8 Misconceptions About Jujutsu Kaisen, Debunked

As the best selling manga series of 2021, jujutsu kaisen has truly conquered the world. Written by Gege Akutami, the series has earned its place as one of the new big three in shonen anime, along with my hero academia and Murderer of demons. Earning praise from critics and fans alike, jujutsu kaisen could be the best anime of all time.

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Unfortunately, since anime is so popular, there are a lot of misconceptions about the series. While some of these misunderstandings have become meme fodder, some are the result of poor media literacy. Regardless, it’s time to debunk some misinformation about the series.

WARNING: Manga Spoilers Ahead for Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen!

8 Jogo is not weak in the slightest

Game _ Jujutsu Kaisen

Although he seems like a weak cursed spirit, it is important to remember that Jogo is still a special grade. Although Satoru easily defeated him in his first fight, it is debatable if any other sorcerer would have been able to defeat him. Sukuna even praised Jogo’s strength and perseverance before killing him.

While it seems like Jogo is weak, it’s only because he’s constantly matched up against immensely stronger opponents. If Jogo had a chance to properly display his strength, he would probably be as strong as Mahoraga or Geto. Although he becomes the butt of jokes, and Mahito’s gang even played football with his head on one of the Juju Strolls, Jogo’s strength is not to be overlooked.

7 Megumi did not reveal the real ace up her sleeve against Aoi Todo

Megumi vs. Everything (Jujutsu Kaisen)

During her fight against Aoi Todo before the Goodwill Event, Megumi unleashed the Pit’s Unknown Abyss against her opponent to contain it. This technique combines Nue and Toad, two of Megumi’s shikigami. Fans mistakenly believed that this was her trump card.

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However, Megumi showed that she has several tricks up her sleeve later in the series. Techniques like her Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden, Divine Dog: Totality, and even summoning the volatile Divine General Mahoraga are significantly more powerful than The Well’s Unknown Abyss.

6 Jujutsu Kaisen is not a Naruto scam

Yuji, megumi and nobara together

jujutsu kaisenlike several other Battle Shonen anime, it was a victim of being accused of copying naruto. Anyone with good media literacy skills can see that this is not the case. Yet despite their glaring differences, people constantly compare jujutsu kaisen the main trio with Team 7. People also constantly compare Kakashi to Satoru because they are both blindfolded mentor figures. Comparisons have even been made between Sukuna and Kurama, which is unfounded.

While the series certainly uses certain tropes found in naruto, these tropes can be found in almost every anime. It would be more accurate to make comparisons between hunter x hunter or Bleach. Anyway, jujutsu kaisen he is his own animal entirely and should be respected as such.

5 The women of Jujutsu Kaisen are certainly not lacking in femininity.

nobara and maki

One of the most ridiculous misconceptions about jujutsu kaisen is that the women in the series are not feminine. Characters like Nobara and Maki are commonly cited for their lack of femininity due to their strong-willed and assertive personalities. Perhaps this misconception is due to the fact that it is relatively uncommon to see autonomous women in anime, thus deviating from the norm of what is commonly expected of “waifus”. Regardless, just because the female characters don’t trust their male counterparts or adhere to damsel-in-distress tropes doesn’t mean they lack femininity.

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Nobara, for example, passionately admitted that she loves herself when she’s dressed as much as she loves herself when she fights. Maki raised herself to be independent and strong because her family ostracized her for lacking cursed energy, and she is now on par with first-grade wizards.

4 Toji Fushiguro is strong, but not the strongest

Toji _ Fushiguro _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Some fans think that Toji Fushiguro is the strongest character in the entire series. Although the assassin sorcerer is undoubtedly strong, it is unrealistic to say that he is on the same level as Satoru or even Sukuna. Although he defeated Satoru, it was because Toji sneaked up on him and stabbed him in the back. Satoru beat him up pretty viciously afterwards.

Almost all of Toji’s victories are circumstantial. At best, Toji could be a grade one sorcerer, but certainly not a special grade sorcerer. However, to give credit where credit is due, Toji is a powerful combatant, and despite his complete lack of cursed energy, he has done an impressive job of proving himself in the world of jujutsu.

3 Unfortunately, more people ship Megumi and Sukuna than you think.

Megumi vs Sekuna

Shipping can be one of the best or worst things that can happen in a fandom. In this case, it is certainly worrying, to say the least. Although most fans jokingly refer to the King of Curses as “Simpkuna” due to his interest in Megumi, there is a surprisingly large section of the fandom that, without irony, sends the teenage sorcerer with the ancient cursed spirit.

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Sukuna is interested in Megumi solely for her potential as a sorcerer. It appears that he has a definite plan for him, but Sukuna’s overall goals are unknown. Some fans speculate that since Sukuna can’t control Yuji, he wants to take over Megumi. Other fans theorize that Sukuna wants to use Megumi’s Ten Shadows technique for his own benefit. While none of these are confirmed, they are certainly better than sending Megumi and Sukuna.

two Satoru Gojo is frequently misunderstood

satoru gojo blindfolded smiling

Satoru Gojo is a fan-favorite character, and with good reason! He has various lovable qualities that make him an endearing character whenever he appears on screen or in the manga. However, fans have harshly characterized him. Some fans claim that he has a god complex, which is blatantly false. He became a teacher to foster a new generation of magi to reform jujutsu society. If Satoru had a god complex, he would have forcefully restarted everything himself, ignoring the opinions of others.

Another example is based on something Gege said about Satoru. Gege stated that he doesn’t see Satoru as the faithful type. Of course, the fans accepted him and made it seem that not committing is the only personality trait of him. It’s unavoidable in all fandoms at this point, but these mischaracterizations distract from the intricacies of Satoru’s character.

1 Cursed energy is not “too complicated”

Yuji observing his cursed energy in Jujutsu Kaisen

A common complaint about jujutsu kaisen is that the damn energy is confusing. While it’s certainly more complicated than other anime energy systems, like quirks, cursed energy is pretty easy to figure out. Almost everyone has cursed energy, except Toji, who was bound by Heavenly Restriction since his birth. It is incredibly rare to possess enough cursed energy to see curses, and even rarer to manipulate energy.

Cursed energy comes from negative emotions, such as sadness or anger. When curses manifest, it is due to humanity’s disdain for a particular object, place, or event. Cursed techniques are innate and specialized uses of cursed energy, such as barriers and domain expansions. It’s different from basic manipulations, like Black Flash. Cursed energy can even be reversed using a reverse curse technique to create positive energy.

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