Dragon Ball Finally Gives Goku The Father-Son Reunion He Always Deserved

Dragon Ball Super offers Goku the chance to get to know his father Bardock a bit thanks to an old Scouter, revealing some shared family traits.

Warning! spoilers for dragon ball super Chapter 82 forward!

Time Dragon Ball Super‘s biggest fans know quite a bit about Gokuthe father of Bardock For now, Goku himself hasn’t been so lucky; his youthful brain damage erased any lingering memories he might have had of his parents. Also, with the Saiyan species almost extinct, there aren’t many other people around him to tell him stories about his father, but it looks like Goku will finally be able to listen to his father, if only for a moment. moment.

The Granolah saga in dragon ball super has revealed a lot about Bardock in recent chapters, starting with the fact that Bardock was present at the assault on Granolah’s homeworld, the planet Cereal. However, Bardock took a stand against the Heeters, who staged the invasion, and actually defended a young Granolah and his Namekian caretaker, Monaito, who would become the only survivors on the planet. He even went up against Gas, Heeter’s muscle that has proven extremely difficult for modern Saiyans. It’s a softer portrayal of Bardock than many fans expected, which is why this new backstory has proven a bit controversial as it implies Goku’s kindness came from his father rather than being the result of that brain damage. early that prevented him from conquering Earth.


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In chapter 82, Monaito produces a broken Scouter that he has apparently had for 40 years, claiming that it is the one Bardock used when fighting Gas. Vegeta is able to cause the Scouter to power up, hoping that any recordings in the device’s memory can provide insight into Gas’s weaknesses. Using Oatmeel, Granolah’s eyepatch-wearing robot, they can play an audio clip of Bardock’s voice. While the chapter ends before Bardock and Gas’s fight can be resolved, it offers Goku the opportunity to hear his father’s voice for the first time, triggering a brief flashback to the moments before he was thrown into the air. the earth.

Although Goku has never worried too much about not knowing his parents, it seems that the sound of Bardock’s voice has managed to awaken something inside him. Even with just a few panels, it’s clear that this moment has meaning for Goku. After all, Goku has always been portrayed as having a very different temperament than most Saiyans, including his own brother Raditz, who almost killed him when they met. Many fans have attributed this to Goku hitting his head upon arriving on Earth, and it’s possible that even Goku believes that in-universe. The consequence of that belief, however, is that Earth’s greatest hero is simply the result of an accident, and everything that makes Goku “good” is actually a flaw by Saiyan standards. This change in Bardock’s character is significant, but arguably the opportunity for Goku to learn about his father’s exploits is even more so; Goku isn’t the only “good” Saiyan anymore, and whether he cared for him or not, he can know with some certainty that his father would be proud of the life he’s lived on Earth.

Shonen protagonists often have rocky relationships with their parents, who are usually absent, neglectful, or downright evil. Goku’s lack of father issues has set him apart, but this moment doesn’t ruin that. If only, Goku and dragon ball super will find a way to preserve this message from Bardock so that Gohan and Goten also have a chance to connect with their past.

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