The Biggest Romantic Comedy Anime Of Spring 2022

With the winter 2022 anime season wrapping up soon, the spring lineup is almost upon us, and it looks like love will be in the air for many leads and supporting characters alike.

Whether fans are looking for serious drama, wacky antics, or a bit of everything in between, there will be plenty of new and returning series to dive into. Here are the most anticipated romantic comedy anime that fans are hoping to see this spring.

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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic- (Season 3)

kaguya and loveis war

Kaguya-sama returns for a third season, titled Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic-. In this romantic comedy about life created by Aka Akasaka, student council president Miyuki Shirogane and vice president Kaguya Shinomiya are in love with each other. The problem is that they let their pride and ego get in the way of their feelings, resulting in silly antics to get the other person to give in and admit that they like her.

Season 3 features a new set of rules and antics between Miyuki and Kaguya and will debut in Japan on April 8, though a North American premiere date has yet to be announced at the time of this writing.

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Data A Live (Season 4): The harem rom-com favorite returns

This is the cover of Data A Live Season 4.

After three successful seasons, date a live, written by Koshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako, returns with an all-new adventure. The story focuses on the life of Shido Itsuka, who discovers a mysterious girl with unique abilities. This girl is a “Spirit” from another dimension that enters the real world and is the cause of the spacequakes that are damaging the planet.

To prevent these spirits from destroying humanity, Shido must seal his powers by making these spirits fall in love with him. As he finds new spirits to seal, Shido gains new allies, but then the spirits compete with each other for his attention and affection.

date a live is definitely one of the best harem rom-coms to watch this spring. Season 4 will kick off in Japan on April 8, while Funimation currently owns its licensing rights in the West.

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Science Fell In Love So I Tried To Prove It (Season 2)

In season 1 of science made me fall in love, Shinya Yukimura and Ayame Himuro confess their love for each other. Season 2, however, finds the two still doing science experiments to test their theory of whether or not true love is real. This time, however, their relationship is interrupted when other researchers get involved and try to interfere with their experiments.

science made me fall in love is a great Spring 2022 series for lovers of science, romance, or those just looking for something different. The dialogue between the characters and the creative “scientific” love experiments are silly and fun to watch. Season 2 will premiere in Japan on April 2. Crunchyroll streamed Season 1, so it’s a safe bet that Season 2 will arrive there as well.

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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai: An Unlikely Friendship Blooms

This is an image of the main protagonists of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai.

One day, Raidou Matsuboshi picks up Reina Aharen’s draft. Reina mistakes this act of kindness for a sign that Raidou wants to be her friend. As a result, the two become inseparable friends. by Asato Mizu Aharen-san wa Hakarenai (Aharen is indecipherable) centers on the unexpected friendship between the small, soft-spoken Aharen and the “intimidating” but good-natured Matsuboshi.

The series shows how friendship can blossom even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Unlike the other series, Aharen-san wa Hakarenai it’s more of a friendship story than a romance, but there’s still plenty of comedy and laughs with all the goofy antics the two leads get into. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai will open in Japan on April 2.

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Stuck in a dating sim: Otome game world is rough for mafias

This is the cover of Stuck in a Dating Simulator.

Stuck in a dating sim: Otome game world is rough for mafias is a light novel series written by You Mishima and illustrated by Monda. In this story, office worker Leon Fou Bartfort is reincarnated in the Kingdom of Holfort, a world inside an otome game that his sister forced him to play. The Kingdom of Holfort is run by strong and assertive women “like mobsters”. However, fortunately, Leon retained past life memories of him related to the game, so he can cheat in the game. The story focuses on his adventures at the academy, where he gets involved with royalty and other supporting characters.

fans of My next life as a villain You will surely enjoy this highly anticipated isekai comedy series, which also has a unique perspective when it comes to otome games. Stuck in a dating simulator will open in Japan on April 3, with an official Western release date yet to be announced.

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A couple of cuckoos: two babies swapped at birth

This is the cover of A Couple of Cuckoos.

a couple of cuckoos is a romantic comedy created by Miki Yoshikawa. The protagonist Nagi Umino surprisingly discovers that the adults who raised him are not his biological parents. Deciding to meet his biological parents, he discovers that he and another baby were accidentally switched at birth. To make it up to him, Nagi’s birth parents decide to have an arranged marriage between him and his daughter, Erika Amano, a popular internet celebrity, resulting in the two cohabitating in a house owned by Erika’s family.

This romantic comedy anime is reminiscent of the popular shojo series from the 90s. jam boydue to the peculiar family situation in which the main protagonists find themselves. a couple of cuckoos also assumes the popular cohabitation situation of unmarried “couples”, making it comparable to shows like bride, bride and LD-K.

a couple of cuckoos premieres April 24 and will be available on Crunchyroll.

Miss Shikamori is not just cute

Miss Shikamori is not just a cute anime

Miss Shikamori is not just cute by Keigo Maki focuses on the relationship between Yuu Izumi and Michon Shikimori. Izumi’s life has been nothing but unfortunate events, until she starts dating Shikimori. In her eyes, she is not only cute, but also wonderfully assertive and serious. Shikimori, in return, shows her love for Izumi by always caring for her well-being. Therefore, the story focuses on a blossoming relationship.

Shikimori is a strong and assertive female lead. It could be said that she could be similar to Kyouko Hori from Horimiya as both characters have an air of independence and maturity. Miss Shikamori is not just cute will premiere in Japan on April 10 and will stream on Crunchyroll.

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