Attack on Titan solves the biggest weakness of colossal titans

The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 28, “The Dawn of Humanity,” now streaming on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

The colossal titan is one of the most powerful creatures in attack on titan. Standing at least 50 meters tall, they can lay waste to anything in their path. The only thing that can beat them in height or power is the Founder Titan, and even that is somewhat debatable. However, it is precisely because of their size that they have some major weaknesses, especially when it comes to speed.

As powerful as the Colossal Titan is, it can’t move its huge body that fast. All of this became apparent already in season 1. However, the last episode of the last season provided a solution, albeit a temporary one. It turns out that the Colossal Titans are incredibly fearsome when they go underwater.

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The solution was presented in Episode 87, “Dawn of Mankind”, in which the nations of the world combined their military might into a massive fleet to stop the Thunderclap. His goal was to drive the Colossal Titans out of the water before they could make landfall.

At first, the plan seemed to work. With an impressive round of cannon fire, they were able to blow several Titans to smithereens, which then sank to the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, this resistance only made things worse.

In response to the fleet’s barrage, the Colossal Titans began to move even faster through the water. Suddenly these huge masses of human flesh were moving like torpedoes, which is certainly alarming given their size. Some of them were still hit by cannon fire, but many of them made it through,

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The world fleet is destroyed in Attack on Titan.

The real destruction began when the colossal titans passed the fleet. First, the intense steam emitted by the giants burned the ships’ crews to ashes. Not only that, but the steam was apparently so strong that it sent the fleet flying through the air in one fell swoop. Presumably these Titans were out of their element, but they were still able to make quick work of such a massive collection of warships.

As powerful as Titans are on land, they seem to be more dangerous while swimming. Not only are they hard to hit while underwater, but they can move at a terrifyingly fast rate when the need arises. Even when fully submerged, they can still kill their enemies with just their body heat. In the water, the Colossal Titan becomes the most powerful creature on the planet by far.

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