These are the best Apex Legends cosplays

The lively characters in Apex Legends have made a huge impact on players. Full cosplays with impeccable outfits show that Apex fans are dedicated to tradition and endlessly creative.

Apex Legends has a dedicated player base that continues to grow with each season. The growing popularity could be attributed to the legend protocol that Respawn Entertainment updates with new faces. Continuous updates with fierce legends keep players hooked on the game. These players have expressed their admiration with cosplays that invite you to take a second look.

Here is a list of the best Apex Legends cosplays so far.

The Norivana Bloodhound is timeless

Norivana’s Bloodhound cosplay is one of the oldest, but no one has been able to replicate its perfection in nearly two years. The Plague Doctor-type legend is difficult to cosplay due to the heavy armor that can take hours to create. The artist spent many hours crafting EVA foam material and similar items.

Norivana revealed that the complex process behind this perfect cosplay almost brought her to tears in frustration. But surely it was all worth it since no one has dared to try the complicated Bloodhound cosplay.

The seer of the heart with the felt hat

Seer, the man behind the hearts, is still new to the list, but william knight you’re not wasting your time. He brought the legend of recognition to life when he was still just sired. Signature skinny jeans, creepy dead eyes, an oversized fedora, and lots of piercings made for the perfect Seer.

Knight paid special attention to detail by pinning in Seer’s exact strands of hair that are barely visible. Her twisted locks hang neatly from under her hat, showing that she is serious about cosplay.

Gurey brought Crypto to life

by Gurey Crypto’s recreation remains one of the best Apex Legends cosplays. The artist had everything right, from the jewelry to the tattoos on his face. Unlike Norivana, Gurey had a lot of help pulling off the exact look of the Korean surveillance expert.

But, his unique way of carrying the character brought Crypto’s cosplay to life. The silver shoes and neon green jacket made him look as if he had come straight from the distant lands of Apex.

The Fierce She-Wolf of Sydney

Apex Legends’ Thief of Heart Loba isn’t the most challenging legend to cosplay due to a simple white outfit. But Loba de Sydney is anything but simple. The artist added an extra oomph to the thief of hearts with red eyeliner makeup and skintight pants. Magenta hair and matching nail polish completed her look, bringing the sassy thief to life.

Specter with eyes that shine

soniaralynn He has done many cosplays, but Wraith is the best so far. Soni opted for a tailored shirt with purple patches paired with Wraith’s signature scarf. She achieved the look by tying his hair up in a rough bun.

The purple lens flare was also accounted for to add that Wraith effect it’s known for. While her style was perfect, it was mainly her camera angle and pose that made Soni a carbon copy of Apex’s twisted genius.

Mad Maggie is here

The latest assailant on the list has already caught the attention of many cosplayers. Bittenbadger recreated the rebel warlord with his own personal touch. The artist handcrafted the signature jacket with mustard patches and styled her hair to match Maggie’s. Her eye shadow and fur were also taken into account to achieve this look.