Boruto’s 10 Most Unique Fights, Ranked

As with all new iterations and sequels, anime sequels often provide an opportunity for viewers to experience the author’s vision after the initial story ends. Long-talked-about reveals, unexpected characters, new abilities, and new relationships serve as unique points in stories that flesh out fan theories, resolve plot holes, or come full circle. of a character.

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borutothe sequel to naruto shippuden, has those moments scattered throughout his ongoing anime, and fans get a glimpse of the world Naruto envisioned and fought for through his son’s eyes. Certain fights take place throughout the series, bringing out unique abilities, traits, or unseen relationship dynamics.

10 Ingenuity vs Legendary Particle Style

Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki fight against Kakou

Kakou is a fabrication created by Onoki, created to be guardians of peace within Iwagakure. He possesses the Particle Style, one of the most revered techniques in Naruto lore, which has the ability to disintegrate opponents on a molecular level. With his dust release, he could launch energy cubes that disintegrated in quick succession like small projectiles.

During Mitsuki’s disappearance arc, Kakou’s bloodlust leads to a full-fledged battle between him, Boruto, Sarada, and Cho-cho, despite Onoki telling him to take Boruto alive. Given the unconventional nature of Kakou’s power, it’s an interesting exposition of the innovative thinking required to defeat odd opponents.

9 Sakura reminds the audience why she was part of Team 7.

ShippudenThe ladies have taken a back seat in boruto, and most are portrayed as housewives. Viewers get a unique insight into Sakura’s evolution from Shippuden, and his abilities are in full force in episode 23. Shin Uchiha is an intelligent test subject of Orochimaru who broke away from his lab after developing a fixation with Uchiha. Seeking to remove disgrace from the Uchiha clan, Shin attacks Sasuke and hatches a plot to kidnap Sarada.

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When he kidnaps Sakura, she proves her worth by throwing huge pillars, dodging multiple telekinetically manipulated scalpels and explosives, and landing the final blow with her signature slam. The fight served as a subtle reminder of the strength of women in naruto possesses and revealed Sakura’s immense love for her daughter Sarada.

8 Boruto’s New Ability – The Jougan

Boruto and Shinki fight against Urashiki

The sons of two Kage come together in Episode 125. Shinki’s unique shinobi abilities and mastery over his puppets and Magnet Release are fully highlighted, while Boruto shows his often hidden human side (at this point) by supporting Shinki through his fatigue. When Sunagakure’s team learns of Otsutsuki’s plot to kidnap One Tail, Shukaku, Shinki’s team decides to head to his location and safely transfer the sealed Shukaku to Konoha.

Urashiki Otsutsuki proves to be a formidable foe for the pair. Despite being initially sealed by Shinki’s sealing technique, he breaks free and nearly manages to kill Boruto. The fight also marks the introduction of Boruto’s jougan and one of his key abilities, the power to see through interdimensional barriers.

7 Teamwork makes the dream work

Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki against Deepa

After his first loss to Deepa that saw Boruto and Sarada fall into a coma, the second round in Episode 175 offers a first look at the fighting prowess a mature Team 7 working in sync could achieve. Deepa initially overwhelms them with her carbon manipulation powers, proving to be infallible and impervious to her attacks.

Fans can see Sarada’s resolve to surpass Boruto by unlocking the second tomoe of his Sharingan, Mitsuki using his Sage Mode more efficiently in battle, and Boruto’s debut of his never-before-seen compression Rasengan. After exploiting a chink in Deepa’s armor using his new Rasengan, the team uses Deepa’s distraction, caused by the world tree melting, to create a new technique, the Super Compression Rasengan which ultimately defeats Deepa.

6 Naruto and Boruto fight together as children

Boruto and Naruto being trained by Jiraiya

The Time Slip Arc, despite its mixed reception from fans and critics alike, gave longtime viewers a dose of nostalgia. The unique intergenerational fight in Episode 133 saw Naruto and Jiraiya from the Uzumaki Chronicles series team up with the boruto Boruto and Sasuke from the series. Jiraiya’s intellect and battle experience, along with Sasuke’s effectiveness and discernment, are fascinating to watch.

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Fans are given a unique insight into an alternate dynamic between Naruto and Boruto as father and son, with Boruto gaining some empathy towards his father after Jiraiya’s narration of Naruto’s backstory. In the resulting battle, Jiraiya and Sasuke’s strengths are combined with Naruto’s tenacity and Boruto’s wits, ultimately bringing down Urashiki.

5 The best duo in the Narutoverse

One of boruto‘s best fights take place in episode 65. The visuals, fight scenes, animation, and displays in this fight are epic. It is a battle of many firsts. An adult Sasuke and Naruto join forces to combat a god Otsutsuki, showing how polished and refined their techniques are after years of training and gaining experience in battle.

Sasuke’s Amenotejikara is used to devastating effect, and Naruto’s taijutsu is shown to be on par with that of a god. In addition to seeing Sasuke use chibaku tensei in an attempt to seal Momoshiki away, fans get to see Sasuke’s rare Susanoo fused forms and Naruto’s Kyuubi fox mode!

4 Sasuke’s swordsmanship is unparalleled.

Sasuke fights Kinshiki.

One of the most famous fights in the fandom takes place in Episode 54. It serves to introduce Sasuke after the events of Shippuden and his self-imposed exile. Sasuke’s dimension leap in his investigation of a threat greater than Kaguya leads him to an abandoned palace in Otsutsuki. There he meets Kinshiki, who proceeds to instantly attack him.

Many questions about Sasuke’s fighting ability after losing his right arm are answered during this fight. Sasuke’s cunning swordsmanship steals the spotlight, as he dodges the massive Kinshiki’s blows with relative ease. He manages to cut off Otsutsuki’s horn and gives a spectacular display of his Amenotejikara skill in action.

3 Kawaki’s introduction as a ruthless ninja

Kawaki about to blow up Garou

The choreography for this fight is fluid and visually stunning. Fans get their first look at Kawaki’s innate abilities in Episode 189, including his ultra-fast reaction time, malacia (hardening) abilities, enhanced strength, durability, keen fighting intellect, and ruthlessness. The second half of the fight is a testament to how powerful Karma is at a semi-proficient mastery level. Kawaki literally pierces through Garo’s stomach before blowing his opponent’s head off with a blast big enough to rival the range of a tailed beast bomb.

two The borushiki appears

Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki fight against Boro

The new Team 7, made up of Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki, reveal interesting unique abilities that the show had been teasing. In episode 206, they set out to search for the kidnapped Hokage by following Kawaki’s connection to Naruto’s chakra located in his right prosthetic arm. They meet Boro, a member of Kara who guards the teapot that serves as the Hokage’s jail. He poses a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for Team 7, who are unable to counter his biological virus and regenerative abilities.

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After Team 7 is completely defeated, Boruto and Kawaki’s relationship becomes a more trusting one, Sarada’s skill with the Sharingan grows, and Mitsuki’s wits improve as well. One bonus is that Sarada uses the Chidori for the first time to destroy Boro’s core. When this doesn’t finish the job, the series reveal is made and Borushiki makes his first appearance!

1 All Hail Naruto Baryon Mode

The best reviews boruto Episode 216 was a dream come true for many fans of the franchise, after teasing the equivalent of Naruto’s final Getsuga Tenshou from the beginning of Kawaki’s arc. Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kawaki’s Karma implanter, attacks Konoha. Boruto, transforming, transports them to a different dimension where Sasuke and Naruto confront Isshiki.

Quickly being overwhelmed by Isshiki’s black cubes, Kurama steps in and offers Naruto the option of using Baryon Mode, a technique that uses Naruto and Kurama’s chakras to create new energy in a reaction similar to nuclear fusion. This quickly wears down Isshiki, who experiences a reduction in lifespan due to his chakra being used up by coming into contact with Naruto’s Baryon Mode. The fight is a landmark moment in the series, with Kurama “dying” and Sasuke “losing” the rinnegan from him.

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