Elden Ring Ranni cosplay comes complete with additional hands

An Elden Ring cosplayer has transformed into Ranni the Witch, even using digital tricks to recreate the elusive figure’s extra arms.

a magical elden ring The cosplay brings the witch Ranni to life, complete with her extra pair of hands. FromSoftware’s open-world epic features many memorable non-player characters associated with their own unique quest lines. Fan creations, such as the winged helmet of Malenia from elden ringlets dedicated fans cosplay as these beloved figures from FromSoftware.

Among elden ring large list of non-player characters, Ranni the Witch may be among the most mysterious. The supernatural figure first appears to give players the spirit call bell, allowing them to use the game’s powerful spirit ashes, but is not properly introduced to the player until they enter the Three Sisters of Liurnia area. Upon meeting her at Ranni’s Rise, elden ring players have the opportunity to pledge allegiance to the witch and serve her for the rest of the game. His quest chain is one of the longest and most complicated in the game, with some claiming that elden ring mistranslated Ranni’s quest to make her targets seem more evil than intended.


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Perfectly capturing the mysticism and power of the character, Reddit user bitsyhanas has created an excellent elden ring ranni cosplay The cosplayer has authentically brought the character’s signature outfit to life, complete with her oversized witch hat and his fur cape. Ranni’s blue complexion and hair are also perfectly captured by bitsyhanas, though her extra arm play is perhaps the most impressive part of the cosplay. Through convincing use of Photoshop, bitsyhanas is given two additional appendages to properly reflect Ranni’s four blue arms.

FromSoftware spared no detail during the design elden ring characters and armor sets, and cosplay helps bring those figures to life. For example, a cosplay of elden ring Bloody Wolf turns the intimidating class’s signature armor into an impressive physical accessory. Bloody Wolf was included as a starting class for the fantasy epic’s closed network test, though this class is not present in the final game. The Raging Wolf armor set is still around, thankfully, but players need to find it in The Lands Between before they can use it.

Ranni the witch is elusive and inhuman elden ring NPC but bitsyhanas has managed to accurately transform into the supernatural figure through dedication and creativity. Ranni’s clothing and complexion are practically brought to life, while her two additional arms are recreated using impressive Photoshop skills. Combining physical cosplay and digital tricks, elden ring the ghostly witch is ready to recruit any Tarnished into her service.

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elden ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: bitsyhanas/Reddit

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