Cyberpunk 2077 cosplayer rules Night City as the nervous Rogue

Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City is home to a whole cast of fascinating characters, but one cosplayer has brought the game’s greatest repairman, Rogue, into the real world with this stunning outfit.

While many have relegated Cyberpunk 2077 to the depths of unfinished gaming history, CD Projekt Red has been hard at work trying to rebuild the game’s tarnished reputation.

With the upcoming 1.4 patch, we’ll hopefully be able to traverse the bloody streets of Night City without the irritating glitches.

Eagerly waiting for the new update is the German cosplayer, skunkwhose spectacular cosplay of the queen of local fixers, Rogue, will leave you desperate to get back in the game.

cyberpunk 2077 rogue sits on a chair in the afterlife
Red Project CD

Rogue is still the best fixer in Night City.

Cyberpunk Rogue Cosplay Will Take Your Breath Away

Despite Cyberpunk’s infamous bugs and glitches, Skunk instantly fell in love with the game. “Last year I played the game and even though the bugs were bad, I finished it,” he told Dexerto. “I really loved the look of Rogue and to be honest I really wanted to have this shirt! So I did, one thing led to another, and then voila! Quite a costume.

Not only was he interested in that iconic ‘SURVIVE’ sweater, but Rogue’s entire vibe resonates perfectly with his. “I I think she is a very strong character and I really liked the idea of ​​dressing up a grandmother who doesn’t look like one. I mean she rules the city! HHow bad** can you be over 80?!”

Considering that Skunk’s Twitter bio says that she “likes bada**”, this cosplay looks like it was written in the stars for her, and it looks like it too!

Silver hair cascades over her shoulders, framing the black panel on her iconic yellow sweater. Tight leather jeans stick to her legs, with all the cybernetic implants perfectly recreated. Honestly, you’d be forgiven for assuming this is a 3D rendering of Night City’s black market queen.

“For me, it was important to have darker gray hair than in the game because it looks more realistic,” he notes. “Also, handling an undercut without having one was a great experiment. The funniest thing is that I made the font with Microsoft Paint. Also, earrings used to be headbands!

“Despite looking easy, it was a lot of work, because the pants pattern was very complicated, I had to sew some parts by hand. The shoes were also difficult. I bought some cheap boots and built them a completely new design. For example, the gold tops on the shoes are one of my favorite parts because they’re shiny, but they’re still worn and torn.”

Describing the costume as a “solid seven out of 10,” it was absolutely worth it, and it turns out it hasn’t diminished her love for the character.

“I also have everything in the house for another Rogue costume (the young Rogue in her leather jacket that she also wears later in the game)” and we can’t wait to see Skunk go through time and relive Rogue’s past. Until then, be sure to keep an eye on his Instagram for some more awesome outfits!