Goku vs. Superman Debate Ignores Saiyans’ Dumbest Weakness

While fighting a seemingly unbeatable villain, Goku blindly pursues him and almost dies forgetting the only way he is weaker than Superman.

Time Goku He is one of the strongest beings in the world. Dragon Ball universe, no one ever said he was smart, and in one instance, Goku proves he’s too dumb to realize he’s weaker than him. Superman, and nearly gets himself killed in the process. Goku and Superman have very similar origin stories and are both incredibly powerful heroes in their respective universes. However, Superman has a huge advantage over Goku, one that Goku didn’t realize until it was almost too late.

On dragon ball super Chapter 49 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, the planet-eating sorcerer Moro has launched a full assault against New Namek and the heroes trying to protect the planet and its people. Goku and Vegeta are doing their best to fight the enemy, but Moro’s ability to drain them of his power prevents them from using his full strength. Eventually, Moro gets tired of fighting the Saiyans and flies into space where he planned to wait for his reinforcements to arrive.


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As Moro flew into space, Goku chased after him as the Z-Fighter was determined to end his reign of villainy before it really began. However, before Goku got too far out of the world, Vegeta stopped him by reminding him of a crucial detail about Saiyan biology. Saiyans cannot survive in the vacuum of space, a fact Goku knew but he was too foolish to consider as he blindly ran after his target. If Vegeta hadn’t stopped him, Goku would have died a pretty disappointing death considering he fought in a multiversal tournament and went toe-to-toe with the gods.

Body image of Goku and Superman

While Goku and the other Saiyans can’t naturally survive in space, Superman has no problem flying through the cosmos while under the light of a yellow sun. Superman’s powers make him virtually immortal with no need for food, water or oxygen to survive and his only weakness is kryptonite. A Saiyan is much more deadly by comparison as they can die in battle, need sustenance to survive, and cannot fly in space.

Although a Saiyan doesn’t have all of the same advantages as a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, the potential for how powerful they can become is almost unmatched. Goku and Vegeta have been able to access the power of gods and angels in recent Dragon Ball stories, which transcend previous notions of how strong a Saiyan can become. However, after Goku weakened in his fight with Moro, he forgot the only way he is weaker than Supermanand almost killed him.

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