Mahito Cosplay is worthy of a special grade ranking

Yuji Itadori’s nemesis, the Special Grade Curse Mahito, comes to life in a new cosplay of the villain Jujutsu Kaisen.

Mahito looks ready to transform some souls into a new jujutsu kaisen cosplay


The young but sadistic Curse is portrayed by cosplayer Avai, who recreated Mahito’s patchwork and scarred appearance through the use of cosmetics, and shows her attention to detail by recreating the villain’s different colored eyes, one gray and the other gray. of a blue hue. The costume is complete with a wig and the character’s black dress, which has screen-accurate rips along the left shoulder. In addition to an image showing off the facial details of the cosplay, Avai also posted a photo of themselves alongside a pair of Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki cosplayers, proving that wizards and curses don’t always have to be at war with each other. Yes.

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More of Avai’s flawless cosplay can be seen on her Instagram page. The versatile cosplayer and artist has portrayed various other characters from the popular shonen anime, including various characters from jojo’s bizarre adventure and Murderer of demonsSoft-spoken Hashira Water, Giyu Tomioka.

Mahito is one of the first special grade curses encountered by Yuji Itadori in jujutsu kaisen. Said to possess power rivaling three of Sukuna’s fingers, the human-like Curse earns Itadori’s wrath after he manipulates a high school student into attacking his classmates, before transforming the wayward youth into a grotesque monster. Like the other Curses capable of free will and human speech, Mahito wants to create a world where the Curses can replace humanity as the planet’s dominant species. The Curse requires the combined efforts of Itadori and professional Class 1 sorcerer Kento Nanami to defeat, though he manages to escape the exorcism and continues to be a constant source of trouble for Yuji and his classmates for the rest of the series.

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jujutsu kaisen was originally created by manga artist and writer Gege Akutami in 2018. The series is currently one of the most popular anime and manga franchises in the world, with Akutami’s original work achieving a circulation of over 60 million copies in no time. less than four years. An anime adaptation completed its first season in 2021, and the first film in the franchise, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, is now entering the second month of its successful theatrical run in Japan. The film is scheduled to be released in the United States and Canada on March 18.

akutami original jujutsu kaisen the manga is available in English on VIZ Media, while the anime series is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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