Fairy Tail: All Members Of Spriggan 12, Ranked

Fairy Tail had gotten used to fighting powerful guilds before, but the last arc of the series saw them fight an entire country in the Alvarez Empire. It was a nation that had been taken over by Zeref, and they used their full military might against the much smaller nation of Fiore.

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While most of the Alvarez Empire was not a threat, there was also Zeref’s personal guard, the Spriggan 12. The Spriggan 12 were twelve of the Alvarez Empire’s most powerful mages, who followed Zeref for their own personal reasons. These were mages that were so powerful that they could each take down entire guilds on their own.

12 Neinhart could revive fallen enemies, but not at full power


Neinhart is unique in that he technically has the power to create replicas of enemies his opponents have faced in the past. An ability known as Story of the Dead, Neinhart can theoretically bring back enemies that the opponent has actually killed. Interestingly, they don’t have to actually be dead for him to believe them.

This ability should make Neinhart one of the strongest, but in reality, he can’t create anyone who is stronger than him and has the same power. God Serena’s version of him was much weaker than the original. Meanwhile, Erza was able to banish the Histories sent to attack her with just a glance.

eleven Wall Eehto could target the weaknesses of any enemy

ehto wall

Wall is a special robotic being that has been shown to be capable of taking down entire armies on his own. His most dangerous ability is that he can create robots that can take advantage of an opponent’s weakness, no matter what it is.

That said, he’s also good at close range fighting thanks to his Assault Mode, which can give him special armor for combat. Thus, he was able to fight the Strauss brothers and almost win. He also became a pain for Laxus Dreyar for a short period of time.

10 Brandish μ uses his power to shrink or enlarge whatever he wants

Brandish uses his magic

Brandish is described as one of the most powerful members of the Spriggan 12 and is referred to as the Nation Destroyer. And considering the sheer scale of her magic, it’s no wonder people are terrified of her. He can alter the size of things and people, making them bigger or smaller as he pleases.

However, there are limits to this, as he couldn’t shrink someone enhanced by Irene’s powers. Still, the sheer magical power she wields from her would place her near the level of the strongest at Spriggan 12. Unfortunately, she lacks the desire to deal damage to make her as dangerous as all of her companions.

9 Jacob Lessio is the perfect killer

Lucy kicks Jacob Lessio

Obviously being inspired by one Jason Statham, Jacob Lessio is an incredible fighter. In a one-on-one fight against Natsu, he was able to embarrass him when magic wasn’t involved.

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What really makes him dangerous is his stealth magic: he can completely disappear from anyone’s perception and attack with invisible weapons. He can also force people to disappear into a pocket dimension. He wiped out the entire Fairy Tail guild, and it was just his weakness for seeing Lucy naked that made him lose.

8 Larcade Dragneel had unique but strange abilities that make enemies give in to desire.

Larcade vs. Kagura

Larcade is the other Etherious that was allowed to join Zeref’s Spriggan 12. Supposedly, he is the third strongest member of the organization, but this does not hold up in the series. Bloodman defeated the entire Sabertooth guild on his account while Larcade takes a loss at his hand.

Part of this comes from his absurd abilities, such as the ability to inflict “pleasure” on anyone he has had sex with. His powers focus on making people indulge, as he can make people feel immensely hungry or force them to pass out from the exhaustion he can make them feel.

7 Ajeel Rami could control the arena to do whatever he wanted

Erza and Ajeel in sandstorm

Ajeel wields the power of sand magic, which in the land of the desert had led people to call him the King of the Desert. He can control sand in the same way that Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia control ice, creating objects out of pure sand. But more terrifying than any of them, he can draw the wet out of someone completely.

Although he lacks the strength of some of the stronger members, Ajeel’s raw magical energy is on par with someone like God Serena. But his power is used without the same level of experience, which is why he was shot down by Biska Connell’s snipers.

6 Dimaria Yesta can move within the stopped time

Kagura vs. Dimaria Yesta

Dimaria Yesta belongs to a special clan that has access to time control. One of her strongest abilities is Age Seal, which freezes time in her immediate area. This gives the perception that she is moving at super speed, although in reality she is not.

She also has the power of Take Over, allowing her to take on the power of the god of time. With this power, she was able to defeat Kagura Mikazuchi, the strongest member of Mermaid Heel. However, Natsu in her END form ignored her time control and anyone with time stopping powers can counter her powers.

5 Bloodman can block magic and become intangible

Gajeel vs. Bloodman

Bloodman is the most powerful member of Etherious, and one of only two allowed to join Zeref’s Spriggan 12. His body consists of magic-blocking particles that can shut down an enemy’s magical power, making them a threat to most mages. Worse yet, his unique body makes any attack go through him unless he is tangible.

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He has a number of special seal powers that make him increasingly difficult to defeat, including the ability to absorb anyone who hits him into an alternate dimension. It’s worth noting that Bloodman defeated the entire Sabertooth guild by himself.

4 Invel Yura has the power to freeze anything and remove free will.

Invel Yura Spriggan 12

Invel Yura has one of those ridiculous anime powers that only makes sense in a fictional world. Her power is not that she “creates objects”, but that she can freeze anything, including other people’s ice spells. In this way, he was destined to be the greatest test for Gray Fullbuster.

His best ability was Ice Slave, which can be placed around a target’s neck and prevent them from having free will. Although Invel is not as strong as some of Zeref’s superiors, he is also the one who works the closest with Zeref and has the most belief in Zeref’s vision.

3 God Serena has the power of eight Dragon Slayers within him.

God Serena, Fairy Tail

God Serena is the joke of Spriggan 12, but that’s only because she ran into Acnologia and got shot in one of the most one-sided battles in Fairy tale history.

However, his strength is acknowledged to be impressive, as he was able to single-handedly defeat the four strongest members of the Ten Wizard Saints. He has the power of eight different Dragon Slayer magics within him, and he somehow maintains mastery of all of them.

two Irene Belserion controls the power of Dragon Slayer’s enchantments and magic

irene, fairy tail

Irene Belserion is also known as the Queen of Dragons and originally came from a country of “good” dragons. Eventually, the war with the evil dragons caused her to use her enchantment power to enchant the power of dragons into humans, turning them into Dragon Slayers.

His magical power is so great that he is able to maintain Universe One, which was able to shrink and rearrange an entire country. He maintained this spell while fighting her daughter, enchanting a pair of weapons and giving them her own physical bodies and personalities.

1 August can copy and completely nullify any spell used by his opponents.

Fairy Tail Mage King August

August was gifted with the power of Copy Magic, allowing him to instantly copy any magic he witnessed. But not only is he capable of copying magic, he instantly masters it and is able to nullify the effect it would have on him. August is recognized as the most powerful among the Spriggan 12, and with this ability it makes sense.

He manages to wipe out the entire Crime Sorciere guild, consisting of Jellal Fernandes, Ur, and the remaining members of Oracion Seis. His only weakness was his inability to copy Holder’s magic, which ultimately caused him to lose to Cana and Gildarts.

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