Best anime to watch after Rising of the Shield Hero

Any anime fans who have caught up with Shield Hero are encouraged to give these anime series a try while waiting for Season 2 to begin.

The rising of the shield hero is a popular isekai anime starring the unlucky protagonist Iwatani Naofumi, who was summoned to the realm of Melromarc as the legendary Shield Hero. Unfortunately for him, the king and the older princess are plotting against him, so he will have to continue his adventure on his own.

The creative and resourceful Naofumi soon recruits his own group and puts his magical shields to good use in upcoming Wave events, and now, as the Spring 2022 anime season approaches, Season 2 of shield hero is scheduled to start in April 2022. While they wait, fans of the popular isekai can try out a handful of similar series to get excited about the new season.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is Isekai Gold

Rimuru Tempest leads the monsters at that time when I reincarnated as a slime

Even though That time I got reincarnated as a slime does relatively little to reinvent the isekai wheel, this famous series does just about everything right and can be considered the quintessential isekai anime of the modern era. I like shield herois a high fantasy adventure where the hero Rimuru Tempest starts out with practically nothing and is surrounded by feuding nations and monsters.

Little by little, Rimuru gains new powers, allies, and more, and soon builds a benevolent nation of monsters where all are welcome to live in peace. TenSure has a more optimistic and cheerful tone than the gritty shield herobut the series hits all the right isekai notes and has richly detailed geography to rival anything found in shield hero.

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Re:Zero is a gripping Isekai Underdog story

Re: zero is another mega popular isekai that, like many others, is based on an original and ongoing light novel series. In some ways, the hero Natsuki Subaru is even more unlucky than Naofumi, as he was reincarnated with no powers or abilities except coming back to life every time he is killed. Like in a video game, Subaru can go back to a checkpoint to start over if something goes wrong, but the pain and anguish of constant death wears down his psyche and no one else must know that he can do all this.

Meanwhile, Subaru must also enter the world of politics and help Emilia take the throne while facing the schemes of Roswaal Mathers, the seven witches, and more. Subaru would give anything to have some of Naofumi’s shields on him. Re: zeroThe realm of fantasy.

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The saga of Tanya Evil is a dark and exciting Isekai

Tanya points in the saga of Tanya The Evil

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is another isekai anime that, like shield hero, features a protagonist who will do whatever it takes to survive and prove the world wrong about them. The star of this series is even darker than Naofumi; Instead of being jaded by events beyond his control, he’s a ruthless anti-hero that makes for a compelling watch.

Tanya Degurechaff is a Japanese businesswoman who is reborn as a young blonde named Tanya, who was summoned to an alternate world by the mysterious Being X. This realm is dominated by an extended First World War, with battles augmented by advanced steampunk technology and even magic, And it’s up to Tanya to help lead her new home nation to victory at any cost. She will need all of her ingenuity and creativity to survive on the front lines and find her way home.

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Vinland Saga features a bitter underdog, Thorfinn

thorfinn of vinland saga season 2

fans of shield hero they will find many things to like about similar isekai anime, but they can also expand into the world of medieval history anime series like the famous vinland saga, based on Makoto Yukimura’s ongoing seinen manga of the same name. Viewers will feel like they’ve been transported to another world as they watch Viking warriors raid and plunder the high seas and wage war on England, and at the center of the adventure is the anti-hero Thorfinn Karlsefni.

Young Thorfinn goes from joyful to angry after witnessing his father Thors’ death in battle, and now he’s out for revenge. Like Naofumi, Thorfinn has been wronged by the world, but at first there is not much he can do about it, so he must embark on a difficult quest to seek his own justice. But what awaits him at the end of his search may not be what he really wanted after all.

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