Deadpool’s Ultimate Villain (and Ex-Wife) Returns in Marvel Body Paint Cosplay

Shiklah, Deadpool’s ex-wife and sometime villain, is perfectly brought to life in a new body paint cosplay by artist Melissa Croft.

A new body paint cosplay comes to life Shiklah; The former Queen of the Marvel Monsters and the ex-wife of dead Pool. While Shiklah’s love for Wade Wilson was based on his impulsive style and his outsider status, she later turned against him when she worked against his attempts to conquer New York.

First introduced in Deadpool: The Gauntlet #3, and created by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Reilly Brown, Shiklah is the generational ruler of Marvel’s monsters, having dominion over those unusual creatures that need protection from humanity’s intolerance and hatred. Shiklah’s family eventually found themselves at war with Dracula and her vampires, and the lord of the undead hired Deadpool to kidnap her so he could force her to marry and unite the monsters of the world. Fortunately, Shiklah and Deadpool really hit it off when they met, and the two later married.


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Shiklah takes on a monstrous, humanoid form in the comics, but it’s the first that appears in a new body paint cosplay from the artist. melissa croft, recently shared on Twitter. Croft is an artist who represents a wide range of television, movie, video game and comic book characters through cosplay, from household icons like the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four, to dark heroes like Rasputin IV from the X-Men. In a photo shoot and visual effects video, Croft brings Shiklah to life as the Queen of the Monsters.

Despite despising humanity, Shiklah is a principled anti-hero committed to her own people. Her attack on New York was motivated by the murder of one of her subjects, and she ultimately resigned as queen after realizing the position imposed a form of tyranny over Marvel’s monsters. While the two are now divorced, her relationship with Deadpool was left partially open, though an additional image from small farm shows Shiklah getting irritated at getting a call from Wade. Sadly, a potential future sees Shiklah turn completely against humanity. She is defeated by Deadpool and the Avengers, and then shrinks into stasis within Wade’s heart, a move that brings him into conflict with her secret daughter, Warda Wilson.

It is this connection that makes Shiklah such an excellent villain for Deadpool. For a character who feigns comic disdain for everything around him, Wade was completely devoted to his relationship with Shiklah, and their wedding was a major event in his life and in comic book history, setting the Guinness World Record for the more characters in a comic cover. Sadly, the two brought out the worst in each other, as Shiklah was more than a match for Deadpool in both blood-soaked violence and mocking disregard for humanity.

Ultimately, Shiklah strives to be a hero to her own people, though that may mean a future where she decides to wipe out humanity altogether, and Croft’s body paint cosplay captures exactly that menacing spirit. A genuine wild card and someone who broke through effortlessly dead Poolfeigned indifference, Shiklah he was a clever and surprising addition to the Marvel Universe, as likely to be the funniest character in a scene as he is to turn into a huge monster and start tearing people to shreds, and could return at any moment to reclaim his former throne.

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