Boyfriend cuts 115 hours of filler on ‘Naruto’ for his girlfriend

It’s no secret that anime likes naruto, One piece, either Bleach will contain tons of filler. For those who don’t know, a filler episode is just a random episode in a series that doesn’t advance the main story. But when YouTuber Oceaniz decided to take on the task of removing 115 hours of fill from the anime shonen jump naruto for his girlfriend, you know that’s some dedication.

Oceaniz released a video talking about how he wanted people to come in naruto. The problem is that this anime has tons of filler since the anime was coming out together with the manga and it needed to buy time. He also pointed out how some scenes are repeated and only a few episodes showed new information.

“As the anime came out alongside the manga, it used every trick in the book to buy time and avoid catching up. Entire seasons of filler, 10-minute flashbacks, literally hundreds of reaction shots. You name it, Naruto did it. The flashbacks in particular are so bad that certain scenes are shown, no kidding, 20 different times, and only a fraction of them show new information.”

As a result, the YouTuber decided to create a custom Naruto series tailored to his liking that cut out unnecessary scenes to make it more accessible to someone (like his girlfriend) who just joined.

The “Ocean Cut” is an Oceaniz supercut from the English dub of naruto (sorry sub fans). The cut contains multiple television episodes converted into 50- to 120-minute episodes. The opening titles were played once, and the music and voiceovers were edited so they weren’t jarring. Filler episodes became specials if the viewer wants to watch them in their own time. And only one major change was made from the whole story.

Oceaniz had to make tough decisions about whether or not to stick with a scene, but was careful to preserve the most important character moments. Oceaniz explained his entire thought process for each season of Naruto in his 30-minute video that you can watch above.

“You’re going to realize as I go along, there are going to be a lot of options to take like this where I’m going to have to weigh ‘is it worth deleting this and saving a little time?’ or ‘is this scene really too important for that?’”

The cut cut 115 hours of unnecessary padding, making it possible to see the entire naruto series in just 5 days and 12 hours instead of the original 10. The YouTuber showed it to her friends and got positive results, before showing it to his girlfriend. His girlfriend commented on her court as “one of the best shows you’ve shown me so far.”

When asked by Kotaku if a boruto Ocean Cut is going to be done, he rejected the idea because he wasn’t familiar with the story.

boruto Ocean Cut is NOT happening because a) I don’t particularly like it boruto and b) since the difference between the boruto lively and boruto manga are so big, bigger than [Naruto’s] outside, it would be a huge undertaking for a series I don’t know as well as naruto.”

naruto is a martial arts shonen manga that launched in 1999 and ended publication in November 2014. The manga was later adapted into a two-part anime series from 2002 to 2017 and had numerous theatrical releases. In 2016, a spin-off manga series titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was released and was later adapted into anime in 2017.