4 Students Who May Become Top 10 Pro Heroes (And 4 Who Never Will)

Very few my hero academia characters will ever become Pro Heroes, let alone top 10.

However, Japan’s next generation of heroes has great potential. Be it Shoto Todoroki or Inasa Yoarashi, the students in the series are highly regarded for their powerful quirks and brave attributes. Fans should definitely expect these students to realize their full potential in the near future.

Of course, not all students my hero academia he can reach All Might levels, and that’s perfectly fine. Some of them are better suited for supporting roles, while others just don’t have the right personality for the job.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.

My Hero Academia Students Who Could Become Top 10 Pro Heroes

4) Inasa Yoarashi

The highly recommended Inasa Yoarashi is right up there with Shoto Todoroki in terms of power level. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, he eliminated 120 examinees simply by using his Whirlwind Quirk.

When he teamed up with Shoto, he nearly defeated Gang Orca in the final stage. Note that Orca is the 12th ranked Pro Hero. However, Inasa ended up failing the exam due to his overly competitive rivalry with Shoto.

Fortunately, Inasa discovered his flaws during the Remedial Course arc. At the arc, Inasa and the rest of the students managed to calm down a classroom full of young children. Hate is an endless cycle in my hero academia, so he avoided using violence. Instead, she won her hearts with her mind.

3) Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the top students in Class 1-A, given that he won the Sports Festival. His potential is so great that the League of Villains even kidnapped him in the Forest Training Ground arc.

Despite his tendency to lose his temper, Bakugo eventually learned to work together with his fellow students. This was best seen in the Joint Training arc when his team beat Setsuna Tokage. He made the mistake of thinking that Bakugo was only fighting for himself and not for those around him.

Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk is also surprisingly versatile for a highly offensive Quirk. You can use it to fly, which is useful for transportation purposes. Pro Heroes require mobility in my hero academia as there is always someone who needs to be saved somewhere.

2) Shoto Todoroki

Enji Todoroki’s son already has very high expectations for him. Shoto Todoroki has been trained by Japan’s top pro hero for several years. He inherited his parents’ elemental quirks, which gave him resistance to both fire and ice. This will allow her to surpass his father in my hero academia.

Shoto has never been in the game for fame or fortune. Whether it’s defeating Stain the Hero Killer or rescuing Bakugo in Hideout Raid, he truly cares about saving people.

The sky truly is the limit for this hero. With a very powerful Quirk, Shoto can easily achieve success.

1) Izuku Midoriya

There is a reason Toshinori Yagi chose Izuku Midoriya as his successor. The main character of my hero academia he is completely dedicated to upholding All Might’s values.

When Midoriya was Quirkless, he still risked his life to save Bakugo from a villain. With unwavering determination and a willingness to put his life on the line, Midoriya is the perfect candidate for the One For All Quirk.

When the odds are stacked against him, Deku never finds the word “quit” in his dictionary. Whether it’s Overhaul or the entire League of Villains, he never backs down from powerful villains.

If anyone can top All Might, it’s someone like Deku.

My Hero Academia Students Who Will Never Be Top 10 Pro Heroes

4) Toru Hagakure

Elite Pro Heroes must be physically strong fighters like Rumi Usagiyama. They are expected to take on Japan’s worst villains, particularly in combat situations. This is not the case with Toru Hagakure, who is among the weakest students in my hero academia.

Given his powers of invisibility, his main specialty is stealth missions. She is not meant to deal with enemies like the Nomu. Instead, she would have to sneak into places and provide useful information.

That said, Hagakure would make a great partner in My Hero Academy.

3) What code

Koji Koda is a very shy person in my hero academia. While he has some heroic aspirations, he likely won’t survive being in the spotlight. Japan’s top pro heroes are widely regarded as celebrities in their culture. Koda is better off being a sideline support unit.

Speaking of which, his Anivoice is too situational. He can directly control animals, but it all depends on the location.

Pro Heroes is likely to jump into the action from anywhere and at any time. Koda cannot be trusted for these specific tasks, especially if he is going to a place with very few animals.

2) Seiji Shishikura

Seiji Shishikura is a firm believer that heroes must be worthy. No wonder he got involved with Bakugo during the provisional hero license exam. However, while Bakugo underwent character development in my hero academiaShishikura doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.

The Shiketsu High student could have easily passed the licensing exam if he wasn’t so focused on eliminating “unworthy” heroes. All he had to do was put aside his grudge and look at the big picture. Instead, he ended up failing when Bakugo and his friends knocked him out.

my hero academia he makes it clear that Shishikura needs to reform before he can reform others.

1) Neito Monoma

This Class 1-B student is not a straight fighter by any means, but his intelligence and technique are highly praised. Unfortunately, his biggest flaw is his abrasive personality as he barely gets along with anyone.

Neito Monoma’s inferiority complex stems from insecurities regarding his copy abilities. He openly declared that he could not be more than a supporting character.

During the Joint Training arc, Monoma told Hitoshi Shinso that society would never consider them heroes. For that very reason, he tends to act unheroically.

Truth be told, the only person stopping him is Monoma himself. He could become one of the best pro heroes if he tempered his tendencies.

Edited by Rachel Syemlieh