Doom Eternal Cosplay perfectly captures the terror of the marauder

A talented cosplayer brings the Marauder, one of Doom Eternal’s most terrifying foes, to life in an incredibly detailed costume.

A talented cosplayer brought the Marauder, the terrifying and controversial enemy of eternal doomto life with a stunning cosplay.

Reddit user u/fireshow77 revealed some photos of his Marauder outfit, complete with glowing red eyes and a glowing Argent Axe. The outfit perfectly replicates several of the intricate details found on the Marauders’ armor, including their intimidating horns and chest piece. According to fireshow77, the cosplay took around 900 hours to complete and was showcased at several major cosplay conventions and festivals, including the recent Winter Cosplay Contest. Although its construction did not win any awards, fans of eternal doom praised the creator.

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It’s no wonder why fireshow77 chose to dress up as the Marauder: Out of eternal doomThe main bosses of , the enemy is possibly the most difficult to face. A collection of resurrected Night Sentinels who sided with the demonic intentions of the Hell Priests and Khan Maykr, the brutal foe is capable of withstanding and deflecting most of the Doomslayer’s attacks. Fireshow77 not only recreated the Marauder’s melee weapon, but also built a replica of the double-barreled shotgun used to prevent the player from backing up too far.

Released in 2020, eternal doom is a fast-paced, hyper-violent first-person shooter that puts players in the unstoppable boots of The Doomslayer. Acting as Earth’s last defense against a rising tide of demons that are slowly beginning to rise from Hell, Doomslayer must venture across the planet and brutally kill all creatures that stand in his way. The Marauder is one of those enemies that appears towards the middle of the game. After successfully rescuing Dr. Samuel Hayden, the axe-wielding mini-boss steps through a portal and challenges players to a duel. While initially difficult due to imposing space restrictions, the Marauder can be overcome with careful timing and quick reflexes.

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eternal doom it garnered near-universal praise from fans and critics alike. Acting as a direct sequel to the 2016 reboot titled simply Condemn, the latest game in the influential franchise was praised for its furious, compelling combat and exceptional level design. While some criticized Eternal for incorporating too many elements and being “over-engineered”, it turned out to be a huge success for developer ID Software and publisher Bethesda Games.

eternal doom is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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