Naruto: Top 10 Characters Born In January

naruto is a mega-popular shonen series featuring a huge cast of legendary characters, from the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki himself to the roguish Sasuke Uchiha and the beloved dandere Hinata Hyuga and many more, heroes and villains alike. There are many ways to sort and categorize naruto characters, from their hair color and fighting style to their birthdays.

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Official naruto Character data provides everything about these characters, from their dates of birth to their favorite foods and much more. Every month of the year features plenty of naruto birthdays, and it all starts with January, which has many notable naruto the character is born in him. Who was born in January?

10 Could Guy was born on January 1

Smiling Boy Might - Naruto

A surprising number of popular anime characters were born on January 1, New Year’s Day, from Bleachby Yoruichi Shihoin for Kaguya-sama: Love is warIt’s Kaguya Shinomiya. Meanwhile, the naruto The franchise features its own New Year’s birthday, that of Might Guy, the taijutsu master.

Might Guy is a proactive and cheerful guy who will take on any challenge, and it’s like he was born on January 1st so he can start the whole year and start growing right away. It is so like him to be born before anyone else in the world. naruto calendar.

9 Darui was born on January 6

Darui Naruto Shippuden battle rocky bottom

Darui is a native of the Hidden Cloud Village, located deep in the cloud-shrouded mountain ranges of the Land of Lightning. He is one of the mighty Raikage’s most trusted henchmen and friends, to the point that the Raikage considered Darui his right-hand man. He even said so, which cheered Darui up.

Darui is a powerful fairy jonin who was chosen to help escort the Raikage to the Kage Summit, which speaks volumes about his capabilities. In fact, in later years, he succeeded the Raikage and grew a small mustache to match.

8 Danzo Shimura was born on January 6

naruto dance

On the one hand, the scheming Danzo Shimura truly has the best interests of the Hidden Leaf Village at heart, but his ruthless and deeply conservative methods and worldview made him unpopular with the likes of the elders of Konoha and certainly Lady Tsunade. She and Danzo never agreed on anything.

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Danzo soon proved to be a true villain as he tried to seize the Hokage throne and revolutionize Leafe Village with his Foundation/Root organization backing him. However, he bit off more than he could chew when he tangled with Sasuke Uchiha and lost to him.

7 Samui was born on January 7

Samui is another kunoichi from the Hidden Cloud and a participant in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. She, Karui, Omoi, and Darui faced many powerful enemies during that war, such as the Kinkaku and Ginkaku brothers, who can capture anyone who says certain words out loud.

There isn’t much more to know about this blonde Cloud kunoichi, though her mature and responsible attitude is commendable. Her cold and aloof attitude contrasts sharply with that of her brother Atsui, who is a true hothead.

6 Hiashi & Hizashi Hyuga were born on January 8

Twin brothers Hiashi and Hizashi Hyuga may be identical in appearance, but their destinies are very different. Hiashi was born first, so he was accepted as part of the esteemed main branch of the Hyuga clan, while Hizashi ended up in the branch family, with a manji seal on his forehead.

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These ninjas were born on January 8, but their lives have been very different ever since, and even Hizashi gave his life for Hiashi’s sake to prevent an escalation of hostilities with Cloud Village. This led to Hizashi’s son, the talented Neji Hyuga, becoming more bitter than ever at his fate.

5 Haku was born on January 9

Haku using ice jutsu

Haku is a rogue ninja who appeared early in the story as the first known practitioner of kekkei genkai, or bloodline trait jutsu. He can use ice and wind chakra to create a series of ice crystal mirrors and trap the enemy inside, then hurl the enemy to death with sharp needles.

Haku may be a villain, but he’s not evil at heart. He was just a lost and needy boy who was adopted by Zabuza Momochi, and Haku has faithfully followed Zabuza ever since. In another life, Haku could have been Naruto’s friend.

4 Gaara of the sand was born on January 19

Gaara of the Sand is the one-tailed Shukaku’s jinchuriki, and his childhood was an even darker reflection of Naruto Uzumaki’s. Gaara grew up a hated and feared outcast, and quickly internalized all of this to become the monster everyone feared. Even his supposed friend Yashamaru turned against him.

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Gaara’s life changed when he met Naruto Uzumaki and realized how much they had in common. After a session of conversation jutsu, Gaara began his redemption, and by naruto shippudenhe was the Kazekage and a political ally of the Hidden Leaf Village.

3 Shino Aburame was born on January 23

naruto shino

The quiet but intelligent Shino Aburame was born on January 23, complete with a swarm of chakra-eating beetles. Like all of Aburame’s ninjas, Shino has a hidden technique based on a symbiotic relationship with beetles, serving as his host in exchange for using them in battle as living weapons.

Shino is a member of Team 8, along with Hinata Hyuga and Kiba Inuzuka, and is a quirky but effective teammate who is a loyal member of Konoha 11. He may not be warm or confusing in any way, but everyone can count on him. to fight by his side.

two Inoichi Yamanaka was born on January 24

inoichi naruto

Inoichi Yamanaka belonged to his generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho formation, and their respective sons now carry on that legacy in Team 10, under Asuma Sarutobi. Inoichi only plays a peripheral role in narutobut he is certainly impressive in the few scenes in which he appears.

Inoichi practices the Yamanaka clan’s hiden jutsu, a genjutsu based on mind reading and mind transfers, making him an effective support ninja in many scenarios. His daughter Ino has similar talents and experience in medical ninjutsu.

1 Minato Namikaze was born on January 25

The legendary Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, was born on January 25, but he is best known for being the number 1 defender of the Hidden Leaf Village and the father of Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto definitely inherited Minato’s looks, but the boy’s short temper clearly stems from his “red havanese” mother, Kushina.

Minato was once Kakashi’s mentor, and he also developed the powerful Rasengan technique, though he never perfected it. So, it fell to Minato’s son Naruto to innovate many more variants of this jutsu, including the addition of elemental chakra, a feat once considered impossible.

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