10 Anime Villains Karma Never Met

It’s typical in anime for the villain to get what they deserve. Whether it’s a beating or an ironic death, fans are generally all about the villain getting what they deserve. Sometimes, though, a villain does horrible things and never gets his due.

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Sometimes a villain is forgiven for all his transgressions no matter how heinous. Other times, the writers decide to let the characters forget what a villain did, even when the fans don’t. Whatever the case, villains are sometimes off the hook for things like murder, torturing former comrades, and even committing genocide.

10 Koga and his army of wolves ate people (Inuyasha)

inuyasha it was full of demons who didn’t care what they did to get the Shikon Jewel. One of those demons was Koga from the wolf demon tribe. In one of his first appearances, Kouga commands his army of wolves to feast on innocent bystanders.

Koga would soon become an ally to Inuyasha, Kagome and the others. His transgressions before joining his cause are quickly forgotten. From eating the aforementioned humans to trying to kill Inuyasha multiple times, Koga just gets away with it as fans wonder if Koga is to be trusted.

9 Wapol bounced back in a big way (One Piece)

During the Drum Island arc of One piece, the Sakura Kingdom was ruled by a man named Wapol who could eat metal. Luffy defeated Wapol, but that wasn’t the end of his story. Wapol was captured by the World Government, but was soon released.

Wapol also had the ability to produce metal objects from his body. He developed a special type of metal that was quite popular. He made toys out of this metal and became rich as a result. With his new wealth, he married and formed a new kingdom. Wapol became better than ever in the Kingdom of Sakura.

8 Yuki Mitsuya got away with it (Odd Taxi)

Sakura by Oddtaxi

odd cab featured a colorful cast of characters that the main character, Odokawa, perceived as talking animals. One of the main plot threads involved the idol group Mystery Kiss. One of its members was Yuki Mitsuya, a girl from a small town who loved fried chicken. After a while, fans realized that something was wrong.

As it turned out, Yuki was actually a girl named Sakura. Sakura was a finalist of the group of three people in the selection process. Desperate for fame and exposure, Sakura killed the real Yuki in the management office. She would then wear a mask and disguise herself as Yuki Mitsuya. The last scene of odd cab it’s Sakura getting into Odokawa’s taxi with a smile.

7 Beerus gets a divine exemption (Dragon Ball Super)

Beerus was the first great villain in dragon ball super. As the God of Destruction, Beerus has destroyed numerous planets and killed countless people. Goku was able to defeat him using his Super Sayian God form, but Beerus survived to fight another day. Fans can understand why Beerus would get away with it: he’s a god, and sometimes keeping balance in the universe means doing some questionable things. Still, fans are wondering if Goku and Beerus will end up in another altercation.

6 Sozin lived a full life after his sins (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Some 100 years before the events of avatar the last airbenderSozin ruled the Fire Nation as Fire Lord. He racked up a long list of crimes during his reign. He killed Avatar Roku, started the war that Aang would have to end, and eliminated the Air Nomads.

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Meanwhile, Sozin was rewarded for his efforts. His lineage survived and his descendant, Fire Lord Ozai, was the main antagonist during Avatar the last airbender. Sozin had a comet named after him and he lived for more than 100 years. While dying with remorse, Sozin got away with genocide among his many other crimes.

5 Yoh chose Faust VIII despite being an assassin (Shaman King)

On shaman-king, Faust is a descendant of the original Faust, but also dabbles in necromancy. Faust VIII mutilated Manta during his encounter with Yoh and it was assumed that he was a serial killer. It’s puzzling that Yoh chose him to be on his team in the shaman fight.

Faust was probably the last person fans thought would be on the side of good. His medical experiments were on a par with the craziest scientists. His inclusion was a testament to Yoh’s forgiving nature, but shaman-king fans wonder if he was too easygoing about everything.

4 Orochimaru didn’t bother with atonement (Naruto)

Orochimaru enjoys the fight in Naruto

Orochimaru was a despicable villain in naruto He experimented on people and committed numerous atrocities from his base at Hidden Sound. Despite all of his crimes, Orochimaru was never really punished for his actions.

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On Boruto, Naruto and the gang treat him like an old friend and his son Mitsuki gets to train at the academy with the other kids. It’s strange that after all of Orochimaru’s transgressions, Naruto just walks over to his lair for a cup of tea and a chat.

3 Tsukiko Sagi’s Pet Wrecked Tokyo (Agent of Paranoia)

Maromi surrounded by the cast of Paranoia Agent

by satoshi kon agent of paranoia involved a series of events involving a serial offender with a baseball bat and roller skates. Two detectives attempted to track down this enemy, only for it to be the manifestation of the trauma experienced by Tsukiko Sagi. Tsukiko lied about what she happened to her dog in order not to be punished by her father.

Tsukiko became a character designer and created the beloved character Maromi. This was also a manifestation of trauma, said by a character as “one and the same” as the assailant, nicknamed “Lil Slugger”. The mascot destroyed much of Tokyo, leaving devastation that one of the detectives likened to post-World War II Japan. Some time later, Tsukiko returns to work as a designer as if nothing had happened.

two Mayuri is still an evil genius (Bleach)

On Bleach, Mayuri Kurotsuchi is head of the Research and Development Department, as well as Squad 12. Mayuri did some very nasty things to further his research, including hunting and experimenting on Quincies. Uryu defeated Mayuri, but got away before Uryu could land the finishing blow. Between all the cowardly things he did for his investigation and his mistreatment of his own daughter Nemu, the 13 court guard squads seemed to let a lot slide. Mayuri never really paid for his crimes and Chief Captain Yamamoto just left him alone.

1 Sasuke tortured Sakura but she still married him (Naruto)

Sasuke frowning

Sasuke Uchiha was quite a polarizing figure in naruto He started out as a rival who turned his back on his allies to join the dark side. When all was said and done, he started a war and tried to kill the Kages several times. He even subjected Sakura to a painful genjutsu.

In the end, Sasuke was suddenly forgiven and Sakura even married him. She is left to train on her own and the Hidden Leaf Village allows her to come and go as she pleases. Sasuke is an obvious war criminal, but Naruto’s trust is enough to suddenly forget his membership in Akatsuki and all of his misdeeds.

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