How strong is Whis (Is he the strongest Dragon Ball character?)

Whis is arguably the most powerful character Goku has ever faced. But is he really the strongest fighter in the Dragon Ball universe?

Whis is considered by some to be the strongest fighter in the Dragon Ball universe, although there is some question as to whether or not it really deserves that title. After all, he is far from the only character in the world of Dragon Ball possessing a divine level of power.

dragon ball super He talked a lot about Whis’s physical abilities when it was revealed that he was the one who trained Beerus. By the God of Destruction’s own admission, Whis is much stronger than him. This reveal made it very clear that Universe 7’s assigned Angel is truly a force to be reckoned with, and a character that Goku and Vegeta will never be able to catch up with in the anime. While Goku is strong enough to challenge Beerus now, neither he nor Vegeta have come close to testing Whis in his training sessions. Even the Legendary Super Saiyan himself couldn’t lay a hand on Whis in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


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Whis being more powerful than Broly and Beerus confirms that he is the strongest being in Universe 7, but that doesn’t mean he surpasses everyone in Dragon Balls multiverse Aside from Zeno (who can erase anything in the multiverse but isn’t a fighter by any means), there is at least one more character confirmed to have a higher power level than Whis. He told Goku in a dragon ball super episode in which his strength is inferior to that of the High Priest, who is the father of the 12 known Angels. Goku desperately wanted to see the Grand Priest in action, but Whis emphatically warned Goku not to challenge him.

Dragon Ball Whis Train Goku Vegeta

Whether or not there are other fighters who can beat Whis was left ambiguous. According to Whis, the Grand Priest is one of the five strongest fighters in the 12 universes. What he didn’t mention was who the other four were, or whether Whis counts himself as one of them. If not, there may be four more beings in the multiverse who can best Whis in combat. Since Beerus is close to the level of the other Gods of Destruction, Whis is unlikely to rank any of them above him, but some of the Angels might be comparable to, if not stronger than, him.

One character who has been described as equal to Whis is the angel of Champa, Vados. During the Universe 6 Saga, the character noted that he was once shown to be stronger than Whis, but as the latter pointed out, this was a long time ago. Whis explained that they are most likely on an equal footing now, though it’s hard to say for sure which one of them is right. But either way, there’s no denying that the number of characters capable of posing a real threat to Whis in dragon ball super is severely limited. who is one Dragon Ball fighter who may never lose a fight on screen.

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