Boruto just took a big risk with Momoshiki inside of him

In Chapter 68 of the Boruto manga, Naruto’s son has just made a deadly bet regarding an enemy who wants to destroy Konoha and the world.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 68, “Scar,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto, and Snir Aharon, now available in English via Viz Media.

At boruto manga, Naruto’s son has fought with Momoshiki trying to take over his body. The alien Ōtsutsuki, however, gave up the chance to use the boy as a full-fledged vessel after Kawaki harnessed his new Karma mark and mortally wounded Boruto to destroy the villain. It caused Momoshiki to download his DNA into Boruto prematurely before the acquisition process could complete naturally, which meant that although Momoshiki could never possess the human body, his soul would still remain within, similar to how Kurama was stored in the hokage.

Now, in Chapter 68, Boruto found himself back in Konoha after the battle with Code, keeping Momoshiki at bay. However, the scientists were left concerned about what the future might hold, knowing that an Ōtsutsuki inside such a powerful child could only spell trouble. Unfortunately, when he came up with a solution, he rebuked her and opted for a deadly gamble.

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Boruto thinks he can control Momoshiki

In the medical bay, Amado, Katasuke and company. they were in shock at how Momoshiki repaired and resurrected Boruto. They are glad that he missed the opportunity to download his mind into the boy, but were still concerned that Boruto was completely Ōtsutsuki in terms of his body and ultimately his power.

The team insisted that Boruto use the pills he took for the past few weeks to suppress Momoshiki, but in a surprising move, Boruto shut that down. He said that he felt something changed in him due to Momoshiki’s actions and now he believes that he can control the monster inside him. Scientists reluctantly trusted the teenager, but this was not smart at all.

It’s not like Kurama and Naruto, who began to understand each other as loners, deciding to share power and become brothers. They cared for each other, but Momoshiki is still a villain who yearns for power by feeding off the world using the God Tree. Therefore, because Ōtsutsuki’s science is unpredictable and something Konoha hasn’t unlocked, there is a chance that he may find a way to take the body again in the future.

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They admitted that they have no idea when his soul will reappear and try to corrupt Boruto as well, so this unseen influence alone can cause Boruto trouble on the field. He could interfere with his powers, causing him to harm villains, or worse, innocents, if he becomes a weapon of mass destruction that fails.

Boruto thinks he can control Momoshiki

Momoshiki would push harder for possession, or at least to sabotage Boruto more than ever, so it’s not smart to believe that such a bitter alien wouldn’t do something under the surface to make Boruto pay. Sure, he would want the boy alive so his soul would have a home, but that doesn’t mean he can’t cause the boy pain by harming the outside world.

Hopefully Amado’s team can improve the pills or come up with a new treatment soon, but physical issues aside, someone, perhaps the concerned Naruto or Sasuke, will have to talk to Boruto about the mental risk he’s taking with an enemy. . who has been nothing but scheming and ruthless in his war against the Hidden Leaf.

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