Can Beerus Hakai Whis 7 Facts Fans Don’t Know

The Dragon Ball series is one of the oldest Shounen series in the world. Over its many years, the old characters have become fan favorites and the new characters have grown in popularity.

Since the concept of the multiverse was introduced in the Super anime, there are more mysteries than ever. Many aspects of the multiverse have been explored, but are yet to be known by fans of the series.

So can Beerus use Hakai on Whis? (And Six Other Dragon Ball Facts Most Fans Don’t Know)

Can Beerus use Hakai on Whis? (And Six Other Dragon Ball Facts Most Fans Don’t Know)

1) Can Beerus use Hakai on Whis?

Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7, and since the beginning of the Super anime, he has been shown to be incredibly powerful. Even in his strongest form, neither Goku nor Vegeta can compare to him. He was even able to take on many of the other Gods of Destruction in a real battle.

Beerus also has incredible control over Hakai. He can use it on immortal characters like Zamasu and completely erase him from existence. However, this technique can be resisted.

If Beerus used Hakai on Whis, it wouldn’t work. He could easily withstand the attack and carry on as if nothing had happened.

2) Who is the strongest of the sons of the High Priest?

Whis and Vados as they appear in the anime 'Dragon Ball Super' (Image via Toei Animation)Shin, Supreme Kai of Universe 7, as he appears in 'Dragon Ball Super' (Image via Toei Animation)

Goku is one of the strongest fighters in the series. Despite this, however, he has won the World Martial Arts Tournament only once.

This makes sense though, as he is always fighting in bigger tournaments and facing stronger opponents. Participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament would be child’s play for Goku.

5) How many times has Goku died?

The series is known for laughing in the face of death. When a character dies, he can easily recover using the power of the Dragon Balls. This is especially true for Goku.

Goku has died a total of five times. Every time he dies, it’s like a regular occurrence for Goku. He does some training with King Kai on his planet, then returns to the world of the living.

6) Master Roshi cannot die of old age

Master Roshi in his buff form as he appears in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)Launch as he appears in the 'Dragon Ball' anime (Image via Toei Animation)