of his depression and become a talented young shogi player, there is still a deep sense of sadness that seems to pervade every episode.

This is due to the editing options, slow builds, and the haunting soundtrack that creates a pitch of darkness. viewers of March comes like a lion You’ll feel the main character’s emotions as if they were your own, creating a very intimate experience that will have fans reaching for their tissues in every episode.

6 No. 6 is a social comment

Nezumi and Shion

This dystopian anime highlights the dark realities of wealth inequality. A theme that is not usually portrayed so explicitly in anime, No. 6 does a wonderful job of showing the effects of poverty and how ignorance can be the biggest villain of all. Fans follow Shion, a privileged young man looking to help another boy who is poor.

The show progresses through a four-year period in which several serious events take place that lead our main character to discover the truth behind his elite city and his privileged life. The powerful message of this show will make fans think about their own privilege and how society can work to grow and support everyone instead of just a few.

5 Learning to love in Violet Evergarden

For viewers looking for an emotional yet wholesome anime, Violet Evergarden it is perfect. This anime follows a young woman who returns from war in search of a new purpose in life. She becomes an “Automatic Memory Doll” who helps others learn to express their emotions through the art of letter writing.

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The power of this anime is its exploration of love and learning to understand what that means, both towards others and towards oneself. With so many well-written characters, viewers will be able to see themselves in the story and learn to grow with Violet as she discovers the meaning of “I love you.”

4 For True Crime fans, Erased is a must-watch.

Funjinuma and Kayo

Erased It will have viewers teary-eyed from the very first episode. Fans follow the main character Satoru, a man with the ability to travel back in time before life-changing events. After his mother’s murder, this special ability sends him back 18 years to his childhood.

Here, she meets her old friend Kayo just a few days before her kidnapping. As Satoru remembers the care she had for her friend, she sets out to stop her kidnapping and catch the person who took her young friend’s life and her mother’s life.

3 Your name takes fans on a magical journey

This beautifully written film has all the elements for those looking for a bittersweet story. This anime starts off with light humor and turns into a much deeper and harrowing story of two young adults trying to find each other.

When country girl Mitsuha and city boy Taki switch bodies, the two begin to communicate with each other through notes. They develop a powerful bond, growing to learn and care deeply about each other. In addition to a stellar story, the animation, soundtrack, and voice acting create a powerful emotional experience that romance fans will love.

two Your lie in April will leave fans heartbroken

Duet with Kousei Arima playing the piano and Kaori Miyazono playing the violin

your lie in april It has become known as one of the saddest anime out there, and for good reason. This story follows a boy, Kosei, who stops playing the piano after the death of his mother. Viewers see Kōsei’s emotional journey after meeting a group of friends who help inspire him to rededicate himself to music.

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However, he learns that one of these friends, Kaori, is sick. The relationship that blossoms between Kosei and Kaori is a powerful one. A show about love and loss, this heartbreaking anime is a beautiful reminder to cherish every moment.

1 For those who never want to be happy again, check out Banana Fish

Ash and Eiji

It is impossible to describe the emotional journey that banana fish takes the viewers. Covering some of society’s darkest topics, this show takes fans through the life of 17-year-old gang leader Ash Lynx and his relationship with inspirational reporter Eiji.

They form a bond that allows them to grow together and find happiness where before there was only darkness. Fans will find themselves rooting for Ash and Eiji all the time. This action-packed show will be hard to watch in one sitting, but it will also leave viewers wanting to know what happens next. But beware, this anime is full of tragic stories that will make fans cry in every episode.

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