10 Missed Story Opportunities In Attack On Titan

attack on titan It is considered by many fans to be one of the best manga and anime series ever made. While the manga ended a year ago, the anime is still continuing, and fans are excited for the third part of the final season.

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As incredible as the plot is attack on titan I mean, there were some missed opportunities to add more to the story and make it even better. As fans look forward to more adaptations and a sequel or prequel, maybe these things will finally see the light of day.

10 It would have been nice to see Mike more

Mike Zacharias is one of the strongest characters on attack on titan. Before Levi, he was considered humanity’s strongest soldier in Paradis and defeated many titans. The Beast Titan ended up killing him at the start of the Clash of the Titans arc. Even though Mike is respected by many soldiers and proves to be so powerful, little is known about him as he was a minor character. It would have been great to see the battles he fought and learn more about his backstory before he was killed.

9 Little is known about Darius despite the fact that he is so important

Darius Zackly

Darius is another important character in the Paradis military, as he was the general of the Survey Corps, Garrison, and Military Police, overseeing all three branches. He made a lot of big decisions throughout the series and had even more power than characters like Erwin and Pixis. However, like Mike, little is known about his character and how he became a general in the first place. Lots of soldiers everywhere. attack on titan They’ve had great backstories, but Darius wasn’t one of them.

8 Levi’s Original Squad Could Have Had Bigger Character Arcs

When Eren first joined the Survey Corps, he was part of Levi’s Special Operations Squad. At that time, the other members were Eld, Petra, Oluo, and Gunther. Unfortunately, they were killed off shortly after being introduced, which saddened many fans who liked them (especially Petra).

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While their deaths were very important to the story as they affected both Eren and Levi, it would have been great to see more moments leading up to their deaths as Eren had been with them for quite some time but was only seen interacting with them in some scenes

7 Levi and Mikasa might have grown closer once they found out they were related.

Levi Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan

Little was known about Levi at the beginning of the series. Part of the reason for this was that he was created to be a mysterious character, but he also didn’t know much about his own past. It wasn’t until his uncle Kenny died that he learned they were descended from the Ackerman Clan, of which Mikasa was also a member. Understanding that they were related might have caused the two soldiers to gain a stronger bond, and though they fought together for years, they never got to be that close.

6 It would have been cool to see what other characters were doing during the time skip

attack on titan he had a lot of fun jumping between the arcs of Return to Shiganshina and Marley. Seeing how the ending of the Marley arc and the War for Paradis arc provide flashbacks to show what the main characters were doing during the years the story was initially skipped, not all characters were shown. It would have been great to see what both the protagonists and antagonists were up to as Eren learned more about the outside world and the genocide he would commit in the future.

5 There could have been more background on the allied forces from the Middle East

middle east alliance war

The beginning of Marley’s arc introduced the Allied Forces from the Middle East, one of Marley’s greatest enemies. The Warrior Unit managed to win the war they had against them, but little was known about their conflict and the battles leading up to that last one.

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While this makes sense since the Allied Forces Middle East fight wasn’t as big a deal as the conflict between Marley and Paradis, it would be great to see a spin-off of Marley’s battles with them one day.

4 It would have been great to see the Great War of the Titans

not only did attack on titan they have a significant time jump, but there were also many scenes that took place before the main characters were born, such as Grisha’s life in Marley and Ymir Fritz’s backstory. One big event that was only mentioned is the Great War of the Titans, which took place a century before the story begins. A lot of fans wanted to see Titans Great War instead of just hearing about it, so it would also be great if this became a spin-off as well.

3 Hizuru could have been more important


Hizuru was a very interesting country in attack on titanMikasa’s world as it used to be ruled by Mikasa’s ancestors and was the only nation that didn’t hate Paradis. The Hizuru people who worked with the Survey Corps, Kiyomi in particular, were built to be more important than they ended up being, so it would have been great to learn more about Hizuru. While many fans believed that Eren killed a lot of people in Hizuru during the Rumbling, it wasn’t that shocking as they weren’t introduced to any of the characters that were there at the time.

two The arcs that spin around the survey corps fighting normal titans would have been a nice addition

Some fans enjoyed attack on titan most of it before many Titan Shifters were introduced, when it was simply the Survey Corps fighting normal and even abnormal titans. These fans feel that the series could have benefited from having another arc or two where the main antagonists were the predators of humanity. While it would have been interesting to see more of this in the main story, it should be noted that many arcs of a prequel, attack on titans: before the fall offered this.

1 Could have connected before the crash More

Attack on Titan Before the Fall Volume 1

The worst of attack on titans: before the fall it arguably doesn’t connect to the main story as much as it could have. Other prequels and spin-offs, such as No regrets and lost girlsdid a better job of connecting their stories with attack on titan.

While the main reason for this is likely to be that those spin-offs revolved around beloved characters from the main story and Before the fall wasn’t because it took place decades earlier it still makes sense that the prequel characters are alive in the main story and could have been introduced in Before the fall. The prequel could also have allowed his characters to learn more about the outside world like Eren did and for the Founding Titan to erase his memories since one of his heirs erased his civilians’ memories anyway. Not having more connections was a missed opportunity for both stories.

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