10 Times Anime Villains Worked With The Hero

Lots of anime like attack on titan they have a tendency to blur the line between villain and hero, but in others, the line is very clear. Even on shows with different villains and heroes, sometimes those characters’ paths cross and they’re forced to work together for a common interest.

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Rarely do villains get a happy ending to their stories, but moments like these are often a triumph for both the antagonist and the protagonist. The best of these scenes almost always show a moment of humanity for the bad guy at some point in the adventure, making it harder to root against him.


Frieza in the Tournament of Power

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The Tournament of Power arc introduced plenty of villains for heroes like Vegeta and Android 17, but also included someone who remained a villain all along: Frieza.

Frieza is evil, but he is not inherently destructive. Everything he does is in the interest of preserving his power and status as ruler. Even his horrific destruction of Planet Vegeta was ultimately only to eliminate any threat to his control of his empire. Therefore, it was only logical that Frieza would go to great lengths to save the universe from him by helping Goku defeat Jiren.

Shark and Yuma vs. Don Mil

Shark powering up in Yu-Gi-Oh

Shark took a trip from cute Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey clones a terrifying force that opposes Yuma. Still, the two worked together frequently. First, when Shark fought the secondary antagonist Vector. Second, when the two of them worked together to defeat Don Mil, a threat to the entire universe.

Shark was never inherently evil like other antagonists that have been associated with heroes. Shark, ultimately, was just an ally to his true species: the Barians. While the Barians clashed with humanity and the Astral World during the final season, it was never in doubt that Shark would team up with Yuma to save all three worlds.

Aizen and Ichigo fight Yhwach.

Sosuke Aizen from Bleach

Aizen was the cold and calculating main antagonist for most of Bleach, but finally, an even greater threat presented itself: Yhwach. Ichigo and his companions requested Aizen’s help in defeating the enemy, and the villainous genius eventually joined them on the battlefield.

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Aizen ended up playing a crucial role in the battle against the enemy, using his complete hypnosis as Team Ichigo’s final trump card.

Hisoka helps Gon in Dodgeball

Gon, Killua and Hisoka play dodgeball in Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka is one of the most beloved villains in anime and also one of the creepiest. In a fateful game against Razor for one of Greed Island’s biggest cards, the antagonist teamed up with Gon and Killua for an intense game of dodgeball in which the trio narrowly defeated Razor after a combo move that needed all three of them. fighters will work perfectly. in tandem.

Greed Island was another example of Hisoka working together with the protagonists for his own benefit, but he was never portrayed as a hero in any way during the story. The game helped show that Hisoka is a hedonist to the very end, as he has remained throughout the manga.

Sasuke and Naruto team up in the last arc

Naruto and Sasuke have a complicated relationship throughout the series, but there is no question that Sasuke was a villain in the final arc of Shippuden. Despite this, Sasuke wasn’t so blinded by anger that he couldn’t see that Madara Uchiha (and eventually Kaguya) needed to be defeated.

At the end of the day, the two had one of the most emotional final fights in anime history. But before that, once again they were comrades fighting for the common good. Just like in the days of the original series.

Magma assists Senku

Magma and Senku searching for tungsten was a pivotal moment for the minor antagonist and protagonist of dr stone. Magma, the mighty idiot, had been against Senku and the lore of him throughout the series until he made the decision to save Senku in the caves by throwing him safely out of the deep water filled pit that Senku had a hard time stepping on. . Eventually, the water rose high enough for Magma to reach the surface as well, and the two escaped unharmed.

The moment was incredibly important for Magma, and its first real development. Magma learned to appreciate science in this encounter with Senku and eventually became a committed warrior for the team after a long time as an antagonist.

Grimmjow heals Ichigo.

Grimmjow emerging from a Gorge - Bleach

Grimmjow wasn’t exactly the smartest Espada in BleachBut at least he knew what he wanted. Ichigo was completely dead by Ulquiorra’s hand, and Grimmjow made the decision to grab Orihime and bring her to Ichigo so he could save her life. Along the way, Grimmjow held off Ulquiorra so Orihime could work magic on her.

Ultimately, Grimmjow just wanted one final fight with Ichigo and would do anything to get it. However, the timing showed Grimmjow’s potential to be a valuable ally to Ichigo, despite how he ended the match.

James and Inkay save everyone against Malamar

Malamar and Inkay from the Pokémon anime

When a group of evil Malamar was on the rampage in “Facing the Grand Design!” James and his Inkay, two of the few not crippled by the Malamar, were especially effective, and the combined forces saved the day.

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There have been many other times in the series where Team Rocket has also helped Ash and company, including saving Ash in “A More Perfect Union” and in Pokemon 3 the movie: Spell of the Unown.

Nero and Avilio’s Last Voyage

Angelo Lagusa pointing a gun with a blank expression.

Arguably the best mob anime of all time. 91 days stars Mafia heir Nero Vanetti and family avenger Avilio. For most of the series, Avilio pretends to be Nero’s best friend before ruining the Vanettis’ lives and revealing his desire for revenge after the death of his own family at the hands of Nero’s family.

After their hatred for each other is vented, the two decide to take one last walk to see if they can feel anything worth living for. The two travel together for days, helping each other along the way until they finally reach the beach. In Avilio’s last moments on the beach, Nero reveals that no one needs to find something to live for and that “you just live.”

Askeladd and Thorfinn’s arrangement

Askeladd ready for a duel

After Askeladd killed Thorfinn’s father, the young man swore that he would defeat Askeladd in a duel. However, to gain the right to duel, Thorfinn first had to prove himself to Askeladd.

From then on, the entire first season of vinland saga followed the adventures of Thorfinn and Askeladd as Thorfinn earned the right to duel Askeladd over and over again, only to lose each time they fought. The pair have one of the most fascinating and heartbreaking relationships in anime, and their partnership never fails.

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