Science Fell in Love advances a new romance between Kosuke and Ena

The lovely romantic comedy anime series science made me fall in love returns to the lab for another season of romantic science hijinks between handsome kuudere Yukimura Shinya and handsome Himuro Ayame. Just like in season 1, these two lovesick student scientists are taking center stage, but there’s more going on behind the scenes in season 2.

Shinya and Ayame are not alone in that Saitama University lab. They have many supportive classmates and friends, including the petite but tough Ibarada Ena and dating sim enthusiast Inukai Kosuke, and these two colorful scientists have more chemistry than ever as season 2 progresses. two heavenly masses, they can’t help but attract each other.

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Kosuke Ena playing Smash Bros.

For now, science fell in love can create contrast between their main partners to show that scientists in love can develop their relationships in completely different ways. The Ayame/Shinya pairing was the only one last season, but Season 2 also introduces the Fujiwara Suiu/Chris Florette pairing, and they follow a totally different set of rules. Instead of using research and evidence on the science of love, Chris and Suiu just feel like everyone else, and Ena and Kosuke may soon follow suit.

Kosuke and Ena support the Shina/Ayame couple but see no need to emulate what they are doing. They both know what they like and they don’t need evidence to prove it, and it is quite possible that they will bond because of this fact. As Episode 2 proves, they’re getting closer than ever, and you don’t need tests or oxytocin charts to know.

Neither Ena nor Kosuke will openly admit it, but they have great chemistry with each other and enjoy each other’s company very much. And anime series like science made me fall in love they rarely tease new pairings like this without moving on, which means scientific pairing #3 is surely just around the corner. Fans of the first season can agree that this particular one is long overdue, which should add some spice to season 2.

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Kosuke with controller Ena

So far, season 2 of science made me fall in love it’s only hinted at a Kosuke/Ena pairing with a few suggestive nods to their feasibility, including a post-credits scene where Ayame unwittingly compares them to two celestial bodies pulled together by gravity before settling into a comfortable shared orbit. . Still, Kosuke and Ena’s scenes together look promising, and Ena finds herself unable to resist joining him for some off-brand play. Super Smash Bros., and nothing makes Kosuke happier than having her with him instead of playing against the CPU. Neither is satisfied unless the other is present.

If this potential couple takes off, they will most likely follow Chris and Suiu’s lead, proceeding with intuitions and traditional social guidelines and rules rather than experiments. That would help differentiate them from Ayame and Shinya, and Kosuke and Ena’s habit of gently teasing each other may further differentiate these pairings to avoid redundancy.

In fact, Ena and Kosuke have a subtle “battle of wits” element to their budding relationship, where these headstrong but kind young scientists are too proud to openly admit their feelings or make the first move. that really does science made me fall in love‘s newest potential couple similar to the main couple of Kaguya-sama: Love is warthe third season of which also airs in the Spring 2022 anime season. Fans of stubborn but charming couples will be in for a double treat this season.

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