8 times Nobara Kugisaki stole the spotlight in Jujutsu Kaisen

Even though jujutsu kaisen is full of strong women, no character compares to Nobara Kugisaki. Nobara’s unapologetic authenticity towards herself and her unwavering confidence in her make her a force to be reckoned with. As one of the most badass women in anime, Nobara has undoubtedly stolen the spotlight from other characters multiple times.

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Using a hammer and nails to fight, Nobara’s cursed energy techniques are some of the most unique and powerful in jujutsu kaisen. She prides herself on being a woman and a formidable fighter. With such indomitable resolve, it’s no wonder Nobara is called the Girl of Steel.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

8 Nobara hilariously punished Yuji for secretly coming back to life

Yuji holding a funeral frame around his head as Nobara's punishment before the Goodwill Event begins.  (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Although Nobara pretends that she doesn’t like her fellow first years, she was clearly distraught after Yuji’s death. When Yuji came out of the box that Satoru used to take him to the Goodwill Event to reveal that he was alive, she didn’t conjure up the reaction he respected. While she believed that everyone would be happy to see that he was alive, her friends seemed horrified.

Nobara was legitimately grieving the loss of her friend, so it was shocking to see him alive. When the Tokyo Jujutsu students held a meeting before the event began, Nobara forced Yuji to hold a funeral portrait frame around his head while he was on his knees.

7 Nobara injured Mahito by activating Hairpin

Nobara taunts Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen.

When Yuji and Nobara fought Mahito during the Shibuya Incident, it was one of jujutsu kaisen more intense fights. As soon as Nobara arrived on the scene, she taunted Mahito for being a patch-faced curse who is only famous for shrinking and running away.

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Although Nobara’s first attack with three nails only cut Mahito’s hair, some nails hit a sign in the alley. The sign fell next to Mahito, and Nobara hammered a few nails infused with cursed energy into the sign. After jumping back, he activated his Hairpin technique. The spikes immediately exploded, wounding Mahito enough to draw blood. Not many wizards have been able to hurt Mahito, so it was certainly an impressive feat.

6 Nobara did not give up against Haruta

Kugisaki Nobara from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen

Although Haruta Shigemo is a powerful user of curses, this did not faze Nobara. She defended herself against him until Nanami arrived on the scene. After seeing Haruta hurt Akari, Nobara closed the distance between her and the curse user.

Although she suffered various injuries, Nobara never stopped fighting. Even when Haruta hit her several times, she strategically bought time by trying to get answers from him about her ending in the Shibuya Incident. Due to this decision, Nobara bought enough time for Nanami to arrive. Although the fight was surely traumatic for Nobara due to Haruta’s sadistic attacks on Akari, Nobara showed her bravery and never gave up.

5 Nobara showed that she is one of Mahito’s natural enemies.

Mahito incredulous that Nobara is another of his natural enemies (Jujutsu Kaisen).

After temporarily immobilizing Mahito with her Hairpin technique, Nobara had an even better plan up her sleeve. After digging her fingernail into Mahito’s body double’s forehead, she activated Resonance.

The body double served as an effigy of Mahito’s real body, thus eventually attacking his soul. The effects of the resonance went back and forth between Mahito and his double, causing both of them to be seriously injured. After fighting Nobara, Mahito understood that Yuji is not his only natural enemy, and that Nobara is quite a formidable opponent, as she can directly attack his soul as well.

4 Nobara proved that she has what it takes to be a Jujutsu sorceress.

nobara kugisaki cursed hammer and nail technique

When Nobara joined the rest of the freshmen at Jujutsu High, Satoru wanted to test her so she could show her guts in the face of a dire situation. After leaving Yuji and Nobara in an abandoned building, Satoru told them to exorcise all curses from the building. Inevitably, Nobara passed Satoru’s test with flying colors.

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After Nobara destroyed a mannequin, a cursed spirit appeared. He was holding a child hostage. After Yuji saved the boy and cut off one of the spirit’s arms, Nobara took care of everything else. Nobara used her Straw Doll: Resonance technique on the spirit’s severed arm to exorcise the curse, though it was almost out of range. These actions proved to Satoru that Nobara has the guts to become a sorcerer.

3 Nobara killed Kechizu with her pitchfork technique.

Nobara activates her Hairpin technique in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Nobara and Yuji’s fight against Eso and Kechizu was one of the best anime fights of the last decade. After the wizards synchronized for a Black Flash that severely injured the Death Painting brothers, Nobara used her Hairpin technique on Kechizu to deliver the final blow.

Although Kechizu made one last attempt to fight back, Nobara exploded the nail inside his head, killing him instantly. Nobara then taunted a distraught It by telling him that he would be joining his brother soon.

two Nobara invited the Death Painting brothers to play a game of chicken

Nobara kugisaki's cursed technique, about to die from the curse of the cursed spirit

After Eso and Kechizu unleashed their rot technique on Nobara and Yuji, the wizards were hit by their poisonous blood. This technique causes rapid decomposition after infection. However, Nobara bravely activated Resonance on him as a counterattack.

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While stabbing herself in the wrist with a nail infused with cursed energy, Nobara invited the Death Painting brothers over for a game of chicken. The counterattack had instant results, instantly wounding the brothers. Nobara proved once again that she is nearly impossible to faze and that nothing will force her to back down in a fight.

1 Nobara doesn’t care what other people think

During the Goodwill Event, Momo tried to provoke Nobara into an argument by lecturing her about the difference between the expectations of female sorcerers and those of male sorcerers. Nobara quickly forced the third-year sorceress out of her rostrum and declared, “I don’t give a damn about ‘men’ this and ‘women’ that.”

As Nobara threw her nails all over the forest to activate her Straw Doll technique, she closed Momo’s ridiculous argument and said that she loves herself no matter what she looks like. This scene became one of jujutsu kaisen most iconic moments. She demonstrated Nobara’s unwavering character and unapologetic authenticity.

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