Top 10 most violent anime series without blood

The anime is known for its bracing and sometimes bloody action, and it’s no surprise that the explosive fight scenes attract a lot of fans. After all, most anime fans grew up with shonen series and Dragon Ball Z was the most popular show of the early 2000s. But just because people are interested in seeing some impressive fight scenes doesn’t mean they want the consequences that come with it.

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Fortunately, there are some anime that can satisfy those mixed cravings. Sometimes action anime, whether because of its target audience or artistic choices, doesn’t rely on a lot of blood and guts. The blood used in this series is minimal, if any, but the action is still as fast-paced as ever. Fans who want something they can show their friends without having to bother them with graphic images should check out these shows.

10 Noir centers on a pair of killers looking for information about their past.

Kirika and Mireille from anime Noir

black was one of the many classic anime from the early 2000s that fans don’t talk much about anymore. Animated by Victor Entertainment and Bee Train, the series is about two young women named Kirika and Mireille, a pair of assassins. Kirika has forgotten everything but how to kill, while Mireille was born into a crime family that was wiped out.

Even though the series is about murderers and people dying, this show is almost completely bloodless. Originally this was meant to please the censors, but later on DVD releases the creators chose not to add the blood as an artistic choice.

9 Revolutionary Girl Utena sees its protagonist engage in duels for the right to marry a princess

Utena protects Anthy in Revolutionary Girl Utena

Brought to life by JC Staff in 1997, Revolutionary Girl Utena is almost as fundamental a part of the history of shoujo anime as sailor moon. The series follows a young girl named Utena who joins a boarding school with the goal of becoming a prince. While she’s there, she ends up getting involved in Rose Crest Duels, which involves tons of sword fighting to earn the right to marry the Rose Bride.

Despite the constant duels throughout the show, no one gets hurt in a way that makes them bleed. Even when the characters are stabbed, the show chooses not to show blood, even if there are other consequences.

8 Slayers has protagonists too powerful to bleed

Lina hangs out with her friends in Slayers

assassins focuses on the adventures of Lina Inverse, a powerful magician who loves food and treasures. Ella travels across the country and has a variety of adventures alongside her friend Gourry, who wields a legendary weapon. Together, the two are nearly impossible to stop.

However the assassins The world doesn’t focus much on blood, even when the party is on adventures. Notably, the series’ first season is largely bloodless. In later seasons, it usually takes most of the season before the battles get serious enough for anyone to actually bleed.

7 Weiß Kreuz is about assassins who operate as florists in the daytime

White Cross Screenshot

White cross is a series that most fans won’t even remember unless they bought a lot of anime back in the early 2000s. The series follows a group of cute and handsome assassins who now work as staff at a flower shop. Encouraged by the Magic Bus, the group works together at night after closing their shop to handle their assassination job.

Originally devised by veteran voice actor Takehito Koyasu as a vehicle for himself and other well-known voice actors, this show proved to be a huge hit in Japan. And the TV series is relatively bloodless, probably due to the time it was created. However, the same can not That said for its sequel OVA and TV series, so fans who continue to watch beyond the first series should be prepared for some gore.

6 Discarded Princess sees two older brothers protecting their younger brother from murder

discarded princess follows the story of Pacifica Casull and her two siblings, Shannon and Raquel. Pacifica is known as the so-called “Discarded Princess”, who is destined to end the world eventually.

Because her siblings don’t really believe in her destiny, her job is to keep Pacifica safe, even as they continue to travel across the country hiding from the people who want her dead. Although its premise is interesting, the series is very much a straightforward fantasy anime with a few twists at the end. There is a lot of combat, but there is rarely any blood.

5 Heroman is about a boy and his giant robot friend

In 2010, Studio BONES created their own superhero, a boy who just happened to have his own giant robot. the hero man The series takes place in an alternate America, where the robot-obsessed protagonist gets lucky when he sees one of his stalkers abandon a robot.

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He repairs the unassuming robot and a bolt of lightning somehow grants him the power to transform into a giant mecha. This happens just in time, as the planet is immediately attacked by aliens, and Joey and his robot are the only ones able to protect the planet. Despite having plenty of action as the heroes drive an entire army off their planet, the series is always tame when it comes to gore.

4 Pretty Cure focuses on magical girls and their battle against otherworldly forces.

lala family beautiful priest

the nice cure franchise has somehow become an even bigger source of income than the older and more established super sentai Serie. Although the theme changes each season, the basic idea is generally the same. Take a group of girls and empower them by a being from an alternate space or dimension, and ask them to fight against a dark army to save both their planet and the alternate world as well.

Every season, these Magical Girls constantly fight, but since the series is aimed primarily at children, there isn’t much blood. At worst, characters get bruised or their outfits ruined in their battles against the forces of darkness.

3 Dog Days has fantasy combat with absolutely no chance of people getting harmed

Somehow it’s hard to call most dog day violent, as the series is just about the cast of characters exploring their world and solving any problems that might arise. But there is is a lot of combat in all three seasons, and it’s forever bloodless.

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The reasoning behind this bloodless reality is that there is a special spell cast across their continent that prevents anyone from being truly hurt in any attack. Even in dog day‘ Frequent wars between nations, any wounded person transforms into a small cat or dog or their armor and clothes explode colorfully. This spells the end of any battle, and combatants can no longer attack these rare casualties.

two The first season of Fairy Tail has a lot of combat but almost no blood

Dragon Slayer Natsu uses fire magic to break down a wall in Fairy Tail.

It seems absurd for an anime with as many intense fight scenes as Fairy tale have no blood And it is true, in the 2014 and 2018 seasons there are definitely blood, as enemies become more dangerous and harder to reason with.

However, on its first run Fairy taleThe fights are magical but not bloody. Even after the most dangerous combat, the worst the series represents is a group of “scraped” heroes instead of the bloody mess that most shonen anime would represent. Even in later seasons, as the series gets more serious, the gore is kept to a minimum and the series never gets too gory.

1 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is about magical battles instead of normal combat

Fate fighting with magic

Studio Seven Arcs worked together with writer Masaki Tsuzuki to create the original. Nanoha anime, a spin-off of a less popular series known as triangular hearts. The series begins as a standard magical girl anime, with Nanoha Takamachi working together with a magician named Yuno who was transformed into an animal.

Together, their goal is to collect the jewel seeds, but it’s not long before the show goes completely off the script and introduces new characters and elements to make it a more unique show. While there is tons of combat, it mostly happens between wizards casting spells on each other. These battles deal a lot of environmental damage but not a lot of blood.

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