Baryon mode Naruto vs. Luffy Gear 5: Who Would Win?

Naruto vs. Luffy is a fight that many fans have been debating about ever since their respective series began. To further intensify things, both One piece and naruto have recently released new transformations: The Baryon Mode for Naruto and Gear 5 for Luffy.

Debates have occurred over which ones are better and who would win in a fight. This article will examine his various abilities, the level of effort it takes to maintain them, and how characters have used them to determine who will win in Naruto’s fight against Luffy.

Note: The following article contains spoilers for both Boruto and One Piece. It is subjective and contains the opinion of the author.

Naruto vs. Luffy – Baryon Mode vs. Gear 5!

baryon mode

On Boruto, Hokage Naruto is forced to go into Baryon mode to fight Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. Baryon Mode dramatically increases Naruto’s reflexes, speed, and power to such extremes that it surpasses even Isshiki’s abilities.

It allowed Naruto to snatch the Ōtsutsuki’s black rods out of the air before they visibly enlarged, as well as effortlessly dodge and parry attacks with one arm.

Turns Naruto into the Super Saiyan God equivalent of Dragon Ball Super. He also has the ability to drain the opponent’s life with every hit he lands.

The mode proves to be more useful for fighting Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, especially since he dominated Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto up until that point. He ended up killing Ōtsutsuki, much to his surprise.

Baryon mode is extremely dangerous if used for too long or recklessly. Doing so will gradually deplete the user’s strength and lifespan.

According to Kurama in boruto episode 217, the trick to maintaining form is that the user must not make any unnecessary movements, nor act on superfluous thoughts, concentrating only on the most calculated movements.

Not exactly something that helps in Naruto vs. Luffy.

Overuse of this form essentially killed Kurama. Since the raw materials to make the form were most of Naruto’s Chakra and Kurama’s entire being, when the breaking point was reached, Kurama died as a sacrifice to keep Naruto safe.

This deprived Naruto of all of Kurama’s chakra and abilities. It also made Naruto feel heavier than lead and then pass out.

gear 5

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One piece has ridiculous powers, items, and abilities. The Devil Fruit alone would be considered ridiculous. However, Luffy’s Haki power system and gear transformations really stepped up.

The Awakened Devil Fruit came into play and things got even more ridiculous with the ground itself and the fabric of reality being altered.

The full awakening of the Gum-Gum Fruit, also known as Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika, a legendary fruit in its own right, grants Luffy’s already rubbery body increased strength and freedom, limited only by the user’s imagination.

This supposedly makes the user become the “incarnation of freedom”, capable of making people happy, making it “the most ridiculous power in the world”.

One of the most notable features of the awakened form is that it grants cartoonish effects. An example is the conspicuous effects and cartoonish welts after a head injury to the looney tunesstyle antics, of which Kaidou gets a pretty painful example.

Also, while in this state, Luffy gains a permanently elated smile and a fiery gaze of increased confidence and elation.

The disadvantage of Gears is that they will automatically deactivate if the body’s nutrients are depleted. It will also paralyze Luffy, rendering him unable to use Haki for 10 minutes if he combines it with said attack, starving him to death and reducing him to a chibi form.

Whether Gear 5 has any drawbacks hasn’t been shown to the audience at this point, but the after effects are supposed to linger.

Naruto vs Luffy

The problem with trying to compare Naruto to Luffy is that the audience doesn’t have the after effects of Gear 5 yet. Gear 5 only started circulating from One piece Chapter 1044, and some fans say that a Naruto vs. Luffy fight in these states almost guarantees Luffy’s triumph.

The problem is that, with this clash of Naruto vs. Luffy, these last states of strength will be the last resort or the final blow. As of now, with just the information fans have on these two modes, here’s what’s likely to happen.

Both modes have weaknesses in drain lifespan. If the fight got to that stage, it would be a race against time to see who goes down first.

Baryon mode drains an opponent’s life with every solid hit, and Luffy’s Gear 5 gives him cartoon abilities to dodge hits like that. Naruto can’t use much ninjutsu in that state other than Rasengan either, and it’s already on the clock when he activates it.

Luffy has the added benefits of being able to use Haki, but that also has its own drawbacks, like making his rubber arm solid and vulnerable to damage.

Depends on how fast the fight goes. Luffy’s gears are expensive and cannot be kept for long periods of time and neither can Baryon mode for Naruto. Due to the number of inconveniences that Baryon mode brings, Luffy will most likely be victorious in Naruto vs. Luffy if they manage to break those modes.

Naruto vs. Luffy, in Baryon mode and Gear 5 mode, would probably end in Luffy’s victory as he is too unpredictable for the more grounded Naruto to handle. There may be vacancies and Luffy’s lifespan may already be depleted from repeated use of the equipment, but Luffy would probably be smart enough to finish it off quickly.

However, since he seems to be having the time of his life fighting Kaidou from One piece Chapter 1044, Naruto vs. Luffy may turn out differently if Naruto ends up taking solid hits that quickly deplete Luffy’s life.

Regardless, it’s merely a possibility and not a guarantee that Naruto will be able to do this.