Who is the strongest fighter in Tokyo Avengers?

Tokyo Avengers features a colorful and powerful cast. But no matter how strong everyone is, there must always be one on top.

As an anime focused on crime, tokyo avengers features a lot of strong fighters punching each other in the face to prove who is stronger. Both the main characters and the antagonists are forces to be reckoned with. It is not an exaggeration to say that these people can easily handle a handful of average gangsters. But even among them, only one can be considered the strongest.

The highly acclaimed and well received tokyo avengers follows the story of Takemichi Hanagaki, a young adult who awakens a mysterious time-jumping power. He uses his new power to go back in time and alter the events that will result in the death of the only woman he ever loved. To do so, he must first become an integral part of the notorious Tokyo Manji Gang.

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The Tokyo Manji Gang has numerous notable fighters, and Ken Ryuguji, better known as Draken, is one of the strongest among them. Draken is Toman’s second-in-command, and although he is also best friends with leader Mikey, he has earned his position thanks to his fighting ability. He can hold his own against multiple enemies, as he demonstrated when members of Kiyomasa’s gang ambushed him and tried to kill him.

Another notable character is tokyo avengers‘ main antagonist, Tetta Kisaki. Although her physical strength is yet to be revealed in the anime, perhaps her greatest ability lies in her cunning wits. Kisaki has become the head, either in the shadows or the main one, of Toman in the numerous futures that Takemichi has seen. While that alone is impressive, Kisaki’s abilities shine brighter when you consider that Takemichi is forced to use his knowledge of the future to stop him.

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Although Draken and Kisaki are notable fighters in their own right, they still pale in comparison to The Tokyo Avengers strongest The leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Sano Manjiro or Mikey, is arguably the strongest fighter in anime. Other characters in the series even refer to him as the “Invincible Mikey” and for good reason. Despite his short stature, he has yet to be defeated by anyone. His nuclear kicks can end a fight before the opponent even realizes what hit him. Even opponents basking in similar glory fall short when faced with Mikey’s fast and powerful kicks. Although Mikey isn’t the smartest character, his battle sense is second to none.

Mikey has always been blessed with incredible strength. When he and Draken met, Mikey attacked and defeated the older boys who ordered Draken to find him. His fighting skills only grew as he aged, allowing him to take on crowds by himself and take down Shuji Hanma with a single kick. While Mikey is already terrifying under normal circumstances, his power increases even more when fueled by rage.

Like season 2 of tokyo avengers is almost confirmed, it is unknown if there is a character that can rival Mikey in terms of strength. Even if there is, it’s hard to imagine Mikey and his powerful kicks going down easily, so that fight is certainly an event worth looking forward to when the anime continues.

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