Fairy Tail: 5 Harsh Realities Of Being A Dragon (And 5 Perks)

In the world of wizards and magic, the dragons of the Fairy tale’The universe of s holds a place in the hearts of fans and dragon slayers. Dragons are the most powerful race in the series, shrouded in mystery at every turn.

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Although dragons are immensely powerful, there are times when their weaknesses led to the ultimate extinction of their species.

10 Harsh reality: They had to leave their adopted children

Natsu and Igneel

After raising their foster children, the dragons decided to leave them behind, leading many characters to believe that they were just a myth. It is later learned that they chose to leave the land to prevent their children from becoming dragons, a fate suffered by many dragon slayers.

They sealed themselves, using a secret art, inside their children’s bodies, allowing them to stop the “dragonization” process on Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, and even Sting and Rouge. The magic used by the dragons at this point also allowed them to conserve their life force, which was nearly halved after a war.

9 Advantage: Dragons have unmatched brute force

atlas flame

Along the Fairy tale, stories about the strength of dragons became one of the most interesting aspects of the plot. Their brute strength alone is what puts them at the top of the universe’s magical hierarchy. The fear they instilled in the hearts of humans and each other shows their innate fighting skills that go beyond magical power.

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The dragons were fighting machines and constantly clashed with each other, all the while fearlessly facing off against enemies who tried to challenge them. Motherglare is a dragon, in particular, who is known for his combat abilities, beating Atlas Flame, a dragon made entirely of fire.

8 Harsh Reality: They Were Seen As Evil By Most Of Humanity

Dragons were the rulers of the world 400 years ago, before the age of the dragon slayers. They viewed humans as nothing more than a food source, using violence and fear to maintain control. On the western side of the world, dragons were vile and attacked people for no reason.

The dragons on the east side were affected by the violence occurring in the west, as they were calm and fought for peace between the races. The differences between the dragons led to the good dragons being treated as if they were just as violent as the western dragons, ultimately leading to a war between humans and dragons.

7 Benefit: They have immense magical power

Igneel breathing fire

They are extremely powerful, so much so that Dragon Slayer Magic had to be created to combat their strength. The magic created to defeat them later became a lost art due to their destructive abilities. The Dragon King, Igneel, is the most powerful true dragon, even his full strength is still unknown.

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Although viewers experience the power of dragons by seeing the Dragon Slayers in battle, the dragons themselves are said to be much stronger than their adopted children.

6 Harsh Reality: The Dragons Were Constantly In Battle With Themselves

fighting dragons

The dragons’ only true enemy was themselves, constantly battling each other for power and credibility. Dragons are not affected by other forms of magic, so their biggest weakness is fighting each other. The dragons were very divided between what they felt for the humans, the reason for many of the fights.

The battles between the dragons led to the end of the species, even forcing some dragons to travel through space and time to continue their fight in the future, such as Igneel, The Fire Dragon King, Skiadrum, the wind dragon, Grandeeny , the shadow. dragon, and many of the other dragons that raised human children.

5 Perk: Dragons are extremely intelligent.

wendy and granny

The intelligence of the dragon is shown through its knowledge of language. Although they have their own language, they were able to learn what humans spoke, allowing them to share what they knew about the world.

Their understanding of magic is what allowed them to prevent the extinction of their species after the war between dragons and humans. They also knew their time was coming to an end and taught their children how to use dragon-slaying magic so they could protect themselves.

4 Harsh reality: human dragons wish to destroy true dragons

The belief that humans were inferior led people to create a form of magic that could defeat dragons. Although this magic had many weaknesses, it led to the final defeat of the dragon race. Irene Belserion and Acnologia were some of the toughest opponents the dragons faced, even giving Igneel an extremely difficult time.

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Irene was the first dragon slayer as she created the magic of the dragon slayers. Although she was originally against fighting and worked to keep the peace, the hatred within her is one of the key reasons why the dragons suffered such heavy losses.

3 Perk: Dragons can perform enchantments

Dragon Slayer Enchantment

Enchantments give users in Fairy tale the ability to bind their magic or magical essence to something or someone else, known users include Igneel, Grandeeny, Metalicana, Weisslogia, and Skiadrum. Enchantments are enhanced by what a user infuses with magical power, increasing the strength of dragon slayers in this case.

Most of the enchantments are “Lofty Enchantments”, but the ones used to grant dragonslayer magic to young dragonslayers are known as “Master Enchantments” attributed to how dragons apply the technique.

two Harsh Reality: They Were Defeated By Acnologia

Acnologia in Human Form

The dragons had to fight Acnologia twice throughout the series. Fans get to see an amazing fight where the dragon slayers and dragons take on Acnologia, showing his strength inferior to that of the human turned dragon. Igneel makes it known that they will continue to fight and that their fight is useless. The fact that they never gave up highlights the mental strength of the dragons.

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Acnologia held the belief that dragons were the worst race and none of them should be left alive. He trained his dragon-slaying magic to the point where not even the strongest dragon, Igneel, was a match for him. The loss resulted not only in the dragon slayers losing their parents once again, but also in the tragic elimination of the dragon race.

1 Benefit: His scales are a source of protection against all forms of magic.

Dragon scales

The scales of all dragons are a protective barrier against all forms of magic, though they do have one weakness, dragon slayer magic, but are otherwise invincible. The strength of their scales enhances their battle abilities, as they can easily take on any enemies in their path.

Viewers were able to see the potential of dragon scales through the dragon slayers. Gageel, Natsu, and Wendy used dragon scales in some battles, as it provides offensive and defensive help, a technique that helped true dragons a lot.

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