Dragon Ball Cosplay Hilariously Recreates Piccolo (Using Only Vegetables)

Using only vegetables, a cosplayer hilariously recreates the character Piccolo from Dragon Ball and pays a perfect tribute to the entire series.

In an absolutely hilarious social media post, a cosplayer recreates the likeness of the iconic Dragon Ball fighter Little bit using nothing but vegetables. Piccolo is an alien in the Dragon Ball universe known as a Namekian, a species with green skin and pointed ears. The Namekians have been at the center of many Dragon Ball stories, Piccolo being the best known of all, as he is a member of the heroic Z-Fighters alongside Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta. Now, Piccolo has been brought to life in one of the strangest ways possible, albeit in a way that strangely pays a perfect tribute to the entire series.


Piccolo made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Chapter 161 “The fist of Son Goku” by Akira Toriyama. In the chapter, Piccolo introduces himself as a villain known as King Piccolo who seeks to take over the earth. While just a kid, Goku launches a full-scale attack on the villain and ends up successfully killing him. With his dying breath, King Piccolo spits out an egg containing his reincarnated form, one that has all of the original Piccolo’s memories and unfulfilled vendettas. However, instead of sticking to the villainous ways of his previous life, Piccolo decides to turn the page and be on the side of good, becoming the character fans know and love today.

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In an Instagram post from Lonleyman @lowcostcosplayth, the cosplayer uses what appears to be purple cabbage and several jalapenos or some other type of green pepper to achieve Piccolo’s iconic look. Aside from Piccolo’s green skin, his appearance consists of his white robe and white and purple headdress that he wears religiously throughout the day. Dragon Ball Serie. Using the green vegetables to cover his skin and simulating pointed ears with the purple/white cabbage on the cosplayer’s head to complete the look in all the weirdly gorgeous splendor of him.

This latest example of low-cost cosplay creation is far from Lonelyman’s first, as they’ve tackled a number of other mediums, proving that it doesn’t take money to produce an epic cosplay, no matter how absurd the result may be. final. Not only that, but it’s not even the first time they’ve tackled a Dragon Ball character as they used their bizarre cosplay method to bring Super Saiyan Blue Goku to life in the weirdest way possible. They recreated the classic look not by dyeing their hair a blue color and pinning it up, but rather by attaching several blue and white clips and placing them on top of their heads for the desired effect.

This particular Piccolo cosplay stands out especially when considering his other Dragon Ball cosplays given how everything was put together. As many fans know, the names of a series of Dragon Ball the characters are inspired by vegetables: Kakarotto for carrot, Broly for broccoli, Vegeta for vegetables, and even Piccolo for pickle. So using real vegetables to bring a Dragon Ball The character is strangely the absolutely perfect way to do it. Dragon Ball hilariously recreated cosplay Little bit using only vegetables in a perfect tribute not only to the character but to the entire series as a whole.

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Source: Lonely man @lowcostcosplayth


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