Iron Man Armor Cosplay redesigns Tony Stark’s top suit

Tony Stark’s endo-sim armor marked his dark transformation into Superior Iron Man, but a new fan cosplay makes the suit look that much more heroic.

tony starks top iron man The armor gets a heroic redesign in a new cosplay from creator MIKE_Dziennik_Druku_3D. The ultra-powerful suit is back on fans’ minds as some speculate the glowing figure in trailers for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is a variant of Tony in this iconic comic costume. But whether that’s the case or not, Iron Man fans can see a live-action version of the armor in this amazing fan build.

following the AXIS Event, Tony’s moral core was turned on its head, exchanging his desire to improve the world with the need to control it. Tony developed a liquid sentient metal suit based on the biology of a symbiote, his endo-sym armor, and set about marketing his body-altering Extremis technology to those who could pay for the privilege. After clashing with Daredevil, Iron Man finally faced Captain America. The Superior Iron Man was killed in combat with his former ally, only coming back to life and returning to his heroic self after the events of 2015. secret wars, in which the Marvel Multiverse was destroyed and later recreated. In a literal sense, the ‘Superior’ endo-sim armor is the suit that Tony Stark fans had known up to that point.


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Now, cosplayer @mike_dd3d has redesigned the suit, calling it, “My version of Superior Iron Man.” The new design adds gold accents to Tony’s white and turquoise endo-sym armor, but keeps the helmet his face wears, which acted as a sign of his dangerous arrogance. In both photos shared on Instagram and in a video shared on TikTok, @mike_dd3d’s skin seems to evoke a friendlier Tony, perhaps suggesting a version of the hero that revised his endo-sym skin without the callousness it imposed on him. AXIS’ magical corruption. The LEDs on the chest and eyes of the full helmet act as a fitting finishing touch and again add to the feel of a heroic version of the Superior Iron Man, not least because the comic lights were actually designed to change color to reflect the Tony’s state of mind. bright red when Iron Man unleashed the dark side of him.

The Superior Iron Man suit was a perfect critique of Tony’s worst qualities, as he became motivated by money and fame, abandoned his morals, and unleashed powers he had always been able to access but never approved of, such as the technology of mental control. Created by Tom Taylor and Yıldıray Çınar, the original costume perfectly captures the aesthetic of a fake hero who cares more about looking good than doing good. Strangely, adding gold to the skin lessens this effect, and @mike_dd3d’s redesign brings the suit closer to Tony’s classic armor.

However the Superior Iron Man’s endo-sim armor ends up being used (or unused) in the MCU, it remains emblematic of one of Tony’s darker comic transformations. However, this incredible fan redesign may cause fans to re-evaluate the look and see heroic potential, perhaps paving the way for the suit to return in the future. Iron Man story with a less cataclysmic ending.

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