4 Characters Who Can Take On Luffy’s Gear Fifth (And 4 Who Can’t)

Disclaimer: This article contains massive One Piece spoilers.

Very few characters can surpass Luffy’s Gear Fifth in One piece.

At this point in the story, Luffy is on his way to becoming the Pirate King. Now that he has fully awakened his devil fruit, he can use the “most ridiculous power” in the series. Gear Fifth allows him to manipulate himself and those around him in a cartoonish way, limited only by his imagination.

One piece Chapter 1044 completely broke social media for that very reason. Luffy now joins the ranks of the most elite fighters in the series.

This article will take a look at which fighters can and can’t give him a hard time, particularly in his newest form.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

One Piece characters that could face Gear Fifth

4) Charlotte Linlin – Big Mom

This would be without a doubt the craziest fight ever. One piece Serie. Both characters are extremely cartoonish at times. It would be a really fun battle to watch, especially if they both give everything they’ve got.

Big Mom is a direct counterpart to Kaido, so her power level is similar to his. She also has the Soru Soru no Mi, which is among the strongest Devil Fruits in One piece. He can manipulate human souls and grant himself various powers. He can also sacrifice his lifespan to get bigger and stronger.

Luffy is a very creative fighter, but so is Big Mom.

3) Kaido

Kaido was beaten and bruised in the Onigashima attack. He fought multiple fighters in a row, sometimes in multiple waves. He is truly the strongest creature in the One Piece series.

While he seemed to be fighting Gear Fifth’s ridiculous powers, Kaido still managed to survive them. His dragon form somehow overcame Gomu Gomu no Fusen, a move in which Luffy entered his body and enlarged like a balloon. Either way, Kaido didn’t take much internal damage.

The fact that Kaido can somehow deal with these attacks is amazing. It really is a beast among beasts in the One piece Serie.

2) Stems

Shanks has rarely been seen in combat situations. Nevertheless, One piece fans already know how powerful he can be.

Just before the Paramount War, he was up against the likes of Whitebeard, who was considered the strongest man in the world at the time. The Red Haired Pirate is definitely a threat to be reckoned with.

Luffy would probably be competing against someone with very powerful Haki. Note that Shanks does not have a Devil Fruit, but his power level is comparable to that of Kaido and Big Mom. This laid-back captain definitely has tricks up his sleeve.

1) Marshall D. Teach – Blackbeard

Blackbeard is arguably the greatest counter to Luffy’s Gear Fifth. Most of the characters can only hope to survive. Meanwhile, Blackbeard is able to cancel these Devil Fruit powers with his Yami Yami no Mi.

Cartoon Physics is a very broken skill in the One piece series, but it has its limits. Blackbeard can put an end to Gear Fifth before it even begins. He is Luffy’s most dangerous threat right now.

One Piece characters who would have a hard time against Gear Fifth

4) Charlotte Katakuri

Back on Whole Cake Island, Katakuri gave Luffy the fight of his life. The former could perform any attack the latter could, but they were much bigger and stronger.

However, Katakuri has been completely overtaken by the Wano Country arc. Luffy’s new form can put a serious beating on the strongest creature in the world.

Note that in a much earlier battle, Kaido took out the Straw Hat in a single blow. This was the same Luffy who had already defeated Katakuri beforehand. It’s not hard to believe that Kaido could easily take out Sweet Commander in a similar way.

Now that Luffy has learned Gear Fifth and is able to take on Kaido, someone like Katakuri no longer poses a threat.

3) Eustass Boy

Eustass Kid is a very strong competitor with his awakened Devil Fruit abilities that allow him to build giant metal contraptions. However, he is still no match for Gear Fifth.

Luffy is much more malleable in his new form. Gear Fifth would allow him to stretch through sharp objects. He already proved it against Kaido’s pointed club.

Luffy could also expand his entire body with Gomu Gomu no Gigant. None of Kid’s techniques have that size and strength advantage.

The Straw Hat is a particularly difficult counter for Kid. All he would have to do is dodge his electromagnetic cannon, the same way he dodged Kaido’s Boro Breath. Luffy could also reflect that attack by turning the ground into rubber.

2) Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji after punishing kaido’s left hand man worth 1.32b berry still walking around with that captain drip like nothing happened VsKiller after defeating 320M headliner hawkins 🔴 SANJ DESTROYS HIM FASTER than against Queen #ONEPIECE1046

Sanji is definitely not to be underestimated in this encounter. Just before defeating Queen, Sanji unlocked his Germa 66 genetics through the Raid Suit. His strength, durability, and speed are at a much higher level than ever before. His Black Leg Style with Infrit Jame is particularly strong.

With that being said, Luffy can still control his surroundings with Gear Fifth. Along with Future Sight, he could predict Sanji’s attacks and bounce him back with rubber.

More importantly, Luffy can bypass his exoskeleton with his awakening. he managed to do it against Kaido in One piece Chapter 1045.

1) Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is without a doubt the most powerful Straw Hat Pirate after Luffy. With the use of Conqueror’s Haki and some legendary swords, he gave Kaido a permanent scar. His Nine Sword Style is extremely deadly, so Luffy would have to avoid the attack.

However, Zoro doesn’t have anywhere near the same stamina and stamina that Luffy has. Zoro fell after defeating King, while Luffy continued to face Kaido. The latter can even restart his heart with the “Drums of Release”.

Zoro would lose simply because Luffy can survive him. According to Kaido, Gear Fifth can also use Armament and Conqueror’s Haki for devastating attacks.

Edited by Rachel Syemlieh