8 Times Toge Inumaki Stole The Spotlight In Jujutsu Kaisen

Although he is a man of few words, Toge Inumaki is truly a sensation at jujutsu kaisen. When fans think of characters who steal the spotlight, they think of outgoing people who have flashy powers and bold personalities. Toge, however, rarely speaks and seems somewhat aloof.

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Although curse language is rare, its impact is instant. To avoid accidentally cursing one of his friends, Toge only speaks with rice ball ingredients. When he uses his cursed speech during battle, his enemies are destroyed in the blink of an eye. Along the jujutsu kaisenToge Inumaki has shown that he is an indisputably strong sorcerer.

Warning: Spoilers for the manga ahead!

8 Toge told Megumi and Noritoshi to run away during the goodwill event.

jujutsu kaisen supporting character Toge Inumaki

Principal Gakuganji’s plan to use a semi-grade cursed spirit during the Goodwill Event to kill Yuji was a complete failure. Although he intended to target Yuji, Toge found him instead. Just as Toge was about to use her cursed speech technique on the creature, Hanami came out from behind a tree and quickly decapitated the other spirit.

It was then that the plan formulated by Mahito’s group began to unfold. Toge opted to run away from Hanami and dodge his attacks until she found Megumi and Noritoshi. Toge used his cursed speech and ordered the two to flee the scene. Although they still had to fight Hanami, Toge certainly gave everyone some time to figure out the cursed spirit’s strengths and weaknesses.

7 Toge helped Yuji deal with the mutated humans.

Toge and Yuji report unfair play during the baseball game (Jujutsu Kaisen)

When Yuji arrived at the station in Shibuya, he was overwhelmed by the number of mutated humans going berserk. The mutated humans were attacking innocent people and Yuji was outnumbered. At this point, Yuji flatly admitted that there was no way to save all these people.

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Fortunately for Yuji, Toge showed up at the perfect time. As soon as he arrived, Toge used his cursed speech to quickly deal with the large number of mutated humans wreaking havoc on the station.

6 Toge demanded Suguru break down.

Toge using his cursed speech.  (Jujutsu Kaisen)

When Suguru unleashed the infamous Hundred Demons Night Parade, he let the cursed spirits wreak havoc in various places while he stayed behind at Jujutsu High to target Yuta. Once they got past the curtain on him, Toge and Panda held their own against Suguru for a while.

When Suguru slammed Panda’s face into the concrete, Toge was adamant about using her cursed speech to demand Suguru “fall apart” in an instant. With this order, Suguru was crushed inside a colossal hole in the ground. Although uttering such a powerful command had immediate adverse effects on Toge, it was an impressive display of his power.

5 Toge Inumaki proved that he actually loves trolling others

Toge wearing Maki's skirt (Jujutsu Kaisen).

In Volume 5 of jujutsu kaisen, Gege Akutami included character profiles with trivia about some characters. In Toge’s profile, he says that she loves trolling. Although his sense of humor is not often shown in the series, Toge has shown that he enjoys taking part in a good joke.

In Juju Stroll from episode 10, parts of Nobara’s uniform go missing. Little to her knowledge, Panda, Satoru, and Toge are pulling a prank on her and Maki. After Panda pretends not to notice while brazenly wearing Nobara’s jacket, Toge bursts into the room and boldly yells “Mustard Leaf!” She strikes a dramatic pose while wearing Maki’s pencil skirt. Although this was only slightly at the end of an episode, fans appreciated seeing more of Toge’s sense of humor.

4 Toge instantly retrieved and killed a cursed spirit

Yuta and Inumaki give each other a high five.

During the Cursed Child arc, Toge and Yuta were sent on a mission to exorcise a cursed spirit in a shopping mall. Although Toge successfully exorcised one, Suguru planted a more powerful curse on the mall because he wanted to see Rika’s potential.

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If Toge uses his cursed speech too much, he risks damaging his throat. Since Toge had already exorcised one, trying to exorcise another was going beyond his limits. When he tries to command the second spirit to “turn”, the command only damages the spirit’s arm. Toge ended up coughing as a result. After Yuta gave Toge some time while he fought off the curse, he throws Toge the cough syrup he dropped as they retreated. After taking the cough syrup, Toge demanded that the spirit “be crushed”, killing him instantly.

3 Toge’s cursed speech forced Aoi to stop fighting Megumi.

Toge Inumaki and his cursed speech technique about to attack a cursed spirit

Before the Goodwill Event, Aoi Todo and Mai Zenin visited the freshmen of Tokyo Jujutsu High, mainly to bully them. When Aoi asked Megumi what her type of woman is, Megumi’s answer disgusted him. So, he started a fight with Megumi due to her unsatisfactory response. The fight went on for quite some time.

Just as Megumi was about to put Aoi in her place, Toge interrupted their fight by using her curse to stop Aoi’s movements. It’s unclear who exactly would have won the fight, but Toge once again showed up at just the right time to prevent something catastrophic from happening between the dueling wizards.

two Toge’s phone call put Miwa to sleep

Toge uses her cursed phone technique to order Miwa to sleep.

After Panda handed over Mechamaru’s cell phone to Toge, he used it to call Miwa. This phone call put Miwa to sleep instantly. Toge used his cursed speech on the phone to order Miwa to sleep, causing her to pass out in the middle of the forest.

Even more amused, Toge nonchalantly handed the phone back to an incapacitated Mechamaru after discarding the machine’s dismembered arm. Toge then decided to pet one of Megumi’s Demon Dogs before telling them to go back.

1 Toge exhausted his strength against Hanami

Inumaki with his hood lowered, revealing his markings (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Since Toge’s Cursed Technique can’t be used repeatedly, try to use it when it counts. During the Goodwill Event, he used his cursed speech with different amounts of force. Although his throat was already taking its toll, Toge wanted to make sure she could stop Hanami, even if she went momentarily.

Just minutes before, Toge’s throat gave way from the power of his commands. However, with her throat bleeding, Toge stood up and demanded that Hanami “shoot”. Though Toge passed out afterwards, the force of his command blew off the roof and sent Hanami flying through the forest.

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