Moon Knight and Sailor Moon Get Epic Crossover in New Art

Moon Knight and Sailor Moon intersect in stunning art that gives the titular anime hero his own pink costume.

In an epic crossover featuring one of Marvel Comics’ darkest heroes and one of anime’s biggest stars, moon knight Y sailor moon become a hero in an amazing work of art. Mingjue artist Helen Chen shared her thoughts on the crossover of Moon Knight and Sailor Moon into one hero, and the result is absolutely mesmerizing. Sailor Moon gets her own pink outfit as she stands in front of the crescent moon in the picture.

Few characters are more connected to the Moon than Moon Knight and Sailor Moon in pop culture. Moon Knight is the avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu, resurrected by the mighty deity after he died. As a Moon Knight, he has many accessories and costume details based on the moon, while his powers have been connected to the Moon itself. Recently, when the Moon was destroyed, Moon Knight was severely weakened, showing his connection to her. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon is the Guardian of Love and Justice and one of the Sailor Guardians, whose elemental powers of hers make her Princess Luna and connect her to Queen Serenity.


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In its Twitter account, artist and illustrator Mingjue Helen Chen shared her amazing combined version of Moon Knight and Sailor Moon. The crossover image shows Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon, standing on top of a building as she looks back with sparkling eyes at her. The costume shows what Sailor Moon would look like as the avatar of Khonshu, as she sports a mask and superhero costume wrapped in pink bandages, while she has a long flowing cape. The look is packed with fantastic details, including keeping Sailor Moon’s blonde hair long and loose, while she has gold accents throughout her costume as Moon Knight.

While the artist captioned the stunning crossover image with “the crossover no one asked for,” it’s not the first time Moon Knight and Sailor Moon have been combined in a single piece of art. Dan Hipp shared his “Moonlighting” version of the Marvel hero last month, which included a nod to Sailor Moon. However, in this case, the focus is much more on making the heroes into one, and the result is fantastic.

Moon Knight and Sailor Moon may be two totally different heroes, but their connection to the moon is integral to their characterizations. While it’s safe to assume that Marvel moon knight Y sailor moon won’t be crossing over into official art any time soon, the unexpected crossover makes for a great design that’s a great “What if?” We had read that comic/manga crossover.

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Source: @MinjueChen – Twitter

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