8 Misconceptions About My Hero Academia, Debunked

my hero academia by Kohei Horikoshi took the world by storm after its release in 2014, cementing its place as one of the new big three of shonen. In 2021, it was the fifth best-selling manga. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a teenager who dreams of becoming a pro-hero despite not having a Quirk.

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Although he adheres to many tropes that have become synonymous with other shonen classics, my hero academia is quite unique. However, given its popularity, the series has fallen victim to various misconceptions in the fandom. Most of these are minor misunderstandings, while others are fundamental untruths about the series.

8 Fumikage Tokoyami does not have a mutant quirk.

Tokoyami and Dark Shadow pick apples in My Hero Academia

The quirks can be quite confusing. In a world where any Quirk is possible, complexities will inevitably occur. Fumikage Tokoyami has the Quirk Dark Shadow, a shadow entity connected to him. He serves as a protector, though he goes berserk in total darkness.

While the dark shadow certainly resembles Fumikage’s physical body, that doesn’t make him a mutant Quirk. Rather, his appearance is a mutation. Since children can inherit Quirks from their parents, it is likely that someone in Fumikage’s family has a Quirk mutation that gives them a bird’s head.

7 One For All does not cause All Might’s muscle mass

everything could be worse

A common misconception in fandom is that All Might’s muscle mass comes from activating All For One. It’s easy to think this, considering that when the Quirk isn’t activated, All Might becomes a frail, skinny man with sunken eyes.

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However, it is false. Before receiving All For One, he trained intensely to build muscle so his body could handle such immense power. When he activates it, he has to flex his muscles for an extended period of time until he is exhausted. Muscular form came naturally to All Might, so she was able to handle using All For One at 100% in a short amount of time.

6 Her name is Iida, not Lida.

Iida looks worried

Surprisingly, this is a common misunderstanding in the fandom. Especially for those who only watch the anime, the subtitles can make Tenya Iida’s name appear to be spelled “Lida”. It’s a genuine mistake that many new fans might make because in the subtitles, the capital “I” looks like a lowercase “L”.

Also, words beginning with “Ii” are rare in English. Although it’s a minor misunderstanding, it’s significant enough to become a meme in the fandom, especially when new chapters of the Stain arc were being released every week.

5 While they both have emitter quirks, Mina’s quirk is not the same as Katsuki’s.

Mina Ashido stretches

While both Mina Ashido and Katsuki Bakugo have emitter quirks that involve bodily substances, they are quite different. People often mistake Mina’s acid for the product of her sweat, such as the nitroglycerin produced from Katsuki’s sweat. However, this is incorrect.

Mina’s acid is a completely separate substance. As a result, Mina’s skin adapted to become resistant to the toxic and corrosive acid it produces, resulting in her pink skin. She can control the solubility of acid at will, unlike Katsuki, who cannot control the amount of sweat she produces at any given time, so she stores more of it in her gauntlets.

4 Support items only improve existing quirks, they cannot grant new ones

Hatsume Mei showing off her inventions

Surprisingly, this is a common misconception in the my hero academia fanaticism. While it should be a given, many people believe that support items can grant entirely new Quirks. Fans have questioned why a person can’t become a hero using support items, even if he doesn’t have a Quirk.

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It is stated that these items only enhance one’s Quirk or make it easier to use, such as Aoyama’s laser belt. Someone without a Quirk wouldn’t be able to use a support item because there’s nothing that item can enhance.

3 Quirks don’t always reflect someone’s personality

It’s easy to assume that a Quirk would reflect someone’s personality based on some of the characters in the anime. For example, it makes sense that someone hot-tempered and hot-tempered like Katsuki would have an explosive Quirk.

However, quirks don’t always influence a character’s personality. While it’s certainly an influence in some cases, it doesn’t apply to all characters. Twice, for example, is a great example of the psychological influence of a Quirk. Meanwhile, other Quirks don’t influence someone’s personality other than how it impacts them, as in the cases of Shoji, Shinso, or Ojiro.

two Shoto wasn’t really marked by the boiling water.

Todoroki at the sports festival

The general consensus among fans as to how Shoto received the scar on his face is that it simply happened when his mother poured boiling water on him. However, it is only partially true. The real reason she got the scar is because of what she did afterwards.

Shoto’s mother immediately panicked after pouring the boiling water on her son’s face. In her frenzy, she tried to fix the problem by applying her Ice Quirk to the wound, causing it to freeze. In the end, Shoto received an ugly scar as a result of the frostbite, not the hot water.

1 Class 1-B is not weaker than class 1-A

kendo itsuka and class 1b of my gero academy

Since Class 1-A is the focal point of my hero academia, it’s easy to assume that they are stronger than Class 1-B. However, this is proven false in the story. While Class 1-A has real-life experience against villains under their belt, Class 1-B was stated to be better academically and in overall handling of the Quirk.

Both classes are packed with awesome Quirks. However, Class 1-B became home to significantly more eccentric Quirks, such as Manga Fukudashi’s Onomatopeia or Itsuka Kendo’s Big Fist. Class 1-B demonstrated their strengths during the Joint Training Arc, some even stronger than certain members of Class 1-A, however this misconception remains prominent in the fandom.

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