A WoW cosplayer shines in the night as the lovely Elune

World of Warcraft’s resident moon goddess, Elune, is a fleeting figure shrouded in mystery, but one cosplayer has used her imagination and artistic flair to bring WoW’s moon queen to life.

Of the extensive roster of World of Warcraft characters, the moon goddess and divine leader of the night elves, Elune remains the most elusive.

We’ve seen her channeled by the fearsome Tyrande Whisperwind on many occasions, but we’ve never actually seen exactly what she looks like. Often depicted in armor similar to that of her followers, all we have are statues and artwork of this beautiful divine being.

Enter the cosplay queen of WoW Dark Lady Cosplay (Kira), who has let her imagination run wild with her own interpretation of what the spectacular lunar deity would look like if she walked the earth.

World of Warcraft WoW Tyrande Whisperwind Night Elf Leader
Blizzard Entertainment

As high priestess of Elune, the moon goddess makes extensive use of Tyrande Whisperwind as her spokesperson.

WoW Elune cosplay is absolutely stunning

As someone who “has been cosplaying WoW characters mostly for the last four years,” Elune was next on her hit list.

“I started digging deeper into the Night Elves and their history lately after focusing mostly on Horde characters. I always thought it was a super cool entity that had a mysterious presence in WoW lore, and it started to have a much bigger presence in the last two WoW expansions! Especially Shadowlands where we hear her ‘speak’ for the first time! It gave me a lot of excitement to cosplay her.”

Telling Dexerto that “a lot of love” went into this cosplay, he notes, “It was pretty much on par with what I usually do! Honestly, the paint job was so much easier than other things I’ve worked on.” because of the cleaner appearance.”

And boy, is this cosplay neat. Shimmering from head to toe as if she were bathed in moonlight, Kira perfectly channels Elune’s elegance yet her latent ferocity. Her platinum, lavender-tinted hair cascades through snow-white armor inlaid with silver, and her stag-shaped headdress cuts through the night. With every little detail perfectly crafted, you’d be forgiven if you mistake this cosplay for a 3D render.

However, it turns out that the devil is in the details, as some of them are invisible to the naked eye. “The back of the skirt and tail actually has gemstones that I installed throughout the tail to mimic the galaxy/moon aesthetic that is often associated with Elune, followed by a bunch of beads and feathers that I crafted that You can’t even see unless… you’re behind me.

“The same beads are imitated on my horns. The wig was also hand dyed by me to get that color gradient effect. I made Elune’s tear using Worbla to cover a Styrofoam egg and then added the details with foam clay. I had so much fun adding tons of little details to really give it that ethereal look!

Of course, there is one question on our minds: given your extensive WoW cosplay collection, are there any other characters you want to create?

“Always!” she confesses “I have 35 WoW cosplays in my arsenal and would love to cosplay many more in the future!”

As all eyes are on where Blizzard will take our Azerothian heroes in the next expansion, perhaps Kira will find new characters to transform into. Until then, though, she lets him mix you up like the night itself.