Fans frustrated by lack of release date news

One Piece Episode 1014 was delayed again last week due to Toei Animation being hacked by third parties, but has a new release date been confirmed?

For millions of anime fans around the world, One Piece remains a staple of their weekend lineup of some fantastic TV series.

However, the iconic show was noticeably absent from last week’s broadcast again, both domestically in Japan and internationally on streaming services.

Unfortunately, the hiatus is scheduled to continue in another week, but what do we know about the delay and has a release for One Piece episode 1014 been revealed?Marco’s tears! The Whitebeard Pirates Bond!‘?

One Piece Red Movie | teaser trailer



One Piece Red Movie | teaser trailer





Why was he One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date Delayed?

Unfortunately, the next chronological episode of the anime adaptation of One Piece (issue 1014) has been delayed from its broadcast in Japan, which had its release date originally set for Sunday, March 13.the.

This was due to a third party recently hacking into Toei Animation’s internal networks, corrupting files and affecting the scheduled broadcast of several titles, including One Piece.

Toei Animation put out a press release about the piracy, explaining how the “impact on television animation” works. [was] due to a system failure caused by unauthorized access to our network.”

“We confirmed that a third party illegally accessed our network on March 6 of this year and we have suspended part of our internal system.” – Toei Animation press release.

Toei ended the post by apologizing to fans, but noted that details about the illegal access to his property were still under investigation.

Lack of One Piece Episode 1014 Release Date News Frustrates Fans

At the time of this update, neither the Japanese One Piece website, Twitter page, or associated distribution partners have shared an update on the possible release date of Episode 1014.

While it’s important to note that some outlets are labeling episode 1014 as being released on Sunday, March 27; There has been no official confirmation of the return of the anime series.

According to the original post, Toei Animation was ready to announce more details about the piracy and the release date of the next episodes after March 20.the.

However, neither topic has been mentioned on the official website, leading many to believe that the situation and its consequences are sadly still being felt at Toei.

“We have decided to postpone the broadcast of episode 1014, which was scheduled to air this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to viewers. On March 20 (Sunday), we will broadcast “Luffy’s Senior Support Project! Baltic Secret Room!” As “TV Anime ONE PIECE Wano Kuni Hen Best Selection”. – One Piece information, via Twitter.

Interestingly, a special ‘News’ event is scheduled to air on Monday, March 28. No details about the content of this event have been revealed, but hopefully, confirmation of One Piece’s long-awaited return will be shared.

“We will do our best to restore the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.” – One Piece press release.

Unfortunately, the lack of official updates on the matter is beginning to wear thin with the patience of fans, who are now expressing their disappointment at the extended hiatus online.

an user wrote, “It’s been a week since there is no news from Toei Animation studio, patiently waiting for one piece ep 1014”. Another responded to the One Piece Twitter page asking, “one piece what is going on? where is the new episode its 2 weeks now and no episode so far…”

“A lot of time has passed @ToeiAnimationODA, I am having withdrawals, I need #ONEPIECE1044#one piece1014 how long has it been?” – User A_MysticalOne, via Twitter.

Three other titles affected by the hack

It wasn’t just the One Piece series that was affected by Toei Animation being hacked by third parties.

As confirmed in the press release, the following series have also seen their most recent episodes delayed:

  • Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai Episode 73
  • Digimon Ghost Game episode 22
  • Delicious Party Pretty Cure episode 6

Similar to the One Piece delay, Toei Animation has yet to confirm when these episodes will be released worldwide.

One Piece gets a new trading card game

Last week, the Toei Animation hack came on the heels of some big news for the One Piece franchise, the confirmation of a new trading card game.

Bandai opened a new Twitter page and website for the game on Monday, March 7, sharing a trailer on their YouTube channel.

The card game will launch in Japan starting in July 2022, with an international release scheduled for later this year; a specific date is still unknown.

According to Anime News Network, the game will launch with four starter decks; Straw Hats, the Worst Generation, Pirates of the Animal Kingdom and the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Is the One Piece manga series also on a break?

The One Piece manga series went on hiatus last week with Eiichiro Oda taking his usual break. However, the good news is that the manga will return this weekend with the release of chapter 1044 both domestically in Japan and internationally through digital platforms.

Chapter 1044 will now be released worldwide in English on Sunday, March 27. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the release here.

Although there are still several hours to go before the release of the manga chapter, the next installment has already been trending on social media this week.

Without revealing any potential spoilers, manga readers will be treated to some groundbreaking, world-shaking reveals this weekend.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the leaked spoilers here.

The largest production in South African history?

As most One Piece fans will know, Netflix is ​​currently developing a live-action adaptation of the hit manga series.

Production began earlier this year in South Africa, where the country’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, recently visited the production set, which itself is set to make history for the South African television industry.

According to a statement from the president, Netflix is ​​committing to provide “funding that will go toward film and television scholarships and student debt cancellation, and will support the Black Independent Filmmakers Collective.”

In fact, the One Piece live-action series is seeing remarkable production in South Africa, with more than 100 jobs for the local population, including young employees and the previously disadvantaged.

“Set in Cape Town, One Piece involves more than 50 South African cast members; over 1,000 team member jobs (67% previously disadvantaged and 46% young employees), as well as an Academy of Creative Excellence (ACE) mentoring program for over 30 young creatives and technicians in collaboration with SA Film Academy during 2022.” – The Presidency, Pretoria, South Africa.

Get yourself some trendy One Piece t-shirts

While we all know that One Piece has some of the most stylish characters in the entire anime and manga world, now you can outfit yourself with some fashionable One Piece related outfits.

March 16theThe official Japanese One Piece website shared details of its first ever custom-made designer shit line.

In collaboration with Original Stitch, the new t-shirts feature various patterns, color combinations, and emblems from the series, but best of all…they’re all customizable!

“We have completely original designs featuring popular “ONE PIECE” characters, including the “Straw Hat Pirates”, and you can freely customize custom-made T-shirts with your favorite fabric and size. In addition to t-shirts, we also have a line of scarves and masks.” – Press release, unique piece.

According to the post, there are 30 different types of design patterns, which you can also mix and match with different fabrics, pockets, and collars.

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