Attack on Titan’s Eren is irredeemable, and not just because of the noise

The Rumbling is just one of the many unforgivable things Eren Jaeger has done in Attack on Titan.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 27, “Flashback,” now streaming on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

Former leading man Eren Jaeger has done some pretty terrible things in the final season of attack on titan. After launching a sneak attack that killed innocent civilians on Marley and toppled the military on Paradis Island, he became a complete villain by activating Rumbling to wipe out all life on Earth. Eren’s intended genocide of the human race undoubtedly makes him an irredeemable character, but Rumor isn’t the only one of Eren’s sins that is totally unforgivable. Eren has caused unimaginable suffering to his closest friends by forcing them to kill his own comrades just to stop him.

The Scouts and Marleyans who have joined forces to stop the Rumbling have the most reasonable, frankly unarguable opinion in anime history: genocide is wrong. Eren’s plan to wipe out all life beyond Paradis Island is unjustifiable even in the face of the rest of the world’s hatred of the Eldians. Yes, Eren and the Jaegers are right that the rest of the world would wipe out the Eldian race, but a preemptive genocide to prevent genocide is still genocide. So, despite the fact that the Marleyans and Scouts who joined together represent the minority opinion on Paradis Island regarding Rumbling, stopping Eren isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.

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Connie tearfully executes Samuel and Daz in Attack on Titan.

Eren activating the Rumble is terrible, but even without the Founder Titan’s omniscient power, he must have known his friends wouldn’t go along with his plan. If he had thought they would support him, he would have included they from the beginning instead of Floch Forster. However, Eren abandoned his friends, forced them to come save him in Marley, then imprisoned them while he overthrew his own army, knowing all the while that they would feel responsible for his actions and try to stop him. In season 4, episode 27, “Flashback”, Hange, Mikasa, Connie, and Jean massacred dozens of Jaegers, his former comrades, and it was all Eren’s fault.

Connie’s horror at having to execute Samuel and Daz, people she has known since her days in the 104th Cadet Corps, is just a taste of the psychological torture Eren has inflicted on the people he once said he loved the most. they mattered. It’s a simple concept that if you love someone, you don’t force him to kill his own friends so he can stop you from destroying the world. Eren claims to be acting on behalf of the people of Paradis Island, but in reality he is the most selfish character in attack on titan. Eren has suffered tremendously in the war with Marley, and now he is going to let his pain cover the Earth as he devastates those closest to him.

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Mikasa slaughters the Jaegers in Attack on Titan.

To be fair, the Jaegers chose to follow Eren’s genocidal plan, but Eren is the one who radicalized his followers in the first place. By recruiting Floch Forster to be the head of the Jaegerist faction, Eren ensured that they were xenophobic extremists under the leadership of a man who once tried to save Erwin Smith’s life only for him to live long enough to continue suffering. . Floch has gone from hothead to patriot to borderline psychopath as a result of feeling like the prodigal son as Eren’s right-hand man in the plot to destroy the world.

Just as the Scouts have been forced to kill their own comrades, the Jaegerists are equally distraught at having to fight back against their former allies who have betrayed them. Paradis Island has become a madhouse thanks to Eren, and even if he is arrested or convinced of the error of his ways, his character is beyond redemption. Every drop of blood spilled in the clash between the Scouts and the Jaegerists is on Eren’s hands, and his friends may never be the same for killing so many of his own comrades. Eren Jaeger created attack on titanThe latest mess and let his friends clean it up. Mikasa and the others will want to be merciful to Eren when they catch up with him, but he sure doesn’t deserve it.

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Marco's last words about Attack on Titan are the most important in the anime

Marco’s last words about Attack on Titan are the most important in the anime

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